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Frederick Buechner (1927–2022)

Författare till Telling The Truth: The Gospel as Tragedy, Comedy and Fairy Tale

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Frederick Buechner is the author of more than thirty books and has been an important source of inspiration and learning for many readers. A prolific writer, Buechner's books have been translated into twenty-seven languages. He has been called a "major talent" by the New York Times and "one of our visa mer most original story-tellers" by USA Today. A finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award, Buechner has been awarded honorary degrees from institutions including Yale University and Virginia Theological Saminary. visa färre
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Verk av Frederick Buechner

Godric (1981) 738 exemplar
Telling Secrets (1991) 582 exemplar
The Magnificent Defeat (1966) 535 exemplar
ABC för sökare (1970) 509 exemplar
Now and Then (1983) 466 exemplar
The Hungering Dark (1968) 455 exemplar
Brendan (1988) 334 exemplar
The Book of Bebb (1971) 213 exemplar
On the Road with the Archangel (1997) 184 exemplar
The Wizard's Tide: A Story (1990) 160 exemplar
The Storm (1998) 152 exemplar
Yellow Leaves: A Miscellany (2008) 87 exemplar
A Long Day's Dying (1900) 74 exemplar
The Final Beast (1965) 66 exemplar
Lion Country (1971) 57 exemplar
Open Heart (1972) 47 exemplar
Love Feast (1974) 44 exemplar
Treasure Hunt (1977) 37 exemplar
Buechner 101: Essays and Sermons by Frederick Buechner (2014) — Författare — 36 exemplar
The Return of Ansel Gibbs (1957) 28 exemplar
The Christmas Tide (1717) 17 exemplar
The Seasons' Difference (1952) 14 exemplar
Entrance to Porlock (1970) 12 exemplar
Christ be with me 1 exemplar

Associerade verk

Modern American Memoirs (1995) — Bidragsgivare — 189 exemplar
Flannery O'Connor: A Proper Scaring (1988) — Förord, vissa utgåvor43 exemplar
Eyes to See, Volume Two (2008) — Bidragsgivare — 24 exemplar
Sunstone - Vol. 18:1, Issue 98, April 1995 (1995) — Bidragsgivare — 1 exemplar


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This one had me in tears a few times. I think Buechner is able to express his own specific memories so well that it inspires something similar in the reader. I remembered things I hadn't thought of in a long time as I read this, and while there was plenty of pain, being there in the memories didn't feel quite so hard with Buechner's encouragement.
pianistpalm91 | Apr 7, 2024 |
"For me The Sacred Journey' was not just the interesting story of the maturation of a very talented artist, but also the awesome story of God in the life of an attentive human being." Henri J. M. Nouwen
PendleHillLibrary | 5 andra recensioner | Mar 31, 2024 |
Frederick Buechner's Godric "retells the life of Godric of Finchale, a twelfth-century English holy man whose projects late in life included that of purifying his moral ambition of pride...Sin, spiritual yearning, rebirth, fierce asceticism--these hagiographic staples aren't easy to revitalize but Frederick Buechner goes at the task with intelligent intensity and a fine readiness to invent what history doesn't supply. He contrives a style of speech for his narrator--Godric himself--that's brisk and tough-sinewed...He avoids metaphysical fiddle, embedding his narrative in domestic reality--familiar affection, responsibilities, disasters...All on his own, Mr. Buechner has managed to reinvent projects of self-purification and of faith as piquant matter for contemporary fiction [in a book] notable for literary finish...Frederick Buechner is a very good writer indeed." -- Benjamin DeMott, The New York Times Book Review… (mer)
PendleHillLibrary | 10 andra recensioner | Mar 7, 2024 |
"These powerful reflections on biblical themes by one of today's most popular religious writers point up the truth that the darkness of doubt is often necessary to provoke a hunger for God. The Hungering Dark towers as one of Frederick Buechner's best statements on contemporary belief challenged by doubt." from book cover
PendleHillLibrary | 2 andra recensioner | Feb 13, 2024 |



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