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The Last Watch (The Divide Series, 1) av J.…

The Last Watch (The Divide Series, 1) (utgåvan 2021)

av J. S. Dewes (Författare)

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Titel:The Last Watch (The Divide Series, 1)
Författare:J. S. Dewes (Författare)
Info:Tor Books (2021), 480 pages
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek


The Last Watch (The Divide Series, 1) av J. S. Dewes


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In The Last Watch, J. S. Dewes imagines a universe that is not infinite. It has an end. The end is called the Divide and beyond the Divide there is nothing. It is a void so absolute that the word “void” is an expletive for disgust and frustration. The Sentinels are the soldiers who patrol the Divide. They are mostly soldiers who have been court-martialed or somehow disgraced themselves, a prison/patrol ship more or less though patrol is a big word for a stationary ship.

Cavalon, a prince and an heir to the powerful Mercer family, has been exiled to the Argus, one of the Sentinel ships at the Divide. Not being a soldier, it’s no surprise he does not fit in and promises to be a thorn in the side of the Excubitor, the commander of the Argus. That person is Adequin Rake, a war hero whose heroism embarrassed the military so she has been assigned to the Divide. Not one to write people off, she notes that Cavalon has an extraordinary education that could be of use if he could learn to be less oppositional.

Shortly after Cavalon arrives, the Divide begins to advance, slowly at first and then faster and faster. Soon the Argus is threatened and Rake’s pleas for equipment and advice are ignored. They have to save themselves and Cavalon becomes their last hope.

The Last Watch is incredible. It is fast-paced and relentless. This is one of those frying-pan-to-fire stories where the frying pan is disappearing so the fire is the only hope. Unlike many science fiction stories, the jeopardy is real. What I mean by that, is there is no guarantee that all the important characters will survive. People become important, you come to care about them, and then they die. This is a good thing in terms of the story because you never come to believe that some characters are inviolate and will always come through in the end. Even the characters who make it to the last page are not necessarily safe because this is the beginning of a series and their jeopardy is real. While it makes the book more fraught, I love the sense of real jeopardy that is omnipresent.

I loved everything about this book. Even the contradictory science of a universe that is finite gets a theoretical explanation linked to science. Science matters in this book, even the invented science. On a superficial level, you might think this book advocates trusting your gut, your instincts, but that is only a shallow view. This is a book about trusting the knowledge and experience that informs your gut. This helpful antidote to today’s preference for feelings over science is apparent when people doubt their decisions and are reassured that their instincts are not just feelings, they are informed instincts that rest on rational thought processes.

In addition, I am in love with this book because it was so engrossing it overcame my post-COVID fog and fatigue so that I read it in just a few sittings, even reading until 3 A.M. and then reading it while brewing my morning coffee the next morning. I have not read like this since early March last year. It gives me hope that I am finally getting over “Long COVID.” The only problem is the next book, The Exiled Fleet, won’t be out until August.

The Last Watch will be published on April 20th. I received an ARC from the publisher through Shelf Awareness.

The Last Watch at Tor Books
J. S. Dewes author site

https://tonstantweaderreviews.wordpress.com/2021/03/19/the-last-watch-by-j-s-dew... ( )
  Tonstant.Weader | Mar 19, 2021 |
The Last Watch, by J. S. Dewes, has a Battlestar Galactic vibe. If you crossed that, with something like, The Expanse it would make a fairly accurate description of this epic space adventure. It is an excellent blend of characters and action that makes it a thrilling read.
Told from two POVs, Cavalon Mercer the disowned royal heir and Adequin Rake the commanding officer of the decommissioned battlecruiser, now jail of sorts, Argus. The ship sits on the edge of the universal, literally. The edge, called the Divide, is the point where the universal has quit expanding. The job of the Argus and her crew, along with similar other vessels, is to guard the Divide against their enemy the Viator.
There is just one problem, the universe has started to collapse and it will swallow everything in its path. There is no one else at the Divide and no way to reach the Core to get help. Therefore, this ragtag bunch of criminals and misfits maybe the only way to stop disaster.
Though this is a debut novel, it reads with much more sophistication than I expected. The characters are well rounded and the author gets you inside their heads so that you not only understand them, but you have empathy for them. Even the minor characters you understand their motives and actions. For example, you know why Griffith is serving aboard the Argus. It was no surprise to me what he revealed to Rake at the end, though she refused to see it. However, I think deep down she knew and was just afraid to admit it to herself.
The plot was fast paced and I found myself caught up in the action. In a couple of places I was biting my nails over the suspense. I also liked the twists and most were unexpected. However, one negative thing, though minor, I suspected some of the things that happened in the end. I felt this did not detract from the story in the slightest.
I am so looking forward to book two. Not looking forward to the wait! I want the second book NOW! There are so many directions the next book could go in. I really want to find out more about the other characters, like Puck. I want to understand the underlying politics better and lastly I want to know more about the Viator.
This is an all-around great opening to a series and I highly recommend this book for all loves of Sci-Fi. It will especially appeal to those that like Space Opera.
I received an advanced copy from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion. For more of my reviews, and author interviews, please see my book blog at www.thespineview.com ( )
  purpledog | Feb 16, 2021 |
The Last Watch by J.S. Dewes

This was a pretty good Sci-Fi book, it's the start of a series. It revolves around the future, in space, after humans have destroyed Earth. The Argus space station is located at the edge of the Divide. Beyond the divide, there is simply nothing.

Argus is a penal colony, mostly consisting of military personnel who are sent there to do penance for their crimes. The Divide starts encroaching on Argus and the people there have no choice but to evacuate. Of 2,000 people, only 25 escape. They try to get to another space outpost, to see if they can contact their Command.

They find that almost everyone and everything they knew is destroyed, it is up to them to save the universe.

I received a complimentary copy of #TheLastWatch, from #TorBooks and Shelf Awareness. I was under no obligation to post a review. ( )
  HuberK | Feb 13, 2021 |
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