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Avi was born in 1937, in the city of New York and raised in Brooklyn. He began his writing career as a playwright, and didn't start writing childrens books until he had kids of his own. (Bowker Author Biography)


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Crispin: The Cross of Lead (2002) 5,388 exemplar
Poppy (1995) 2,526 exemplar
The Secret School (2001) 2,492 exemplar
Nothing but the Truth (1991) 2,378 exemplar
Midnight Magic (1999) 1,667 exemplar
The Fighting Ground (1984) 1,447 exemplar
Ragweed (1997) 1,188 exemplar
The Seer of Shadows (2008) 1,059 exemplar
Poppy and Rye (1998) 1,051 exemplar
The Good Dog (2001) 1,018 exemplar
Perloo the Bold (1998) 957 exemplar
Who Stole the Wizard of Oz? (1981) 921 exemplar
Prairie School (2001) 858 exemplar
The Barn (1994) 804 exemplar
Ereth's Birthday (2000) 769 exemplar
Something Upstairs (1988) 768 exemplar
The Man Who Was Poe (1989) 719 exemplar
Windcatcher (1991) 717 exemplar
Iron Thunder (I Witness) (2007) 702 exemplar
Blue Heron (1992) 601 exemplar
Bright Shadow (1985) 589 exemplar
The Escape From Home (1996) 569 exemplar
City of Orphans (2011) 491 exemplar
Night Journeys (1979) 410 exemplar
Poppy's Return (2005) 402 exemplar
Wolf Rider (1986) 382 exemplar
City of Light, City of Dark (1993) 379 exemplar
The Christmas Rat (2000) 359 exemplar
Captain Grey (1977) 356 exemplar
Old Wolf (2015) 355 exemplar
Lord Kirkle's Money (1996) 355 exemplar
Never Mind!: A Twin Novel (2004) 353 exemplar
S.O.R. Losers (1984) 323 exemplar
Murder At Midnight (2009) 318 exemplar
Crispin: The End of Time (2010) 312 exemplar
No More Magic (1975) 258 exemplar
The Traitors' Gate (2007) 246 exemplar
Poppy and Ereth (2009) 226 exemplar
Catch You Later, Traitor (1794) 183 exemplar
A Place Called Ugly (1981) 179 exemplar
Silent Movie (2003) 167 exemplar
The Mayor of Central Park (2003) 152 exemplar
Man from the Sky (1980) 147 exemplar
Encounter at Easton (1980) 135 exemplar
The Player King (2017) 134 exemplar
Smuggler's Island (1983) 121 exemplar
School of the Dead (2016) 106 exemplar
Best Shorts: Favorite Stories for Sharing (2006) — Redaktör; Bidragsgivare; Inledning — 89 exemplar
Devil's Race (1984) 81 exemplar
Gold Rush Girl (2020) 72 exemplar
Ragweed and Poppy (2020) 60 exemplar
Punch With Judy (1999) 57 exemplar
Loyalty (2022) 52 exemplar
Second Sight : Stories for a New Millennium (1999) — Bidragsgivare — 42 exemplar
Keep Your Eye on Amanda (1999) 12 exemplar
City of Magic (2022) 11 exemplar
The Secret Sisters (2023) 7 exemplar
Secrets of Shadows 2 exemplar
Primula si sposa (2003) 1 exemplar
Rift White oak 1 exemplar
Bored Tom {novelette} (2006) 1 exemplar
The grow home 1 exemplar
Gates of Light 1 exemplar
Skyfire 1 exemplar
Horse Power 1 exemplar
Lion Of Jordan 1 exemplar
City of Orphans 1 exemplar

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Skriet från vildmarken (1903) — Inledning, vissa utgåvor19,419 exemplar
Guys Write for Guys Read (2005) — Bidragsgivare — 759 exemplar
Half-Minute Horrors (2009) — Bidragsgivare — 272 exemplar
Tripping Over the Lunch Lady and Other School Stories (2004) — Bidragsgivare — 242 exemplar
The Color of Absence: 12 Stories About Loss and Hope (2001) — Bidragsgivare — 89 exemplar
Acting Out (2008) — Bidragsgivare — 66 exemplar
911: The Book of Help (2002) — Bidragsgivare — 46 exemplar
Pirulí (2002) — Illustratör — 13 exemplar
Pirulí en el zoo (1999) — Illustratör — 3 exemplar


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Book about sailing/pirates i Name that Book (december 2015)


It rose from the stain on the floor...two hands, then two beckoned to Kenny...luring him to an unknown horror from which he might never escape.

FROM AMAZON: When 12-year-old Kenny Huldorf moves to Providence, Rhode Island, he soon discovers that his attic bedroom is haunted by the ghost of a teenage slave named Caleb. Before long, Caleb summons Kenny back in time, where Kenny finds himself entangled in Caleb's murder and deeply troubled by the century-old injustice. Ultimately, it is up to Kenny to solve Caleb's murder or remain forever trapped in history. Part ghost story, part social commentary, this thought-provoking, hair-raising page turner from master tale spinner, Avi, is a perfect chilling summer read!… (mer)
Gmomaj | 14 andra recensioner | Nov 22, 2023 |
Good exciting story with a plucky heroine but a little hard to believe!
kslade | 144 andra recensioner | Nov 21, 2023 |
This was a good Revolutionary War upper MG/young YA read.

Content: hanging, death of sibling, crushing

4 Stars
libraryofemma | 17 andra recensioner | Oct 20, 2023 |
Sometimes I ran, sometimes all I could do was walk. All I knew was that if the steward overtook me, I'd not survive for long....

Crispin is a poor thirteen-year-old peasant in medieval England. Accused of a crime he did not commit, he has been declared a "wolf's head," meaning he may be killed on sight, by anyone. He flees his tiny village with nothing but his mother's cross of lead.

In the English countryside, Crispin meets a man named Bear, who forces Crispin to become his servant yet encourages him to think for himself. But as Crispin's enemies draw ever closer, he is pulled right into the fortress of his foes, where he must find a way to save their very lives.… (mer)
PlumfieldCH | 123 andra recensioner | Sep 22, 2023 |



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