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Solid 4 stars. I could maybe be persuaded to go to 4.5 stars.

Looking forward to the next one!
ramlosh | 1 annan recension | Jul 28, 2023 |
Short Summary:

Feather has spent the past 400 hundred years believing she's a real live super hero! Wait, no that can't be right, can it? Haha! Well, anyways, she's been reincarnated countless times saving people from their dark fates. After her very last self-sacrifice she gains the attention of a very sexy sounding man who takes her to "sanctuary" -which is between Earth and the Celestrial Realm- believing she's a spy. While in sanctuary she tries to learn more about herself while being outcasted for being covered in SMUT- the dark energy she's accumulated over the years. 3 sexy men, 1 Sexy invisible man, 1 Sexy gate. Hey, don't judge, even I think the gate is sexy. Super hilarious, steamy af and sexy as sin. Hello, Wolf Shifter Smut? Meet Angel smut.

My Review:

*Happy Sigh*

I'm not usually an avid reader in Supernatural Romance. My main go-to is New Adult, Contemporary or Crime/ Thriller Romance. With that being said, I was hooked by page two!! That alone awes me like you wouldn't believe! I'm one of those readers that flip between 3-4 books a day. I had no issues binge reading this book completely through in 2 days without book flipping, like at all.... And I'm legit not just saying that, either. I could not set this book down. The FMC was fricken hilarious! She's 100% someone I dream of having as one of my besties one day, I loved her so much and really want to give her a hug at times and I am NOT a physical person. This book was charming. The men were absolutely drool-worthy (fantastical age gap anyone?) The universe and concepts of how everything was structured was detailed and easily able to grasp and envision in my mind, which I definitely appreciate. This was my first Merri Bright book and I can now proudly say that I plan on adding a lot more of her books to my library. I absolutely crave books like this. Men worshipping women, but arrogant asholes in the beginning. Id give her 1000+⭐'s if I could! Stop reading these reviews and definitely buy this book right friggin now! You won't regret it, promise! I cannot wait to read what happens in book 2! This is not your typical "Angel Smut" lol
… (mer)
Crcuellar87 | 1 annan recension | May 28, 2022 |



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