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Jeanne Birdsall was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1951. Before becoming a children's author, she worked as a photographer. Some of her photographs are included in the permanent collections of museums, including the Smithsonian and the Philadelphia Art Museum. She didn't start writing until visa mer she was forty-one years old. Her first book, The Penderwicks: A Summer Tale of Four Sisters, Two Rabbits, and a Very Interesting Boy, was published in 2005. Her novels about the Penderwick family have collected several honors, including the National Book Award for Young People's Literature. She also writes picture books for younger children. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre


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Hey, Kiddo (2018) — Berättare, vissa utgåvor943 exemplar
Nancy and Plum (1952) — Inledning, vissa utgåvor204 exemplar


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With this installment the Penderwick series comes to an end. One of the sisters is getting married, and all but the two youngest siblings are out on their own. This book focuses more on Lydia, the youngest, who loves to dance.

While I enjoyed this story it seemed to lack a little heart, and I missed the Penderwick secret meetings and shenanigans. I felt it wasn't quite as good as the previous books, but still was a good read.
fuzzi | 14 andra recensioner | Nov 22, 2023 |
This summer the Penderwick sisters have a wonderful surprise: a holiday on the grounds of a beautiful estate called Arundel. Soon they are busy discovering the summertime magic of Arundel's sprawling gardens, treasure-filled attic, tame rabbits, and the cook who makes the best gingerbread in Massachusetts. But the best discovery of all is Jeffrey Tifton, son of Arundel's owner, who quickly proves to be the perfect companion for their adventures.

The icy-hearted Mrs. Tifton is not as pleased with the Penderwicks as Jeffrey is, though, and warns the new friends to stay out of trouble. Which, of course, they will--won't they? One thing's for sure: it will be a summer the Penderwicks will never forget.… (mer)
PlumfieldCH | 185 andra recensioner | Nov 2, 2023 |
eas7788 | 185 andra recensioner | Oct 24, 2023 |
This is such a delightful book! My siblings and I needed something to listen to on a recent trip, and found this story engaging—a wonderful traveling companion. Somewhat reminiscent of Carol Ryrie Brink’s books or All-of-a-Kind Family, I thoroughly enjoyed the family aspects of the story. This isn’t a family on the verge of falling apart; each member is dedicated to everyone else, and they all work together toward a common goal (most of the time, anyway). This book is very character-driven, which I loved. There is a plot as well, but the highlight for me was how lifelike each character was—whether it was Rosalind, trying to take the place of their dead mother, impetuous Skye, distractible writer Jane, or excitable Batty. And Hound. You can’t forget him! Each character felt well-rounded, and though they got into their fair share of scrapes, the children weren’t deliberately naughty (most of the time, anyway).

It’s hard to know how to summarize my thoughts about the book because I loved it so much. There’s something about it—its whimsical fun, the fact that although it’s a modern story, the characters and events feel timeless (and the children aren’t stuck on phones or other devices!), or maybe just that this is generally a portrait of a family doing well—I loved it. It was good. If you enjoy stories about family and friendship, with a few high-jinks along the way, I’d highly recommend you check this book out.
… (mer)
EstherFilbrun | 185 andra recensioner | Sep 11, 2023 |



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