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Stephen Harrod Buhner is the award-winning author of 24 books on plant medicines, Earth ecosystem dynamics, emerging diseases, and the states of mind and being necessary for successful habitation of Earth. He has taught throughout the US, Canada, and the EU for over 35 years. He lives in New Mexico.
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The Natural Testosterone Plan: For Sexual Health and Energy (2007) — Författare — 27 exemplar

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Plant Spirit Healing: A Guide to Working with Plant Consciousness (2008) — Förord, vissa utgåvor74 exemplar


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This is a book about our hearts as perceptive and transmissive organs (I'm not sure how it got a title of little relation to the content of the book).

The most interesting parts of the book are down the line of inquiry of Goethian Science—ways that we can increase our sensory perception. I'm interested in learning more about heart fields (the magnetic fields of our heart).

That said, this book is very challenging to read. It is poorly edited, and feels more like a first draft than something ready for publication. Buhner quotes so extensively that a reader quickly loses his narrative arc; in some ways it is more of a literature review, although one that is haphazard and incomplete. His pacing is also poor; the first fifth of the book focuses on "linearity," a topic he could have covered in a few pages.… (mer)
willszal | 4 andra recensioner | Dec 30, 2020 |
This book was about more than plant intelligence; it was about the intelligence of all living things, all the way from the smallest microbe all the way up to the Earth, the Solar System, and the Universe. We are one living creature living with others within a larger organism. We have the ability to communicate with other living being through our heart, interpreted by our feelings, dreams, and other sensations. The book reminds us that to live in our heart is to be fully alive, and to be a fully functioning part of the whole.… (mer)
SonoranDreamer | Jan 26, 2020 |
Excellent book that examines the over-use of antibiotics not only in healthcare but also in agriculture and how both of these abuses have created drug-resistant bacteria. He also gives an assessment of what pharmaceutical companies are doing to combat drug-resistant bacteria (here's a hint: precious little), and the flawed, reductionist approach that drug companies and conventional medicine take in relation to dealing with pathogens, and that's just the first 36 pages. From there, Mr. Buhner examines several categories of herbs and their role in fighting these drug resistant microbes, providing formulas for specific bacterial infections and monographs for the main herbs used in the book that gives a detailed profile of the compounds they contain, history of their use, how they are most effectively used and prepared and much more. There is also an extensive section on how to make herbal medicines and a formulary for various compound herbal preparations. This book is a must read if you want to be prepared for infections that standard medical practice cannot cure. All of Mr. Buhner's books are thoughtful, extremely well researched and take a sane, and often humorous, approach to health and the planet we are a part of.… (mer)
Slackrollins11 | 4 andra recensioner | Dec 28, 2019 |
This book dealt quite a lot with the emotional and spiritual effects of long-term fasting. While being of some interest, as I haven't seen these topics discussed much elsewhere, there wasn't a lot of science to go on here. This had the effect of making much of the book seem rather New Agey. Having read another of the author's books (as well as the appendix), I know he does actually do research into the science of things, so it would've been nice to have some here. Also, I quite disagree with the idea of doing a low-fat diet to prepare for a fast. Doing a low-carbohydrate diet would make a lot more sense, as it would tend to jump-start ketogenesis and thus ease the way into the fast. So I was a bit disappointed with parts of this book. Still, the parts on emotional/spiritual ramifications may be of interest to anyone considering a long-term fast. The idea of a vision quest is an interesting one and is something I might consider doing later in life. That's probably my favorite takeaway from the book.… (mer)
caimanjosh | Jun 7, 2019 |



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