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Terry Brooks was born in Sterling, Illinois on January 8, 1944. He received a bachelor's degree in English literature from Hamilton College and a graduate degree from the School of Law at Washington and Lee University. Before becoming a full-time writer, he was a practicing attorney for many years. visa mer His first book The Sword of Shannara (1977) was the first work of fiction to appear on the New York Times Trade Paperback Bestseller List. He made the list again with his title The High Druid'd Blade: The Defenders of Shannara. His other works include the Word and Void trilogy, The Heritage of Shannara series, Magic Kingdom of Landover series, The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara series, High Druid of Shannara series, Genesis of Shannara series, and the novelization to Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre
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Shannaras alvstenar (1982) 6,330 exemplar
Shannaras önskesång (1985) 5,246 exemplar
Magic Kingdom For Sale—SOLD! (1986) 4,429 exemplar
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Shannaras druid (1991) 3,680 exemplar
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The Black Unicorn (1987) 3,098 exemplar
Ilse Witch (2000) 2,843 exemplar
Wizard at Large (1988) 2,833 exemplar
Running With the Demon (1997) 2,740 exemplar
The Sword of Shannara Trilogy (1977) 2,486 exemplar
Antrax (2001) 2,453 exemplar
Armageddon's Children (2006) 2,373 exemplar
Morgawr (2002) 2,310 exemplar
Jarka Ruus (2003) 2,171 exemplar
The Tangle Box (1994) 2,161 exemplar
A Knight of the Word (1998) 2,143 exemplar
Angel Fire East (1999) 1,894 exemplar
Tanequil (2004) 1,848 exemplar
Witches' Brew (1995) 1,818 exemplar
Straken (2005) 1,751 exemplar
The Elves of Cintra (2007) 1,712 exemplar
The Gypsy Morph (2008) 1,513 exemplar
Bearers of the Black Staff (2010) 1,094 exemplar
A Princess of Landover (2009) 960 exemplar
The Measure of the Magic (2011) 815 exemplar
The Wards of Faerie (2012) 799 exemplar
Bloodfire Quest (2013) 598 exemplar
Witch Wraith (2013) 540 exemplar
The High Druid's Blade (2014) 513 exemplar
Hook (1991) 473 exemplar
Dark Wraith of Shannara (1985) 447 exemplar
The Darkling Child (2015) 417 exemplar
The Black Elfstone (2017) 407 exemplar
The World of Shannara (2001) 337 exemplar
The Sorcerer's Daughter (2016) 324 exemplar
The Skaar Invasion (2018) 291 exemplar
The Word and the Void (2001) 259 exemplar
Star Wars: The Prequel Trilogy (2006) 242 exemplar
The Stiehl Assassin (2019) 239 exemplar
Child of Light (2021) 222 exemplar
The Last Druid (2020) 222 exemplar
Indomitable (1656) 181 exemplar
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Small Magic (2021) 83 exemplar
Das Schwert von Shannara. (1978) 63 exemplar
Imaginary Friends (2011) 62 exemplar
Die Elfensteine von Shannara (1983) 47 exemplar
Der Sohn von Shannara. (1978) 46 exemplar
Der Erbe von Shannara. (1977) 46 exemplar
Sister of Starlit Seas (2023) 40 exemplar
Der Druide von Shannara (1985) 40 exemplar
Die Erlösung von Shannara (1986) 39 exemplar
Das Zauberlied von Shannara (1986) 37 exemplar
Der König von Shannara. (1986) 36 exemplar
Die Schatten von Shannara (1991) 35 exemplar
Die Dämonen von Shannara. (1983) 33 exemplar
Die Talismane von Shannara (1994) 31 exemplar
Die Verfolgten von Shannara (1993) 30 exemplar
Die Kinder von Shannara (1995) 28 exemplar
Das Mädchen von Shannara. (1991) 27 exemplar
Der Zauber von Shannara (1991) 26 exemplar
Die Reiter von Shannara (1994) 23 exemplar
De elfenkoningin van Shannara (2009) 14 exemplar
Work Sqad (Set of 6 Books) (1969) 11 exemplar
Warrior (2018) 10 exemplar
Die Verräter von Shannara (1991) 10 exemplar
[Title Unknown] 7 exemplar
Los talismanes de Shannara (2018) 2 exemplar
Potomkowie Shannary (1997) 2 exemplar
Shannara, Tome 2: Le royaume du crâne (2006) — Författare — 1 exemplar
Tranquel 1 exemplar
Una piccola magia (2023) 1 exemplar
Angel Fire East 1 exemplar
Dark Horse (2017) 1 exemplar
Shannarův druid (2000) 1 exemplar
Shannarovy talismany (2000) 1 exemplar
Shannara'nn Klc I 1 exemplar
Kapitan Hak (1992) 1 exemplar
Revelation (1988) 1 exemplar
Los vástagos de Shannara (2022) 1 exemplar
The Last Ride 1 exemplar
Shannara'nn Klc II 1 exemplar

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Sword of Shannara Trilogy i Easton Press Collectors (januari 3)
Found: YA(?) High Fantasy with parallel worlds i Name that Book (september 2021)
Found: Fiction/Scifi/Fantasy i Name that Book (februari 2021)
Magic Kingdom for Sale - SOLD! Week 2 i Hogwarts Express (juni 2009)


Effectively Lord of the Rings fan fiction. Only the names of the characters have been changed to protect the guilty. The actual writing is on on a par with Alan Dean Foster.
SteveMcSteve | 110 andra recensioner | Apr 12, 2024 |
I went into this book with no background about it aside from the knowledge that the series had been made into a show, but by all accounts it was quite a fantasy classic. So I had quite high hopes for The Sword of Shannara, but this one really didn't click for me.

Most of the criticism leveled against it seems to be due to its very heavy use of The Lord of the Rings as its source material. This I didn't actually mind that much, since there's a reason that Tolkien is as popular and influential as he is, and though the resulting plot is understandably unoriginal, it is still a good story. However such a close adaptation automatically invites comparison with the original, and in all respects, I feel like Brooks' work falls short.

The characters are less well rounded out and engaging, the plot is less cohesive, and the prose far more clunky. Even the world, although populated with a nice assortment of races and cultures, did not feel particularly well crafted, with some elements more fleshed out than others, and random bits of information which often seemed irrelevant. I also expected this interesting premise of a world 2000 years after a nuclear war to bring something extra to the standard fantasy setting, but there was little to be found. Brooks' narration style didn't help, with a weird third person omniscience sometimes jumping to character perspective which seemed to break up the narrative flow.

In saying that, The Sword of Shannara does have its moments, and the story is solid enough that I was able to finish it without feeling like it was a trial, so I won't relegate it to one star status. But it remains to be seen what Brooks can bring to the table in the rest of the trilogy to prove his place as a fantasy great.
… (mer)
XavierDragnesi | 110 andra recensioner | Mar 31, 2024 |
I liked it and am excited to watch the t.v series now. The world building was great and i loved the characters but the battle scenes did bore me at points. But overall very good read.
lmauro123 | 50 andra recensioner | Dec 28, 2023 |



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