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Inkluderar namnet: Shelley Adina

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Lady of Devices (2011) 567 exemplar
Her Own Devices (2011) 164 exemplar
Magnificent Devices (2012) 123 exemplar
Brilliant Devices (2013) 94 exemplar
A Lady of Resources (2013) 70 exemplar
It's All About Us (2008) 62 exemplar
A Lady of Spirit (2014) 57 exemplar
Magnificent Devices, #1-4 (2013) 53 exemplar
A Lady of Integrity (2014) 44 exemplar
The Fruit of My Lipstick (2008) 44 exemplar
A Gentleman of Means (2015) 40 exemplar
Be Strong and Curvaceous (2009) 38 exemplar
Who Made You a Princess? (2009) 37 exemplar
Fields of Air (2016) 26 exemplar
Devices Brightly Shining (2015) 26 exemplar
Fields of Iron (2016) 22 exemplar
Tidings of Great Boys (2009) 20 exemplar
Fields of Gold (2017) 18 exemplar
The Bride Wore Constant White (2018) 17 exemplar
Carrick House (2018) 10 exemplar
The Emperor's Aeronaut (2022) 10 exemplar
The Clockwork City (2023) 6 exemplar
The Lady's Triumph (2022) 6 exemplar
Magnificent Devices, #5-6 (2014) 6 exemplar
Selwyn Place (2018) 5 exemplar
Holly Cottage (2019) 5 exemplar
Glory Prep (2014) 4 exemplar
Mysterious Devices, #1-3 (2020) 4 exemplar
Acorn (2022) 4 exemplar
The Judge Wore Lamp Black (2021) 4 exemplar
The Dancer Wore Opera Rose (2018) 4 exemplar
Magnificent Devices, #9-12 (2018) 4 exemplar
Gwynn Place (2019) 4 exemplar
Magnificent Devices, #7-8 (2017) 4 exemplar
Immortal Faith (2011) 4 exemplar
The Prince's Pilot (2022) 3 exemplar
Caught You Looking (2011) 3 exemplar

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Love is a Mystery (Box Set 6-in-1) (2014) — Bidragsgivare — 1 exemplar


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The second of this series, and every bit as gripping as the first. The protagonist, Lady Claire St. Ives, has intellect and a will to use it in an age where a lady, like children, is expected to be seen and not heard. It may slightly underplay the significance of common feminine interests in its eagerness to have Lady Claire outshine those of her gender, but the emphasis seems less about gender differences than about class distinctions with Claire attempting to bridge both gaps.
TraSea | 12 andra recensioner | Apr 29, 2024 |
Still carrying my interest enough to read the next in the series.
TraSea | 11 andra recensioner | Apr 29, 2024 |
Sometimes, or even oftentimes, it is the cover art that initially draws me to a book. I liked the art on the first book of the series, the last two; not as much. I'm still enjoying the plot and characters, but I suppose this one wasn't as compelling for me. I have no specific criticism--perhaps the novelty has faded a bit, but I haven't lost interest. I usually rely on a few libraries, but the only way to obtain this one, if I didn't want to wait on a hold or purchase, was by purchasing it as a Kindle. Book 4 I've found through a library as an audiobook.… (mer)
TraSea | 15 andra recensioner | Apr 29, 2024 |
This is only the second book I've read where "steampunk" is one of the genres. I don't like the word--it's the "punk" part of it that sounds silly and seems meaningless, but oh well. The time and location are a pair of my favorites, and this clever young female protagonist with leadership qualities, who is none-the-less humble and has scruples has become one of my favorite characters. I found this one through the Los Angeles Public Library's Overdrive collection, but the only available format was HTML, so it has to be read while connected to the Internet or wifi. The second of the series that I've just started though, was downloadable in the regular formats of ePub or Kindle, and is equally as good.… (mer)
TraSea | 40 andra recensioner | Apr 29, 2024 |


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