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Mary Kay Andrews was born Kathy Hogan Trocheck on July 27, 1954 in St. Petersburg, Florida. She received a B.A. in journalism from the University of Georgia. She worked for fourteen years as a reporter, mainly at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, before becoming a full-time author. Under Kathy visa mer Hogan Trocheck, she wrote 10 mysteries including the Callahan Garrity Mystery series and the Truman Kicklighter Mysteries series. Under Mary Kay Andrews, her works include the Weezie and Bebe series, Little Bitty Lies, Hissy Fit, Deep Dish, The Fixer Upper, Summer Rental, Spring Fever, Ladies Night, Save the Date, and Beach Town. Mary Kay's title, The Weekenders, made the New York Times Bestseller list in 2016. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre
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I was happpily surprised that this book was so enjoyable. I feared it might be a typical (sappy) Christmas-themed book, but it was definitely a feel-good 5-star read. As another reader said, this is what a Christmas story should be. Starting in the mountains near the small town of Tarburton, North Carolina and mostly taking place in New York City, this is the story of Kerry and her grumpy brother Murphy. For one month in December they sell trees from their Christmas tree farm on a street corner in Greenwich Village.

Kerry Tolliver is a graphic designer who just lost her job and grudgingly helps her older brother with the tree sales as their father recovers from a heart attack. Working outside selling trees and wreaths that she crafts, she meets many people, both young and old. As the story develops, so do the relationships. At the conclusion of the novel, she explains to one of the other characters how things have changed: “We’re not strangers. We’re friends. You, me, Austin, Patrick, Murphy, and Claudia. What’s that saying? Friends are the family you choose. I guess we’ve chosen you. Whether you like it or not.”

This is a story of family, both conventional and chosen. Themes of art, romance, grief, and loyalty. A dog named Queenie and Christmas music, hot chocolate and twinkling lights. What makes this a great story is the writing – Mary Kay Andrews writes believable characters, heartwarming stories, realistic settings, with just the right amount of plot to keep you turning the pages.
… (mer)
PhyllisReads | 21 andra recensioner | Dec 3, 2023 |
At loose ends and living with her mother in North Carolina, Kerry heads to New York City with her brother to man the family Christmas tree stand because her father's ill health requires him to stay behind this year. The neighborhood where the Tolliver tree stand sits is inhabited by a great cast of characters and a restaurant to run a power cord to. Kerry hasn't done this since her parents broke up, so seeing everything through her eyes in the present was fun. It was a cute holiday story, and it turns out the Tolliver tree farm is from the same town in North Carolina where Andrews earlier book, The Santa Suit was set.… (mer)
ethel55 | 21 andra recensioner | Nov 29, 2023 |
This is book six in the Callahan Garrity Mystery series, featuring former cop Callaghan and her mother, Edna, who run “House Mouse” maid service in Atlanta. Their neighborhood is seeing increased crime, but apparently is still a target for developers to buy up inexpensive properties and gentrify them. On Halloween, Wuvvy, an aging flower child who runs a toy store / head shop, confronts one of these new developers during a party at a local tavern. The next night said developer is found dead inside the Wuvvy’s shop. She swears she had nothing to do with the murder, and Callahan is inclined to believe her. But before she can really begin investigating, Wuvvy is found dead in her car, an apparent suicide.

I like this series. I like Callahan, who does have some reason to investigate and is at least skilled at it. She’s frequently helped by the House Mouse crew of eccentric ladies; I particularly like the elderly sisters Baby and Sister. There are plenty of twists and turns to keep even the best amateur sleuth guessing, and I didn’t figure out the perpetrator much before Callahan did.

Another satisfying cozy mystery from this author, and I’ll keep reading the series.
… (mer)
BookConcierge | 4 andra recensioner | Nov 22, 2023 |
Kathleen McInerney (Narrator)
4 stars because she described sunset beach to a tee. Used to live near there and it was my favorite beach to go to.
Many plots, twists. loved the book. Hated it to end.
cfulton20 | 40 andra recensioner | Nov 13, 2023 |



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