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This book provides the historical context for the establishment of Ellis Island in 1890: how it became the processing center for immigrants to the United States, and what visitors may expect to see there today. Readers may gain a sense of the signi cance of Ellis Island and the role it has played in the lives of countless immigrants through the numerous and varied captioned images
NCSS | 5 andra recensioner | Jul 23, 2021 |
Great little book about how our early ancestors here in America survived and did many things-- how they built their cabins, what they ate wore, and lived. For instance, I had no idea that they used to scrub their pans with dried pieces of corn cobs, or after making jelly, would cover the jelly in a crock with lard and cover that with an animal bladder to try to keep sterile. I also did not know that the ashes from corn cobs was used as baking powder!
Stacy_Krout | Sep 14, 2020 |
The book A Handful of Dirt talks about all of the tiny living things that can be found in what most people would think was just a handful of dirt. The book ventures into territories about microscopic organisms and how life lives almost everywhere. I used this book to tie to the NGSS standard about Ecosystems, Interactions, Energy and Dynamics. This standard asks students to develop a model to describe the movement of matter among plants, animals, decomposers, and the environment. I think this would be a great book for 5th graders and would stimulate their thinking in new ways.… (mer)
ashleyshort24 | 3 andra recensioner | Oct 20, 2019 |
Using a mix of textual evidence and photos the author has us revist the old ghost towns of the west. I believe the Author’s intention is to give information about the time and place thru a lens of history, allowing for a context in which we can both o repaint and recount the reasons why those who settled in the west and their intentions but also understand what the life in these little ghost towns were and what legacy the left.
Winston_Rivas | 1 annan recension | Aug 16, 2017 |


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