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Our Lady of Fatima by William T. Walsh 206 exemplar, 3 recensionerD1
The Spirit of Catholicism by Karl Adam 293 exemplar, 2 recensionerD2
Fader Damien. : En hjälte och de eländas vän by John Farrow 242 exemplar, 4 recensionerD3
Popular History of the Catholic Church by Philip Hughes 188 exemplarD4
Mr. Blue by Myles Connolly 182 exemplar, 5 recensionerD5
Prästmans dagbok by Georges Bernanos 1,352 exemplar, 20 recensionerD6
The church speaks to the modern world; the social teachings of Leo XIII by Pope Leo XIII 70 exemplarD7
Peace of Soul by Fulton J. Sheen 447 exemplar, 1 recensionD8
Lift Up Your Heart: A Guide to Spiritual Peace by Fulton J. Sheen 225 exemplar, 3 recensionerD9
Storm of Glory: The Story of St. Therese of Lisieux by John Beevers 70 exemplarD10
Franciskus by Felix Timmermans 186 exemplar, 1 recensionD11
Saints for our times by Theodore Maynard 40 exemplarD12
Introduction to the Devout Life by Francis de Sales 1,591 exemplar, 20 recensionerD13
The Road to Damascus: The Spiritual Pilgrimage of Fifteen Converts to Catholicism by John A. O'Brien 86 exemplarD14
Joyce Kilmer's Anthology of Catholic Poets by Joyce Kilmer 65 exemplarD15
Bernadette and Lourdes by Michel de Saint-Pierre 41 exemplarD16
Om Kristi efterföljelse by Thomas à Kempis 7,969 exemplar, 60 recensionerD17
The Everlasting Man by G. K. Chesterton 2,293 exemplar, 9 recensionerD18
An Essay in Aid of a Grammar of Assent by John Henry Newman 340 exemplar, 2 recensionerD19
A Watch in the Night by Helen Constance White 7 exemplar, 1 recensionD20
Brother Petroc's Return by S. M. C 24 exemplar, 1 recensionD21
Den helige Franciskus av Assisi by Johannes Jorgensen 197 exemplar, 1 recensionD22
Stories of our century by Catholic authors by John Gilland Brunini 27 exemplarD23
Autobiography of a Hunted Priest by John Gerard 175 exemplar, 3 recensionerD24
Father Malachy's Miracle by Bruce Marshall 69 exemplar, 3 recensionerD25
Summa Contra Gentiles, Book 1 by Thomas Aquinas 361 exemplarD26
Summa Contra Gentiles, Book 2 by St. Thomas Aquinas 202 exemplarD27
Summa Contra Gentiles, Book 3, Part 1 by St. Thomas Aquinas 176 exemplar, 1 recensionD28A
Summa Contra Gentiles, Book 3, Part 2 by St. Thomas Aquinas 132 exemplarD28B
Summa Contra Gentiles, Book 4 by St. Thomas Aquinas 188 exemplarD29
The World's First Love: Mary, Mother of God by Fulton J. Sheen 421 exemplar, 3 recensionerD30
Jonastecknet. En trappistmunks dagliga erfarenheter och personliga refelsxioner åren 1946-1952 by Thomas Merton 572 exemplar, 9 recensionerD31
Parents, Children and the Facts of Life by Henry V. Sattler 51 exemplarD32
Light on the mountain; the story of La Salette by John S. Kennedy 58 exemplarD33
Edmund Campion by Evelyn Waugh 416 exemplar, 4 recensionerD34
Humble powers by Paul Horgan 11 exemplarD35
Thomas av Aquino by G. K. Chesterton 1,419 exemplar, 12 recensionerD36
Apologia pro vita sua by John Henry Newman 1,188 exemplar, 13 recensionerD37
A Handbook of the Catholic Faith (The Triptych of the Kingdom) by N. G. M. van Doornik 46 exemplarD38
The New Testament of the Jerusalem Bible by Alexander Jones 234 exemplarD39
Maria Chapdelaine by Louis Hémon 419 exemplar, 5 recensionerD40
Saint Among the Hurons: The Life of Jean de Brebeuf by Francis X. Talbot 45 exemplarD41
The Path to Rome by Hilaire Belloc 416 exemplar, 4 recensionerD42
Sorrow Built a Bridge: The Life of Mother Alphonsa, Daughter of Nathaniel Hawthorne by Katherine Burton 22 exemplarD43
The wise man from the West by Vincent Cronin 100 exemplar, 2 recensionerD44
Existence and the Existent by Jacques Maritain 176 exemplarD45
Sound of music by Maria Augusta Trapp 1,408 exemplar, 23 recensionerD46
The World, the Flesh, and Father Smith by Bruce Marshall 136 exemplar, 5 recensionerD47
The Christ of Catholicism : A Meditative Study (Image) by Dom Aelred Graham 41 exemplarD48
Saint Francis Xavier, 1506-1552 by James Brodrick 60 exemplarD49
St. Francis of Assisi by G. K. Chesterton 1,281 exemplar, 20 recensionerD50
Ormboet by François Mauriac 806 exemplar, 16 recensionerD51
The manner is ordinary by John La Farge 21 exemplar, 1 recensionD52
My Life for My Sheep: A Biography of Thomas à Becket by Alfred Duggan 68 exemplar, 2 recensionerD53
THE CHURCH AND THE RECONSTRUCTION OF THE MODERN WORLD: The Social Encyclicals of Pius XI. by Pope Pius XI 29 exemplarD54
A Gilson reader; selected writings by Etienne Gilson 66 exemplar, 1 recensionD55
Självbiografiska skrifter by Saint Thérèse of Lisieux 2,053 exemplar, 21 recensionerD56
Helena by Evelyn Waugh 588 exemplar, 11 recensionerD57
The Greatest Bible Stories: A Catholic Anthology from World Literature by Anne Fremantle 19 exemplarD58
The City of God by St. Augustine 4,991 exemplar, 28 recensionerD59
Superstition corner by Sheila Kaye-Smith 16 exemplarD60
Saints and Ourselves: Personal Portrait of Favorite Saints By 24 Outstanding Catholic Authors by Philip Caraman 11 exemplarD61
Cana is Forever: Counsels for Before and After Marriage -- A Catholic Guide to Dating, Courtship, and Marriage by Charles Hugo Doyle 31 exemplarD62
Bestigningen av berget Karmel by St. John of the Cross 379 exemplar, 2 recensionerD63
Religion and the Rise of Western Culture by Christopher Dawson 379 exemplar, 3 recensionerD64
Prince of Darkness and Other Stories by J. F. Powers 71 exemplar, 1 recensionD65
Saint Thomas More by E. E. Reynolds 51 exemplarD66
Jesus and His Times Volume 1 by Daniel-Rops 30 exemplarD67A
Jesus and His Times Volume 2 by Daniel-Rops 26 exemplarD67B
Saint Benedict by Justin McCann 48 exemplar, 2 recensionerD68
The Little Flowers of St. Francis by Raphael Brown 466 exemplar, 1 recensionD69
The Quiet Light: A Novel About Saint Thomas Aquinas by Louis De Wohl 219 exemplar, 5 recensionerD70
Characters of the Reformation: historical portraits of 23 men and women and their place in the great religious revolution of the 16th century by Hilaire Belloc 283 exemplar, 1 recensionD71
The Belief of Catholics by Ronald Arbuthnott Knox 196 exemplar, 3 recensionerD72
Faith and freedom by Barbara Ward 32 exemplarD73
God and Intelligence in Modern Philosophy: A Critical Study in the Light of the Philosophy of Saint Thomas by Fulton J. Sheen 71 exemplarD74
The Idea of a University by John Henry Newman 722 exemplarD75
Played by ear : the autobiography of Daniel A. Lord, S.J. by Daniel A. Lord 42 exemplarD76
My Beloved: The Story of a Carmelite Nun by Mother Catherine Thomas 46 exemplarD77
Själens dunkla natt by St. John of the Cross 2,047 exemplar, 12 recensionerD78
Saint Teresa of Avila by Marcelle Auclair 126 exemplar, 1 recensionD79
Peter the Apostle by William Thomas Walsh 58 exemplar, 1 recensionD80
The Love of God by Aelred Graham 40 exemplar, 2 recensionerD81
Den fariseiska kvinnan : roman by François Mauriac 178 exemplar, 3 recensionerD82
The Pillar of Fire by Karl Stern 79 exemplarD83
Ortodoxi by G. K. Chesterton 5,260 exemplar, 33 recensionerD84
This is Catholicism by John Walsh 19 exemplarD85
Medieval Essays by Christopher Dawson 130 exemplar, 3 recensionerD86
Vessel of clay by Leo Trese 46 exemplar, 4 recensionerD87
Saints for Sinners by Alban Goodier 80 exemplarD88
The Long Loneliness: The Autobiography of the Legendary Catholic Social Activist by Dorothy Day 1,025 exemplar, 15 recensionerD89
This is the Mass by Henri Daniel-Rops 172 exemplar, 2 recensionerD90
The Origin of the Jesuits by James Brodrick 76 exemplarD91
A Popular History of the Reformation by Philip Hughes 169 exemplar, 1 recensionD92
The Restless Flame: A Novel about Saint Augustine by Louis De Wohl 174 exemplar, 1 recensionD93
Progress and Religion by Christopher Dawson 131 exemplarD94
The Catholic Church in the modern world; a survey from the French Revolution to the present by E. E. Y. Hales 61 exemplarD95
Boken om mitt liv by Teresa of Ávila 1,385 exemplar, 13 recensionerD96
Giants of the faith; conversions which changed the world by John A. O'Brien 32 exemplar, 1 recensionD97
Scholasticism and Politics by Jacques Maritain 67 exemplarD98
The Son of God by Karl Adam 85 exemplar, 1 recensionD99
The man who was Chesterton by G. K. Chesterton 50 exemplarD100
Bekännelser by Saint Augustine 17,934 exemplar, 126 recensionerD101
Heart in Pilgrimage by Evelyn Eaton 15 exemplarD102
The heart of man by Gerald Vann 60 exemplarD103
Baby grows in age and grace: a guide for the Catholic mother by Sister Mary de Lourdes 3 exemplarD104
An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine by John Henry Newman 490 exemplar, 6 recensionerD105
The Story of American Catholicism: Volume 1 by Theodore Maynard 14 exemplarD106A
The story of American Catholicism: Volume 2 by Theodore Maynard 14 exemplarD106B
The case of Cornelia Connelly by Juliana Wadham 20 exemplar, 1 recensionD107
Understanding Europe by Christopher Dawson 43 exemplarD108
The Divine Pity by Gerald Vann 162 exemplar, 1 recensionD109
Andlig Sång by St. John of the Cross 195 exemplar, 2 recensionerD110
The White Fathers by Glenn D. Kittler 18 exemplar, 1 recensionD111
Saint Among Savages: The Life of St. Isaac Jogues by Francis Talbot 60 exemplar, 2 recensionerD112
The third revolution; a study of psychiatry and religion by Karl Stern 45 exemplarD113
We Have Been Friends Together & Adventures in Grace: Memoirs by Raissa Maritain 36 exemplarD114
We Die Standing Up by Hubert Van Zeller 34 exemplarD115
Stage of fools by Charles A. Brady 17 exemplarD116
This is Rome: A Pilgrimage in Words and Pictures by Fulton J. Sheen 81 exemplar, 1 recensionD117
A Woman Clothed with the Sun (Image Book) by John J. Delaney 165 exemplarD118
St. Augustine of Hippo by Hugh Pope 41 exemplarD119
Den inre borgen by St. Teresa of Avila 2,240 exemplar, 21 recensionerD120
The Greatest Story Ever Told by Fulton Oursler 892 exemplar, 4 recensionerD121
The Meaning of Man by Jean Mouroux 54 exemplarD122
We and Our Children by Mary Reed Newland 122 exemplar, 1 recensionD123
The Soul of the Apostolate by Jean-Baptiste Chautard 384 exemplar, 4 recensionerD124
Catholic viewpoint on censorship by Harold C. Gardiner 17 exemplarD125
The Song at the Scaffold by Gertrud von LeFort 171 exemplar, 4 recensionerD126
A History of Philosophy, Vol. 1, Part I : Greece & Rome by Frederick Copleston 211 exemplarD134A
A History of Philosophy, Vol. 1, Part II : Greece & Rome by Frederick Copleston 182 exemplarD134B
A History of Philosophy, Vol. 2, Part I : Mediaeval Philosophy : Augustine to Bonaventure by Frederick Copleston 213 exemplarD135A
A History of Philosophy, Vol. 2, Part II : Medieval Philosophy : Albert the Great to Duns Scotus by Frederick Copleston 198 exemplarD135B
A History of Philosophy, Vol. 3, Part I : Late Mediaeval and Renaissance Philosophy : Ockham to the Speculative Mystics by Frederick Copleston 142 exemplarD136A
A History of Philosophy, Vol. 3, Part II : Late Mediaeval and Renaissance Philosophy : The Revival of Platonism to Suárez by Frederick Copleston 140 exemplarD136B
A History of Philosophy, Vol. 4 : Modern Philosophy : From Descartes to Leibnitz by Frederick Copleston 689 exemplar, 1 recensionD137
A History of Philosophy, Vol. 5, Part I : Modern Philosophy : The British Philosophers : Hobbes to Paley by Frederick Copleston 157 exemplarD138A
A History of Philosophy, Vol. 5, Part II : Modern Philosophy : The British Philosophers : Berkeley to Hume by Frederick Copleston 156 exemplar, 1 recensionD138B
A History of Philosophy, Vol. 6, Part I : Modern Philosophy : The French Enlightenment to Kant by Frederick Copleston 119 exemplarD139A
A History of Philosophy, Vol. 6, Part II : Modern Philosophy : Kant by Frederick Copleston 186 exemplarD139B
A History of Philosophy, Vol. 7, Part I : Modern Philosophy : Fichte to Hegel by S.J. Frederick Copleston 152 exemplarD140A
A History of Philosophy, Vol. 7, Part II : Modern Philosophy : Schopenhauer to Nietzsche by Frederick Charles Copleston 153 exemplarD140B
A History of Philosophy, Vol. 8, Part I : Modern Philosophy : Bentham to Russell : British Empiricism and the Idealist movement in Great Britain by Frederick Copleston 106 exemplarD141A
A History of Philosophy, Vol. 8, Part II : Modern Philosophy : Bentham to Russell : Idealism in America, The Pragmatist Movement, The Revolt Against Idealism by Frederick Copleston 113 exemplarD141B
Catholic viewpoint on education by Neil Gerard McCluskey 13 exemplarD149
Miracle at Carville by Betty Martin 38 exemplar, 1 recensionD150
Searching the Scriptures by John J. Dougherty 29 exemplarD151
Transformation in Christ by Dietrich Von Hildebrand 331 exemplar, 5 recensionerD152
Secrets of the Saints by Henri Gheon 31 exemplarD153
Cathedral And Crusade (Volume I) by Henri Daniel-Rops 26 exemplar, 1 recensionD154A
Cathedral And Crusade (Volume II) by Henri Daniel-Rops 21 exemplarD154B
A Doctor at Calvary: The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ As Described by a Surgeon by Pierre Barbet 238 exemplar, 3 recensionerD155
Mary in our life by William G. Most 44 exemplarD156
The Art of Praying: The Principles and Methods of Christian Prayer by Romano Guardini 312 exemplar, 2 recensionerD157
The Book of Mary by Henri Daniel-Rops 77 exemplarD158
The Protestant Reformation; Volume I by Henri Daniel-Rops 26 exemplarD159A
The Protestant Reformation; Volume II by Henri Daniel-Rops 31 exemplarD159B
The Sands of Tamanrasset: The Story of Charles de Foucauld by Marion Mill Preminger 41 exemplarD160
Your child's world from infancy through adolescence by Robert P. Odenwald 1 exemplarD161
We live with our eyes open by Hubert Van Zeller 26 exemplarD162
Blithe spirits; an anthology of Catholic humor by Daniel C. Herr 9 exemplarD163
On the Love of God. Volume I: Books 1-6 (Image D164A) by St. Francis De Sales 34 exemplarD164A
Treatise on the Love of God Volume II by St. Francis De Sales 30 exemplarD164B
Life of St. Dominic (1170-1221) by Bede Jarrett 57 exemplarD165
In soft garments : a collection of Oxford conferences by Ronald Knox 97 exemplar, 1 recensionD166
The Year and Our Children by Mary Reed Newland 112 exemplar, 2 recensionerD167
The church in crisis: a history of the general councils, 325-1870 by Philip Hughes 112 exemplar, 2 recensionerD168
Israel and the Ancient World by Henri Daniel-Rops 72 exemplarD169
Andliga övningar och tio brev by Saint Ignatius, of Loyola 2,209 exemplar, 17 recensionerD170
A Newman Reader by John Henry Newman 24 exemplarD171
With Love and Laughter by Sister Maryanna 7 exemplarD172
The Golden String: An Autobiography by Bede Griffiths 110 exemplarD173
These Are the Sacraments by Fulton J. Sheen 69 exemplarD174
Francis: A Biography of the Saint of Assissi by Michael De La Bedoyere 71 exemplarD175
Fullkomlighetens väg by Teresa of Ávila 873 exemplar, 8 recensionerD176
Reflections on America by Jacques Maritain 38 exemplar, 1 recensionD177
The Hidden Stream: Mysteries of the Christian Faith by Ronald Arbuthnott Knox 98 exemplar, 5 recensionerD178
The Catholic Reformation, Volume I by Henri Daniel-Rops 22 exemplarD179A
The Catholic Reformation, Volume II by Henri Daniel-Rops 19 exemplarD179B
We Sing While There's Voice Left by Hubert Van Zeller 14 exemplarD180
We Hold These Truths: Catholic Reflections on the American Proposition by John Courtney Murray 155 exemplar, 1 recensionD181
Letters from Vatican City; Vatican Council II, first session: background and debates by Francis X. Murphy 106 exemplar, 2 recensionerD182
Liv och helighet by Thomas Merton 512 exemplar, 5 recensionerD183
A Man Named John: The Life of Pope John XXIII by Alden Hatch 171 exemplarD184
My Life with Christ: Spiritual Meditations for the Modern Reader by Anthony J. Paone 57 exemplarD185
The emerging layman; the role of the Catholic layman in America by Donald J. Thorman 15 exemplarD186
The Trapp Family on Wheels by Maria Augusta Trapp 104 exemplar, 1 recensionD187
The Social and Political Philosophy of Jacques Maritain - Selected Readings by Jacques Maritain 46 exemplarD188
The First Jesuit: Saint Ignatius Loyola by Mary Purcell 37 exemplarD189
American Catholicism by John Tracy Ellis 116 exemplar, 1 recensionD190
The Church in the Seventeenth Century: Volume II by Henri Daniel-Rops 10 exemplarD191B
The World's Great Catholic Literature by George N. Shuster 63 exemplar, 3 recensionerD192

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