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Parry, Ambrose (pseudonym when writing with wife Dr. Marisa Haetzman)
Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Glasgow, Scotland, UK
University of Glasgow (MA|1989|D.Litt(Hon)|2013)
St. Mark's Primary School
St. Luke's High School
Haetzman, Marisa (wife and co-author)
Humanist Society of Scotland (President : 2008-2015)
Kim Witherspoon (InkWell Management)
Kort biografi
Christopher Brookmyre writes both science fiction and mystery. In the latter category, he is considered to be a Tartan Noir writer, and whose novels, generally in a crime or police procedural frame, mix comedy, politics, social comment and action with a strong narrative. His science fiction novel, Bedlam, was turned into a video game, which he also wrote.

He and his wife, anaesthetist Dr. Marisa Haetzman,
have also written three novels under the pseudonym Ambrose Parry. [from Bloody Scotland (2018), and Wikipedia (retrieved 8/27/2021)]



This novel introduced Jack Parlabane, who joined the ranks of Tartan Noir with quite a bang. On the run from a hit man in Los Angeles, where he had been working as an investigative journalist looking into financial crime, Parlabane returns to his native Scotland, and takes refuge in an Edinburgh apartment loaned to him by a friend. His timing is not great as while he is struggling to recover from the combined onslaught of a monster hangover and major jetlag, someone is murdered in the flat below. Still disoriented, Parlabane wanders out to see if he can borrow aspirin or something similar (and preferably much stronger) from a neighbour, and inadvertently locks himself out. Seeing that the door of one of the other flats is open, he wanders in, and finds himself in a particularly messy crime scene, with the resident murdered and the flat in mayhem. Just as he is attempting to climb through the widow back to his own flat, he is apprehended by the police, and taken in for questioning.

After such a spectacular and gripping start, the novel goes from strength to strength. I have always had a strong liking for any books set in Edinburgh, and this is a worthy addition to that already large genre. The plot is too convoluted for me to attempt a worthwhile synopsis, but it gripped me from the beginning, and never let go.

There is a strong element of the grotesque throughout the novel, although this does not detract from a very sound story.
… (mer)
Eyejaybee | 38 andra recensioner | Aug 29, 2023 |
Mcdede | 10 andra recensioner | Jul 19, 2023 |
An exclusive Scottish Island retreat is utilised for a hen party for old and new friends of a bride-to-be. Apart from their host and the chef they’ve hired for the weekend then the seven women should be alone and out of touch from the outside world for 72 hours. Seems like a good idea at the time but when a body is discovered and another member of their party is kidnapped they may have wished they’d stayed at home. Especially when they receive the ransom video saying that the kidnapped member will die unless a terrible secret is revealed because each of them has a secret they’d rather not be known. They must each decide if it’s worth letting someone die to keep it.

The last solo Brookmyre book that I read wasn’t his best and this one continues the trend (does 2 books constitute a trend?) in downward quality. Even though the characters are well drawn I just couldn’t care if they all made it off the island or not by the end of the book. The secrets are revealed slowly as the tale unfolds with alternating viewpoints and this may be some of the problem I had with the book. It’s sometimes easy to forget who’s who so there’s no real investment. The story itself is not a bad one but having read all his previous books I know the author can do better.
… (mer)
AHS-Wolfy | 2 andra recensioner | Jul 13, 2023 |
Gritty Glasgow combined with a personal story and introduction to Jasmine Sharp, Brookmyre’s young novice private detective. Alternating chapters describe her investigation in search of her uncle who is also her new boss, with that of police detective Catherine McLeod's inquiry into the illicit drugs business. As the story progresses their investigations eventually merge. This is a tightly plotted mystery that has the reader hooked from the first page. Tough without being bloody and with the natural ironic humour associated with Glasgow. I can't wait to read more Jasmine Sharp episodes.… (mer)
VivienneR | 16 andra recensioner | May 21, 2023 |



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