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Paula Gunn Allen (1939–2008)

Författare till The Sacred Hoop: Recovering the Feminine in American Indian Traditions

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Of Laguna Pueblo and Sioux descent, Allen was one of the best-known Native American writers and critics and cousin to another, Leslie Marmon Silko. She was born in Grants, New Mexico, on October 24, 1939. She received a bachelor's degree in English in 1966 and a master's degree of fine arts in visa mer creative writing in 1968 from the University of Oregon and a doctorate in American studies in 1975 from the University of New Mexico. She taught at numerous schools during her lifetime including San Francisco State, University of California at Berkeley and University of California at Los Angeles. She wrote 17 books including volumes of her own poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. She also edited important collections of Native American writing. She received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Ford Foundation, and the University of California at Los Angeles, where she was a postdoctoral fellow in American Indian Studies. She received numerous awards including an American Book Award for editing Spider Woman's Granddaughters: Short Stories by American Indian Writers in 1990 and the Hubbell Medal in 1999. She devoted much of her work to combating oppression by critiquing the ideas that have sanctioned it. The Woman Who Owned the Shadows (1983), is about a woman who comes to realize that she is a lesbian. Allen explores and affirms for women and lesbians the ideas of Spider Grandmother who, in many Native American traditions, is the creator of the heavens, the earth, and all the spirit beings, and therefore an icon of female power. The Sacred Hoop (1986), is a collection of essays written over a number of years that explicitly argue that Native American literature, traditions, mythology, and spirituality can be powerful antidotes to white racism, sexism, and homophobia. She died of lung cancer on May 29, 2008. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre

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These twenty-one stories from the Cherokee, Navajo (Dine), Aztec, Maya, and other North American civilizations have guided female shamans toward an understanding of the sacred for centuries. Here are creation stories, prophecies, stories that disclose how medicine power is transmitted from the world of the supernaturals to the world of humans. . . . Together they make up a female shamanic tradition and suggest the relation of ritual magic to women's daily lives.
PendleHillLibrary | 1 annan recension | Jun 16, 2022 |
This was a DAR book club selection, and thus I picked it up to read. It took me a long time to get through. It is very academically presented. And a lot was packed in this book. The author approaches Pocahontas from the perspective of Native American history, rather than through the lens of white people/scholars. I truly appreciated that. But, it is a very dense book especially considering that Pocahontas lived a very short life, passing away at the age of 20.
ValerieAndBooks | 1 annan recension | Jun 7, 2022 |
"Paula Gunn Allen is professor of English at the University of California, Los Angeles, and an American Indian of Laguna Pueblo and Sioux heritage. She is the author of many books, including 'Grandmothers of the Light: A Medicine Woman's Sourcebook, and editor of 'Spider Woman's Granddaughters: Traditional Tales and Contemporary Writing by Native American Women', which won an American Book Award in 1990." The reviewer for 'Booklist' said of this work, "In these beautifully written essays, Paula Gunn Allen. . .makes a vital contribution to American Indian and feminist scholarship. . .Allen brings to vivid life America's powerful female roots."… (mer)
uufnn | Oct 16, 2018 |
Paula Gunn has too much to say about each story, most of which were ‘slices of life’ ending just before the consequential events. Few of the stories were much in themselves, and I probably refused to actually read the one that was because it was soaked in violence to the protagonist, not as much physical as spiritual. My takeaway is that Dean Ing is Native American.
quondame | 1 annan recension | Dec 28, 2017 |



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