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Short Story Titles: Roses, Rhododendron; I Want to Know Why; Jonah; Seeing Mrs. Landers; Rape Fantasies; The Story of My Dovecot; Sonny's Blues; The Lesson; My Mother's Memoirs, My Father's Lie, and Other True Stories; Lost in the Fun House; The Chosen Vessel; What Was Mine; An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge; Like a Bad Dream; The End of the Duel; Cathedral; Paul's Case; The Enormous Radio; The Darling; Gooseberries; The Lady with the Dog; The Story of an Hour; The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County; The Other Wife; The Secret Sharer; The Magic Poker; The Blue Hotel; The Open Boat; The Way up to Heaven; The Blue Jar; The Red-headed League; The Doctor; King of the Bingo Game; Dry September; A Rose for Emily; That Evening Sun; Babylon Revisited; Tuesday Siesta; The Yellow Wallpaper; The Overcoat; The Life of the Imagination; Two Gentle People; The Frog Prince; Argument and Persuasion; Tony Kytes, the Arch-deceiver; The Birthmark; Young Goodman Brown; Looking for Rain God; A Vermont Tale; Hills like White Elephant;s of Biddy and My Dad; Spunk; The Lottery; The Real Thing; A White Heron; Araby; A Hunger Artist; The Circling Hand; Mary Postgate; Not a Good Girl; Haircut; My Vocation; The Rocking-horse Winner; The Professor's Houses; One off the Short List; A Sunrise on the Veld; To Build a Fire; The Tree, a Rock, a Cloud; The Magic Barrel; A Dill Pickle; Miss Brill; The Outstation; The Necklace; Bartleby the Scrivener; Patriotism; You're Ugly, Too; Boys and Girls; The Passenger; Where Are You Going, Where You Been?; The Creature; The Things They Carried; Everything That Rises must Converge; A Good Man Is Hard to Find; Guests of the Nation; My Oedipus Complex; Do You like it Here?; I Stand Here Ironing; A Conversation with My Father; War; The Cask of Amontillado; The Fall of the House of Usher; Gretel; Flowering Judas; The Grave; The Valiant Woman; The Diver; The Conversion of the Jews; Various Temptations; I – 80 Nebraska, M.490 – M.205; Gimpel the Full; The Chrysanthemums; No One's a Mystery; A Pair of Tickets; The Catbird Seat; The Death of Ivan Ilych; The Tryst; A&P; The Verb to Kill; Roselily; To Hell with Dying; Blackberry Winter; Petrified Man; A Worn Path; The Other Two; Roman Fever; The Use of Force; Smokers; Kew Gardens; The Man Who Was Almost a Man; WRITERS ON WRITING: Why I Write; How to Tell a Story; Stephen Crane's Own Story; Let Me Tell a Story Now…; Biography of a Story; The Making of a Writer; on Her Own Work; The Brief Prose Tales; The Writing of Flowering Judas; The Old Artist: Notes on Mr. Sweet; Blackberry Winter: a Recollection; Is Phoenix Jackson's Grandson Really Dead?… (mer)
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