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David Bowles

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David Bowles stitches together the fragmented mythology of pre-Colombian Mexico into an exciting, unified narrative in the tradition of William Buck's Ramayana, Robert Fagles' Iliad, and Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology.

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My Two Border Towns (2021) 154 exemplar
Ancient Night (2023) 47 exemplar
Spring House (2006) 38 exemplar
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Secret of the Moon Conch (2023) 14 exemplar
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Chupacabra Vengeance (2017) 5 exemplar
A Kingdom Beneath the Waves (2016) 5 exemplar
Adam's Daughters (2009) 4 exemplar
Kinal's Trek 3 exemplar
El espejo humeante (2022) 1 exemplar
Shattering and Bricolage (2018) 1 exemplar
The Rising Red (2012) 1 exemplar
Hearts of Fire and Snow (2024) 1 exemplar

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Gr 1–3—In a wistful and generous book, a boy and his father travel between two countries; readers learn firsthand
what borders do to families and livelihoods. This is a work meant to ignite conversations.
BackstoryBooks | 12 andra recensioner | Apr 1, 2024 |
This is historical fiction you can really sink your teeth into. Nezahualcoyotl was king of Texcoco in later life but the book details his adolescence; there was much war and his father was killed so the young prince fled into the wilderness where he befriended a coyote. When he returns to civilization he’s taken in by a farmer and his family, falling in love with the daughter. Eventually, he reunites with his extended family and wins his way back to power. The tone is semi-mythological, Neza being presented as a multi-talented young man who is beloved by his people. It’s quite beautifully told and the poetry he wrote is worked into the narrative.

My only complaint about the book relates to the supplemental materials, the notes are clumped by chapter at the back but not tracked to specific pages nor arranged in a way that would make them easy to reference.
… (mer)
fionaanne | Mar 21, 2024 |
1.This book would be good for all ages.
2.This book starts with a boy and his dad on one side of the border then they visit their family on the other side each Saturday and it shows what their life is like and the kid begins to wonder why they cant just live on the other side of the border. His father explains to him that it doesn't work like that.
3.I would recommend this book to older elementary school level kids to help explain culture and different struggles that families go through. If you gave it a younger kid it might be hard for them to follow.… (mer)
Jennamh8 | 12 andra recensioner | Feb 7, 2024 |



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