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A. Lincoln And Me (1999) 402 exemplar
Sea Clocks: The Story of Longitude (2004) — Författare — 291 exemplar
Thanksgiving Is (1997) 274 exemplar
America Is... (2002) 269 exemplar
Albie The Lifeguard (1993) 152 exemplar
His Name Was Raoul Wallenberg (2012) 119 exemplar
Good Luck, Mrs. K.! (1999) 92 exemplar

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The Complete Adventures of Curious George (1995) — Efterord, vissa utgåvor2,111 exemplar


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This book would be great for upper elementary and intermediate reading levels
It is a story about the discovery of longitude in an informative and detailed way.
This would be a good book while learning about Geography or Exploration because it goes into the process that it took to develop a tool to help Explorers navigate while on sea. It has dates and specific moments that teaches in depth about this discovery.
aclapp | 6 andra recensioner | Jan 31, 2024 |
This is a wonderful Children's book that gives a great overview of the history of America's favorite game.
ryantlaferney87 | 1 annan recension | Dec 8, 2023 |
In 1940, Hans and Margret Rey fled their Paris home as the German army advanced. They began their harrowing journey on bicycles, pedaling to Southern France with children's book manuscripts among their few possessions.Follow the Rey's amazing story in this unique large format book that resembles a travel journal and includes full-color illustrations, original photos, actual ticket stubs and more. A perfect book for Curious George fans of all ages.
Quilt18 | 13 andra recensioner | Oct 24, 2023 |
"You're a strong skater, Piet, and you have a quick mind. This is why I know you'll succeed in this important task. I wouldn't ask you to do this if I didn't know it could be done." In 1941 Piet, a young Dutch boy from Sluis, gets the assignment of a lifetime: He must skate along the frozen canals of the Netherlands and across the Belgian border, in order to guide two neighborhood children to their aunt's house in Brugge, where the children will remain for the duration of World War II. Their father has been taken by German soldiers, and the children are no longer safe in Sluis -- but the journey with Piet, past soldiers and enemies, is fraught with danger. Along the treacherous path to Belgium the three children skate using every bit of speed, courage, and strength they can muster. All the time they try to appear like innocent schoolchildren simply out for a skate, for if the German soldiers discover their escape plan, the children will be in grave trouble. During the journey Piet thinks about his hero, Pim Mulier -- the first person to ever skate the Elfstedentocht, the famous and prestigious Eleven Towns Race that takes place in his country. For years Piet has dreamed of proving that he is a skater as brave and strong as Pim Mulier -- but he had never imagined that his test would fall under such dangerous circumstances.… (mer)
Quilt18 | 3 andra recensioner | Oct 24, 2023 |



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