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[This book was reviewed by Kimberly Weatherston, a volunteer with the Idaho Art Lab.]

Just looking at the cover of this book, flipping briefly through its pages, one can tell that this is a bright, cheerful book full of tons of energetic photos.

As I started to read the book, I was pleased to find that the book did a good job of defining important technical terms without drowning you in technical jargon. The entire book is easy to read, in fact, divided into easy to read sections that flow smoothly from one to another.

Unlike many basic photography books, this one deals with more than just the camera and taking pictures. There are sections explaining how to handle the computer side of digital photography, including an entire section about scanners. The book also has several chapters on what to do AFTER you take the picture, giving you ideas of what to make with your photos.

One thing I found impressive, considering how quickly technology moves on and how quickly the information in books can go out of date, even though the book was published in 2004, the book is still perfectly usable. There are a couple pieces of information that might be outdated, but nothing critical, nothing that would mean it would be better to get a different book.

In conclusion, this was a fun, energetic way of learning about digital photography that is written to appeal to kids, but that adults can also learn a lot from - I learned things from this book, and I've had my camera for years!
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Idahoartlab | Mar 25, 2015 |
Another children’s book, but I couldn’t resist taking this one home from the library just to look at the pictures. I miss not having a feline in my home, and it was great looking at the pictures and going down memory lane reading about their habits. There were a lot of comparisons with tigers which I think are so beautiful. The author did a great job with the story, animal comparisons, and fantastic pictures.
OldDan | 1 annan recension | Jan 31, 2012 |
This book creatively and vividly compares the common house cat to the wild cats found around the world. Interesting facts and great pictures fill the pages of this book as the reader learns that many of the actions they see in their house hold feline pets are similar to those of their wild cat cousins. This book has many great photographs as well. This book would be appropriate for grades 2-5. I would use this book in my classroom if my children were curious about cats as a unit to start a KWL chart off or as a research paper resource for introductions to nonfiction reading and writing. The central issue addressed in this book are cats!… (mer)
Kaberasturi | 1 annan recension | Nov 9, 2011 |
In the fast changing www world this book is still quite useful - for creating multimedia shows. It contains lots of good tips about page layout and digital photography and encourages you to experiment.

The book is very colorful and uses an easy to read layout. As itself it's a good demonstration about how to make an entertaining presentation.

For actual website creation you should check more uptodate and realistic books. Even author's own website doesn't contain this much colours and decorations!… (mer)
jouni | Nov 8, 2007 |


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½ 3.6

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