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I did not read the other books in the series so maybe I’d have enjoyed this book more if I had. It feels like it was written by a 12-year old with a penchant for insect puns. Or at least that is the target audience. There’s lots of good insect knowledge scattered throughout. Dialogue is a bit dry and repetitive. The plot felt painfully slow. Character development wasn’t great but that could be my fault for not reading the other books in the series. I liked what he did with the red/black ant segregation.
Overall, probably a fun read for the budding etymologist.
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mikalas | 3 andra recensioner | Feb 27, 2023 |
This book wasn't quite what I expected, but definitely not in a bad way! The story mirrors human history but on an planet inhabitanted by insects. It examines politics and human nature in a wonderful and often humorous scifi way.

While the puns and such Amy suggest that this is a book for younger readers (and no doubt they'll enjoy these!) I think that more mature readers (mid to late teens and older) have the most to gain. I enjoyed all the political and social commentary. The ants (mostly upper class) look down on all the other insects (with needs being next in the hierarchy and the only other insects class allowed to study at university, albeit separately) and hoard as much honey as possible (equivalent of money), while destroying their planet and denying it, especially with the power that being a cyborg gives it! I appreciated the supposedly (but not really) free elections and nepotism that contributed to the downfall of the society - something that definitely still happens around the world. And how power gets you off with barely even a slao on the wrist at the expense of other, corruption, imprisoning those who speak out against you, racism, unequal rights, climate change and climate change denial, etc. While I could go on with listing this wonderful commentary, I'm sure this gives you an idea of what kind of book this is! I loved this but it definitely makes the book a lot heavier than it's somewhat jokey nature suggests.

I loved the characters. They were definitely very well.l thought out. I enjoyed their punny names that included the kind of insect they are in them (we have the likes of Gretant and Thunbug the eco activists and Antstrong (who even uses his namesake's famous quote!) and Inovant the inventors). I did get a little confused by Firefly though. At first I wondered why she didn't have a name and only later it was a fly and not the type of insect. Very minor complaint, I know! I also loved that our villain seemed to be a mishmash of various political figures (he reminded me a lot of Trump at the start and became more Hitler-like as the story progressed).

I appreciated that the insects communicated through pheromones for emotions, although the list at the end of the book is far too long. I tried to track how many were actually used and it's maybe 10-20%. And they also used more human emotional signs later on which disappointed me a bit as I loved the uniqueness of the earlier system. And it's one the author clearly put a lot of work on, given the aforementioned ten page list!

I loved this book and would definitely recommend it. But just be aware that it's quite political and you might not enjoy that (I could be wrong but I think strong republicans/capitalists might not enjoy all the the commentary, even though it's accurate!). If you decide to read this, be prepared for a crazy journey!
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TheAceOfPages | 5 andra recensioner | Feb 21, 2023 |
I got this as an early review and it's a creepy sci fi book. Very good read,
dulegstmiramherzen | 3 andra recensioner | Jan 31, 2023 |
F'ant'astic, imaginative book, very suitable for the young adult and fun to read by the more 'ant'ique reader. The whole series is shaping up to be a memorable read. Half way through you start to wonder if you have picked up all the ant references. I am 'ant'icpating the next book in the series.
Monty_Grover | 5 andra recensioner | Jan 10, 2023 |



½ 4.6