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Christopher Bollen

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Orient: A Novel (2015) 189 exemplar
A Beautiful Crime (2020) 113 exemplar
The Destroyers (2017) 104 exemplar
The Lost Americans: A Novel (2023) 42 exemplar
Lightning People: A Novel (2011) 31 exemplar
Il gioco della distruzione (2021) 3 exemplar
Long Island (2017) 2 exemplar
Un crimine bellissimo (2020) 2 exemplar
Barneys New York (2016) 1 exemplar
Manhattan people (2016) 1 exemplar
Un crimen muy bello (2021) 1 exemplar

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The Lost Americans is a thrilling murder mystery set in Egypt, amid the current volatile conditions to be found there. Eric Castle is a weapons technician working for a billion dollar weapons company on overseas jobs in the most dangerous locations on the planet. The story opens with a distressed Eric fearing that he had crossed the line with his company and believing that his life may even be in danger. He sends off two cryptic messages to his family back in the U.S. in the mail shortly before his body is found below his third floor hotel balcony.

Cate Castle, Eric's sister, receives the call from her stepfather, Wes, informing her of her brother's death, which the Egyptian authorities have labeled a suicide. Though Cate had lost contact with her brother, she refused to accept that verdict. Then she received the mysterious message Eric had sent her on a postcard. From that point, finding Eric's killer became her only mission. To that end, she traveled to Egypt and unleashed a hornet's nest with non-stop, hair-raising action from the moment she stepped foot on Egyptian soil. Everyone has a stake in Eric's death--Polestar, the company he worked for; the Egyptian government, the U.S. government, they all had reasons to possibly want Eric, and the secrets he had uncovered, to disappear. The complex web of lies, deceit and secrets grows page by page, as does the list of people who may be complicit in the cover up of Eric's murder and perhaps even in the murder itself.

I found this book hard to put down at night and couldn't wait to pick it back up again in the morning. The plot is excellent and the writing very good. The twists and turns are absolutely riveting and keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the entirety of the book. Things are not always, or maybe ever, what they seem. I was sorry to have finally finished the last page and come to the surprising conclusion of the story.
… (mer)
shirfire218 | 2 andra recensioner | Aug 28, 2023 |
A great thriller set in contemporary Cairo! The writing is crisp, smart and the pacing is perfect. Christopher Bollen is getting better with each book. He’s really tightened up his style. This is his shortest book so far. Not an unnecessary word, which makes the impact right on the mark. Highly recommended! (less)
dale01 | 2 andra recensioner | Mar 26, 2023 |
Orient, sulla punta del North Fork di Long Island, affacciata sul braccio di mare che separa l'isola dal Connecticut. Meno famosa del South Fork, quella degli Hamptons, con relativi magnati dello show business newyorchese, attori e scrittori famosi. In questo paradiso marittimo dei falchi di mare, dei pescatori e delle fioriture selvagge, abitato dalle stesse famiglie da molte generazioni, arriva un giorno da New York Mills, un «drifter», un vagabondo, ex tossicodipendente, ex bambino abbandonato, passato da un affido all'altro. Ospite, in cambio di lavoro, di un signore che possiede una bella casa di famiglia da sgombrare e ristrutturare dopo la morte della madre, Mills viene accolto da subito con molta diffidenza nella comunità locale, tanto più che, dopo il suo arrivo, uno per volta, si cominciano a rinvenire numerosi corpi senza vita. Episodi di violenza mai visti prima nella tranquilla cittadina. Mills, con l'aiuto di Beth, ex artista e moglie in crisi di artista famoso, tornata a Orient dopo anni trascorsi a New York, decide di indagare su una pista parallela a quella della polizia, determinato a capire chi e che cosa c'è dietro il mistero, in una corsa contro il tempo prima che la piccola cittadina finisca per distruggerlo.… (mer)
Masnago69 | 14 andra recensioner | Aug 18, 2022 |



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