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Bondoux, Anne-Laure
Bois-Colombes, France
Bois-Colombes, France



2.5 stars

“Compared to those distant powers, the problems of the human heart seemed unimportant.”

Malva is a fifteen-year-old Princess of Galnicia with a dream to escape her fate and duty in pursuit of free will and adventure. Philomena, Malva’s chambermaid and best friend, agrees to stow away with Malva and sneak out of Galnicia. Malta and Philomena promise to live the rest of their lives together, but the future does not go as planned.

Orpheus has always been drawn to the sea but believes he has a medical condition that prevents him from being able to survive on the open water. When rumors of Malva being alive and imprisoned circle the city, Orpheus is determined to answer the call of the ocean and his nation—he resolves to rescue the princess at all costs.

“Everyone on board the Fabula knew it wouldn’t be easy to explain their passage beyond the boundaries of the Known World."

The Princetta has the potential to sail you to a different world on the trail of adventure but falls flat in the delivery. Malta and her crew find themselves in interesting and unique situations, which is the only reason I kept reading. The main reason I wanted to stop reading this book is the pace. The pace is too slow, and the book would benefit from some edits to remove unnecessary information that weakens the plot of the story; for example, a lengthy return to Galnicia and restoring the nation. The story starts when Malta leaves Galnicia and should end when she returns. Instead, the ending reveals a variation of HEA—not romantically— that is dissatisfying and does not leave the reader daydreaming like you would expect an adventure novel should. Additionally, the character Lei is a built-in “get out of jail free card,” and stunts the suspense and growth of the plot. The novel was just okay. I did not want to keep picking it up, but I did because I wanted it to be over. It is possible the French version did the story justice and did not translate well to English.
… (mer)
M.E.Byrd | 12 andra recensioner | Feb 12, 2023 |
“I like metamorphosis. . . wood that becomes books. Winter that becomes spring. Grapes that become wine . . . And the child who becomes a man.”

An extraordinary novel—spare, poetic, mystical, wise, and moving. It has the timelessness and power of a myth, legend, or the best fairytales. I understand why David Almond, author of another wonderful book, Skellig, praised it. It also put me in mind of Laura Amy Schlitz’s The Bearskinner: A Tale of the Brothers Grimm. Bondoux’s novel—ostensibly for young adults, but more likely to be appreciated by older ones—addresses redemption and the transformative power of love. I loved this book. I cannot praise it enough.… (mer)
fountainoverflows | 67 andra recensioner | Nov 5, 2022 |
Malva, la heredera al trono de Galnicia, tiene su destino sellado: deberá casarse en breve con un príncipe. O eso creen sus padres. Porque esa misma noche decide huir lejos, más allá de los confines de la tierra conocida, hacia un mundo inexplorado salpicado de islas paradisíacas junto a otras habitadas por seres procedentes de la peor de las pesadillas. Atrapados en el Encierro del Archipiélago, Malva, el capitán y el resto de la tripulación deberán enfrentarse a toda clase de obstáculos para salir de él antes de que se agoten las piedras de vida que poseen.… (mer)
Natt90 | 12 andra recensioner | Jul 18, 2022 |
In una piccola casa alla fine del mondo, nella Patagonia più inospitale, vive Pablo Poloverdo, nato dall'abitudine più che dalla passione, solitario e trascurato come tutto in quella terra aspra e dura. Un giorno, alla porta della fattoria arriva un assassino. Si chiama Angel Alegrìa, un nome che suona come una beffa della sorte. Angel è stanco di scappare e ha deciso che in quel luogo remoto nessuno verrà a cercarlo. Vuole la terra dei Poloverdo. Uccide i genitori di Pablo. Poi però, quando ha già il coltello pronto a colpire di nuovo, risparmia il bambino. E in quell'istante la sua vita cambia, insieme a quella di Pablo.Ma...… (mer)
BiblioBaccio | Dec 28, 2021 |


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