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This is a huge and varied collection in every way. I have previously reviewed each story in here, so I will each one a comment based on this being a 'Start Here' collection and then talk about just how ridiculous some of the choices are and the utterly ludicrous idea that this collection would be a good place for someone unfamiliar and/ or starting to get into the Horus Heresy series.

"The Last Church" by Graham McNeill - 3/5 Chronologically very early in the timeline, but absolutely not an accurate or helpful first impression.
"Savage Weapons" by Aaron Dembski-Bowden 2/5 Why are we introducing a secondary and very dull theatre of war as the first impression of the Heresy?
"Imperfect" by Nick Kyme - 3/5 This is the way you introduce the Irons Hands. So much needed backstory to appreciate or even understand this.
"The Iron Within" by Rob Sanders - 4/5 Interesting choice to introduce Iron Warriors and Shattered Legions this way.
"Black Oculus" by John French - 4/5 What a pair of ridiculous ways to introduce Iron Warriors and Perturabo on the bounce, as well as Navigators.
"Brotherhood of the Moon" by Chris Wraight - 2/5 This barely makes sense regardless of your experience.
"Bjorn: Lone Wolf" by Chris Wraight - 4/5 Contained enough story. Kinda works as an introduction to the Space Wolves.
"Bloodhowl" by Chris Forrester - 3/5 Much worse introduction to Space Wolves with a lot of context needed.
" of Oaths" by John French - 3/5 Kinda works as an introduction to the Imperial Fists.
"Child of Night" by John French - 4/5 This actually works as more information on the Night Lords.
"Lost Sons" by James Swallow - 3/5 So much backstory about the Blood Angels and Knights Errant needed.
"Immortal Duty" by Nick Kyme - 4/5 An interesting perspective on the Iron Hands. Does need Isstvan context.
"After Desh'ea" by Matthew Farrer - 5 /5 Perfect introduction to Angron and Khârn.
"The Laurel of Defiance" by Guy Haley - 1/5 Kinda works as an introduction to the Ultramarines, but with a not like other girls protagonist.
"Daemonology" by Chris Wraight - 4/5 Decent introduction to Mortarion
"Rebirth" by Chris Wraight - 3/5 You absolutely red to know about Prospero and be more familiar with Khârn.
"Little Horus" by Dan Abnett - 5 /5 Decent introduction to the Sons of Horus, but absolutely relies on the whole opening trilogy.
"Child of Chaos" by Chris Wraight - 3/5 Some kind of introduction to Erebus, but lacks context.
"Artefacts" by Nick Kyme - 3/5 Awful introduction to Vulkan and the Salamanders
"The Grey Raven" by Gav Thorpe - 3/5 This is literally the end of an ongoing story and needs context.
"Liar's Due" by James Swallow - 2/5 Works as a story on its own, but having Alpha Legion context would be helpful.

Average score: 3/5
Woefully inappropriately advertised -1 (2/5)
Just how brilliant After Desh'ea and Little Horus are 1 (3/5)

There's something for everyone here, but if you were starting here I don't know how you would have a clue what was going on. Otherwise, it's big ole decent collection with some real highs and lows, and a lot of decent enough. As something you can get for one credit on Audible? An absolute steal!
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RatGrrrl | Dec 20, 2023 |

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½ 3.3

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