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Moniquill Blackgoose

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Inkluderar namnet: Monique Poirier

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To Shape a Dragon's Breath (2023) 299 exemplar
Goose Boy 1 exemplar

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Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe
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Moniquill/Monique - yes the same one from anywhere else you've seen that name (gaia, LJ, AIM, etc) since around 2001. Time traveller from the year 1983. She/her. Bi. NDN. Enrolled member of the seaconke wampanoag tribe. Phlebotomist.

Monique Poirier is an enrolled member of the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe and a lineal descendant of Ousamequin Massasoit. She is an avid costumer, and active member of the steampunk community. Her work in steampunk has been featured at Beyond Victoriana, Silver Goggles, and in the books Anatomy of Steampunk: The Fashion of Victorian Futurism, Steampunk III: Steampunk Revolution, Speculative Imperialisms: Monstrosity and Masquerade in Postracial Times, and Steaming Into a Victorian Future: A Steampunk Anthology. She has blogged, essayed, and discussed extensively across many platforms the depictions of NDN and NDN-coded characters in sci-fi and fantasy, and would like to help other authors better understand how to produce respectful and well thought out indigenous characters and what the common pitfalls are in doing so.



Well paced, if a bit deliberate, alternate world with both dragons and pagan Norse takeover of Europe. Set in the central northeastern western continent, all scientific language is Norse based. A young native woman from a remote island is chosen by a dragon hatchling she found and required to attend "white" boarding school where the she is expected to fit in and adopt their values. She is not what they expect and what she wants isn't what they expect her to want. The incidents of the story are all familiar, but the approach and resolution are creative use of a strong minded but not irrationally foolhardy young woman as a main character.… (mer)
quondame | 12 andra recensioner | May 7, 2024 |
Anequs is fifteen and lives with her family on Masquapaug Island. Because the island is remote and doesn't have resources like coal to attract notice, the Anglish conquerors have left them pretty much alone. But when Anequs finds a dragon egg, and the dragon chooses her - and while being Nampeshiweisit to a dragon is revered by her people, no one has seen one in 200 years - she determines that the best way to learn what she needs to help her people is to go to the Anglish school to learn dragoneering and how to shape the breath of a dragon.

This steampunk-y fantasy by enrolled Seaconke Wampanoag member Moniquill Blackgoose should have wide appeal. Anequs is a great character, I loved her narration and no-nonsense approach to life even as she struggles to understand the often nonsensical rules of Anglish life and "civility". There is depth in the history of the world, which is not quite like our own but has certain parallels. You can tell the author knows the tropes of fantasy and also what she wants to do with them - going to a school is common but subversively going to the conquerors' school, not so much. I also loved the clear importance of story in multiple cultures and how it's used to create both what we would call mythology and history in Anequs's world. There's also a satisfying, cliff-hanger free ending, but you can bet I'll be looking up the next book as soon as it comes out.
… (mer)
bell7 | 12 andra recensioner | Feb 2, 2024 |
This is an engaging, highly original steampunk-tinged young adult book. After fifteen-year-old Anequs finds and is bonded with a dragon hatchling, the first dragon her people have encountered in some two hundred years, she is forced to attend a school run by white colonialist rulers that trains up other young people bonded with dragons. In this alt history setting, the rulers are both English and Nordic, and Christianity is not the dominant religion. Language is quiet different as well, but there are often hints to help readers identity place names parallel to our world or to give context to vastly different traditions; sometimes, though, I felt a bit adrift, even as I admired the incredible research that must have gone into the world-building.

This book doesn't follow the usual plot progression of the boarding school trope. The focus isn't on the usual bullies and classroom anxieties. I welcome this fresh take. Without delving into spoilers, this book addresses vast political consequences. Anequs is a stone vast into an ocean, causing incredible ripples.
… (mer)
ladycato | 12 andra recensioner | Jan 28, 2024 |




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