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Lisa Ballantyne was born in Armadale, Scotland and studied English Literature at the University of St. Andrews. She started her writng career while living and working in China. She was short-listed for the Dundee International Book Prize. Her debut novel, The Guilty One, was long listed for the visa mer International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award and short-listed for an Edgar Allan Poe Award. Her other title's include: Redemption Road and Everything She Forgot. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre

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Den skyldige (2012) 384 exemplar
Everything She Forgot (2015) 217 exemplar
The Innocent One (2022) 28 exemplar
Little Liar (2018) 21 exemplar
Once Upon a Lie (2021) 11 exemplar
Ballantyne Lisa 1 exemplar
Untitled Lisa Ballantyne (2020) 1 exemplar


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This is quite a good book.
It tells the story of Daniel Hunter a lawyer defending Sebastian an 11 year old boy accused of killing a younger boy in the swing park.
Daniel feels for Sebastian as he had a bit of a traumatic childhood when he grew up.
The chapters in the book jump from past to present. Past was when Daniel was fostered then adopted by Millie a bit of an eccentric Farmer in Cumbria.
Daniel at first was resentful of Minnie then he really likes her once he settles in. She lied to him about his Mum dying and when he was older found out never forgave her and never made peace with her.
Back to the Courtroom drama and Daniel with the help of Irene gets Sebastian off.
Sebastian then confesses that he was guilty of murder.
Lots of strong characters in this book.
… (mer)
Daftboy1 | 26 andra recensioner | Nov 19, 2022 |
Daniel Hunter, un abogado que ejerce en Londres, ha de­dicado años a defender causas perdidas, sin implicarse y sin permitir que le afectasen una vez terminadas. Pero todo cambia cuando conoce a Sebastian Croll, un niño de once años acusado de asesinar a otro niño, Ben Stokes, de ocho. Al adentrarse en la difícil vida familiar de Sebastian, Da­niel no puede evitar recordar su propia infancia en casas de acogida... y a Minnie, la mujer que lo adoptó y lo salvó con su cariño, hasta que le hizo tanto daño que Daniel la apartó de su vida. Pero ¿cuál fue el crimen de Minnie para que Daniel la evitase durante quince años? ¿Perderá Daniel todo lo que ha logrado por esa obsesión que lo atormenta y que le hace dudar de la culpabilidad o inocencia de Sebastian? Este relato apasionante y conmovedor, que combina lo mejor de Maggie O’Farrell y Lionel Shriver, conjuga una gran sensibilidad con los aspectos más emocionantes de los thrillers judiciales.… (mer)
Natt90 | 26 andra recensioner | Jul 8, 2022 |
Lisa Ballantyne seems to like writing in two timelines, but this makes her books more of a challenge for readers. In her new book, the current day follows Margaret Holloway, a teacher and mother of two, who nearly dies in a horrible pile-up on a British motorway when her gas tank is ruptured, only to be saved by a disfigured mystery man. Eventually, she finds him in a medically-induced coma at a local hospital and feels compelled to thank him for his kindness as she herself begins to come unglued, remembering things from her childhood. The other story is about the youngest brother of a Glasgow crime family (Big George McLaughlin), who desperately wants out, is deeply in love with Kathleen, and is rejected as a father when she gets pregnant. When he finally happens upon some money (illegally, of course), George goes to see her and their 7-year old daughter, Moll. By an unfortunate set of circumstances, George kidnaps Moll and goes on the lam. The two stories are brought together cleverly. The novel starts slowly, especially the storyline about the angry, devout writer Angus Campbell, but gains substantial momentum as events unfold.… (mer)
skipstern | 13 andra recensioner | Jul 11, 2021 |
Thanks to Will Byrnes, and my other GR friends, who all rated this 5 stars. It reminded me of [b:The Boy Who Could See Demons|13497675|The Boy Who Could See Demons|Carolyn Jess-Cooke|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1347315541s/13497675.jpg|19042049], but was significantly better. 11-year old Sebastian is arrested for the killing of 8-year old Ben on a playground, but there are no witnesses. Solicitor Daniel Hunter is assigned to defend him, and feels strong empathy with the accused, who likewise harkens from a broken family. Daniel's own story is probably more interesting than the trial as he was a difficult boy, prone to trouble, with a drug addict mother. Daniel's foster, and then adoptive, mother Minnie is a wonderful iconic character, and the book is built up around their bonding and life together, where Minnie rescues Daniel, and their sudden and mysterious estrangement. Highly recommended.… (mer)
skipstern | 26 andra recensioner | Jul 11, 2021 |



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