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Behrsin has done it again with "A Cat's Guide to Saving the Kingdom: Dragoncat, Book 3". I thoroughly enjoyed it.
As usual the author's world building is richly imagined and easily draws the reader in. The character development by Behrsin is top drawer.
Behrsin does a fine job of balancing humour, drama, and darker themes in the book.
The twist the author put at the end was a surprise to me.
Some questions:
Q: Can Ben gain his staff?
Q: Can Ben overcome being so self centred?
Q: Can Ben defeat Astravar as his crystal foretells?
A: Grab this delightful book and find out!
I look forward to editing and reading/reviewing Dragoncat Book 4.
In the interest of transparency, I was given a copy of this book to edit and review.
I am voluntarily sharing this review.
It is my own honest opinion.
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WayneK9DI | Oct 10, 2021 |
Chris Behrsin's "A Cat's Guide To Meddling With Magic: Dragoncat, Book Two" takes we readers back to the first dimension where Ben, a Bengal cat from Wales, has been transported to by an evil warlock and managed to bond with a dragon and save the first dimension. While Ben won the initial battle, the war has just begun. This time around Ben meets a dreamwatcher, with a secret, that freaks him out. Ben is also granted his second gift by the magical crystal. Behrsin continues their top notch world building as it is fleshed out even further in this book. In addition the arc of character development is very, very well done. Particularly that of Ben. The author maintains some humourous elements in the book, but also delves a bit into things a bit more dark. While reading the book, some questions may arise in your mind.
Q: Will Ben learn to be selfless rather than self-centred?
Q: Will Ben and company be able to save the capitol city from Astravar?
Q: Will Ben finally get a clue about how he truly feels about Ta'ra?
A: Grab this book, read it and find out.
But wait.... There's MORE!! Yes!! Behrsin has published
"A Cat's Guide To Saving The Kingdom: Dragoncat, Book Three" ( I'll
be reviewing that soon ) and the author will soon be working on Dragoncat 4.
In the interest of transparency, I was given two copies of this book. Allow me to explain. I received the copy that I edited for Behrsin. I enjoyed it while I was editing it. The second copy was given to me after the author had gone through my editing suggestions. This review is based from reading the second copy and I enjoyed it even more! Yes, I am a bit biassed, however, with forty six years as an AVID reader, I cannot help but EXTOLL this excellent book. I am voluntarily sharing this review.
It is my own opinion.
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WayneK9DI | Sep 29, 2021 |
Chris Behrsin kicks off his thought provoking "Secicao Blight" steampunk series with
"Sukina's Story: Secicao Blight, #0.5 "
Behrsin does a very fine job of world building and character development as they introduce readers
to the the universe he's crafted for the reader's enjoyment.
This is a prequel and does a nice job of framing out the universe that the rest of the series takes place in.
Q: Will Sukina achieve her goal of vengeance?
Q: Will King Cini III realise his dream of a utopia in his kingdom?
A: Read this tale and find out!
In the interest of transparency, I was given a copy of this book for both editing and review.
I'm just a tad biased. I am voluntarily sharing this review.
These are my honest thoughts and feelings.
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WayneK9DI | Sep 23, 2021 |
"A Cat's Guide To Bonding With Dragons: Dragoncat, Book One" is the first in an exciting new series by Behrsin.
I'm extremely familiar with this book because I edited it. However, I have been a voracious reader for the past forty five years, as well as a passionate reviewer for a bit. I couldn't NOT review this book..
The author has done a top shelf job of world building and character development. Particularly, Bengy as he acclimates to not just a new world, but a new dimension.
We learn as the story progresses that Bengy may not be the hero the dimension expects, but he is the hero that they have.
Behrsin deftly weaves a humorous parody with some serious undertones. I highly recommend this book and I am looking forward to reading Dragoncat Book Two.
In the interest of transparency, I was given a review copy of this book, I am voluntarily sharing this review.
It is my own honest opinion.
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WayneK9DI | Dec 30, 2020 |




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