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Lloyd Alexander (1924–2007)

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Lloyd Alexander, January 30, 1924 - May 17, 2007 Born Lloyd Chudley Alexander on January 30, 1924, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Allan Audley and Edna Chudley Alexander, Lloyd knew from a young age that he wanted to write. He was reading by the time he was 3, and though he did poorly in school, visa mer at the age of fifteen, he announced that he wanted to become a writer. At the age of 19 in 1942, Alexander dropped out of the West Chester State Teachers College in Pennsylvania after only one term. In 1943, he attended Lafayette College in Easton, PA, before dropping out again and joining the United States Army during World War II. Alexander served in the Intelligence Department, stationed in Wales, and then went on to Counter-Intelligence in Paris, where he was promoted to Staff Sergeant. When the war ended in '45, Alexander applied to the Sorbonne, but returned to the States in '46, now married. Alexander worked as an unpublished writer for seven years, accepting positions such as cartoonist, advertising copywriter, layout artist, and associate editor for a small magazine. Directly after the war, he had translated works for such artists as Jean Paul Sartre. In 1955, "And Let the Credit Go" was published, Alexander's first book which led to 10 years of writing for an adult audience. He wrote his first children's book in 1963, entitled "Time Cat," which led to a long career of writing for children and young adults. Alexander is best known for his "Prydain Chronicles" which consist of "The Book of Three" in 1964, "The Black Cauldron" in 1965 which was a Newbery Honor Book, as well as an animated motion picture by Disney which appeared in 1985, "The Castle of Llyr" in 1966, "Taran Wanderer" in 1967, a School Library Journal's Best Book of the Year and "The High King" which won the Newberry Award. Many of his other books have also received awards, such as "The Fortune Tellers," which was a Boston Globe Horn Book Award winner. In 1986, Alexander won the Regina Medal for Lifetime Achievement from the Catholic Library Association. His titles have been translated into many languages including, Dutch, Spanish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Serbo-Croation and Swedish. He died on May 17, 2007. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre


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The Iron Ring (1997) 894 exemplar
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Prins Jens fantastiska resa (1991) 864 exemplar
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The Chronicles of Prydain (1964) — Författare — 555 exemplar
The Fortune-Tellers (1992) 542 exemplar
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Äventyr i El Dorado (1987) 381 exemplar
Reptricket (2002) 337 exemplar
The Gawgon and the Boy (2001) 324 exemplar
Äventyr i Philadelphia (1990) 268 exemplar
The Xanadu Adventure (2005) 168 exemplar
How the Cat Swallowed Thunder (2000) — Författare — 109 exemplar
The King's Fountain (1971) 108 exemplar
A Lloyd Alexander Collection (2001) 105 exemplar
The four donkeys (1972) 83 exemplar
The House Gobbaleen (1687) 74 exemplar
The Truthful Harp (1967) 70 exemplar
Coll and His White Pig (1965) 56 exemplar
Mina fem tigrar (1956) 39 exemplar
Border hawk: August Bondi (1958) 38 exemplar
The flagship Hope (1960) 35 exemplar
Fifty Years in the Doghouse (1963) 12 exemplar
Janine is French (1959) 6 exemplar
My love affair with music (1960) 6 exemplar
The Sword Dyrnwyn (1973) 5 exemplar
Le Cronache di Prydain (2022) 2 exemplar
Max Mondrosch 2 exemplar
The Stone [short story] (1973) 2 exemplar
And Let the Credit Go (1955) 2 exemplar
Top and Toby (1993) 2 exemplar
PEACE 1 exemplar
The Foundling [short story] (1973) 1 exemplar

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Allmänna fakta

Namn enligt folkbokföringen
Alexander, Lloyd Chudley
Arlington Cemetery, Drexel Hill, Delaware County, Pennsylvania (USA Plot: Monticello Mausoleum, B4-Back Wall)
United States of America
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, USA
Upper Darby High School (graduated 1940)
University of Paris
Haverford College
Denni, Janine (wife)
Khalil, Madeleine (daughter)
November, Sharyn (goddaughter)
United States Army (WWII)
Priser och utmärkelser
Upper Darby High School Wall of Fame
Regina Medal (1986)
Kort biografi
[from The Wizard in the Tree]
Lloyd Alexander received the Newbery medal for The High King, the fifth and final book of his distinguished fantasy series about the kingdom of Prydain. His The Marvelous Misadventures of Sebastian, which won the 1971 National Book Award for Children's Books, was described in The Horn Book as "a comic fantasy, successfully combining eighteenth-century briskness with romantic 'moonshine'. It can be read as an exciting series of adventures, of which many of the chapters end with a suspense line. Or it can be read as an allegory on the ambivalent power of beauty. Or -- best of all -- it can be read as the story of Sebastian's apprenticeship to life".

Mr. Alexander's The Cat Who Wished to Be a Man was an ALA Notable Children's Book of 1973. Said School Library Journal, "Lionel, a wizard's cat, persuades his master to turn him into a man. . . . Infused with humor, high spirits, and compassion, Lionel's story is a parable of the human condition that recognizes mankind's many frailties without despariing and offers hope that love and justice may sometimes prevail".



***Group Read: The Chronicles of Prydain (Spoiler) i 75 Books Challenge for 2010 (maj 2010)
***Group Read: The Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander i 75 Books Challenge for 2010 (maj 2010)
Group Read: The Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander i 75 Books Challenge for 2009 (december 2009)


Landet Illyrien - någonstans på Balkanhalvön, inte långt från det där slottet där Fången på Zenda låg fången - var ett riktigt äventyrsland, och när Vesper reste dit visste hon att hon skulle få vara med om någonting sagolikt och spännande. Annars hade hon ett enkelt, praktiskt ärende att uträtta. Hon tänkte leta reda på en sägenomsusad jätte-skatt och en hel här av förtrollade krigare som en gång i världen kämpat för kung Vartan, Illyriens forntidsfurste. Det var bara Vespers pappa som trodde på historien om honom, men det räckte bra för Vesper. Väl i Illyrien råkar de ut för mer än självaste Vesper hade inbillat sig. Landet låg i tumult. Och när någon snart försöker lönnmörda Vesper, dras hon och hennes trogne följeslagare Brinnie in i en vild kamp mellan upprorstyrkorna - under ledning av en ny och mystisk Vartan - och de Zentanska härskarna.
Varsågoda, en mustig och spännande berättelse med romantiska äventyr, en berättelse fylld med all den humor, den snabba handling och de oförglömliga gestalter - inte minst den härliga äventyrslystna hjältinnan - som är garantistämplen på Loyd Alexanders många prisbelönta böcker.
… (mer)
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