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Inkluderar namnen: Leila Aboulela, Ms Leila Aboulela

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#ReadAroundTheWorld. #Sudan

This is an award-winning novel by Sudanese author Leila Aboulela. It is set in Aberdeen, a slow-burn gentle romance between Sudanese widow Sammar, and university professor Rae, who she works as a translator for. Religion is a major obstacle for them. I enjoyed the romance and the difficulty Sammar found in adapting to the grey and drab life in Scotland. It did however at times feel more like a religious tract promoting Islam than a novel. 3.5 stars
mimbza | 19 andra recensioner | Apr 7, 2024 |
a very rare 5 stars for a book i finished yesterday and still thinking about today and i've got a feeling will be reminded of it all my life
sameera's character resonated with me most
i shifted to stay in scotland north of aberdeen as a teenager and stayed there for the next 20 years on and off
the weather and its affect on everything still strums a chord inside me
her rejection in love and her reaction to rejection - so real - could have should have been me
no spoilers but loved right through to the end… (mer)
nankuo | 19 andra recensioner | Feb 15, 2024 |
A well written novel revealing the life of a Sudanese exile in London and the compromises she must make as she rekindles her faith. Worth the read.
TomMcGreevy | 16 andra recensioner | Aug 2, 2023 |
Three Muslim women set out on a journey to the Highlands, to visit the grave of a 1930s pilgrim. They are members of an Arabic Speaking Muslim Women's Group in the Scottish city where they live, and Salma is disappointed that only Moni and Iman from their much larger group have come along.

Evelyn Cobbold was a real life Scottish aristocrat who spent much of her childhood in North Africa and travelled through Libya with a female friend in 2011, before officially converting to Islam in 2015 and taking the name Zainab. She was the first Muslim woman born in Britain to participate in the Haaj pilgrimage to Mecca.

This novel, however, is the story of a smaller scale and very personal journey for the three women involved, as they leave behind family ties for a few days (including a week at a hotel). All three have time to reflect on relationships and choices, as the story unfolds through their conversations, private thoughts and flashbacks. They revisit their past decisions and consider what the future might be.

Controversially, the story takes a rather fairytale direction with a kind of Muslim magical realism, including a talking hoopoe.

This is Leila Aboulela's fifth novel and the third I have read, and it feels very different from Lyrics Alley (set mostly in Sudan) and The Kindness of Enemies (with the story moving between different time periods and places). I am not sure I expected this novel when I started reading but I found it really interesting and beautifully written.
… (mer)
elkiedee | 3 andra recensioner | May 31, 2023 |



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