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(eng) Ida Cook also writes as Mary Burchell and James Keene (with Will Cook).

Foto taget av: Ida Cook (aka Mary Burchell)


Verk av Mary Burchell

The Girl in the Blue Dress (1958) 48 exemplar
När rampljusen tänds (1965) 41 exemplar
Under the Stars of Paris (1954) 37 exemplar
Nightingales (1980) 28 exemplar
When Love Is Blind (1967) 27 exemplar
Unbidden Melody (1973) 27 exemplar
The Curtain Rises (1969) 26 exemplar
Remembered Serenade (1975) 25 exemplar
Child of Music (1971) 24 exemplar
Song Cycle (1974) 24 exemplar
Except My Love (1937) 22 exemplar
Till hjärtats toner (1972) 22 exemplar
Yours with Love (1940) 21 exemplar
Masquerade with Music (1982) 20 exemplar
On Wings of Song (1985) 19 exemplar
Accompanied by His Wife (1941) 19 exemplar
Call and I'll Come (1955) 18 exemplar
Little Sister (1939) 18 exemplar
Just a Nice Girl (1941) 18 exemplar
Paris and My Love (1960) 17 exemplar
Honey (1959) 16 exemplar
But Not for Me (1938) 16 exemplar
For Ever and Ever (1956) 16 exemplar
Pay Me Tomorrow (1940) 16 exemplar
Elusive Harmony (1976) 15 exemplar
Nobody Asked Me (1937) 15 exemplar
Dare I Be Happy? (1943) 15 exemplar
On the Air (1956) 14 exemplar
Strangers May Marry (1941) 13 exemplar
Love Made the Choice (1942) 13 exemplar
The Brave in Heart (1948) 13 exemplar
Such Is Love (1939) 13 exemplar
A Letter for Don (1950) 12 exemplar
It's Rumoured in the Village (1957) 11 exemplar
Cinderella After Midnight (1959) 11 exemplar
One Man's Heart (1955) 11 exemplar
Take Me with You (1944) 11 exemplar
To Journey Together (1956) 11 exemplar
Stolen Heart (1952) 11 exemplar
Inherit My Heart (1962) 11 exemplar
Wife by Arrangement (1946) 10 exemplar
With All My Worldy Goods (1938) 10 exemplar
Then Come Kiss Me (1948) 10 exemplar
My Sister Celia (1961) 10 exemplar
Dearly Beloved (1944) 10 exemplar
Wife to Christopher (1936) 10 exemplar
House of Conflict (1962) 10 exemplar
Sweet Adventure (1952) 10 exemplar
Yours to Command (1955) 9 exemplar
Reluctant Relation (1961) 9 exemplar
Nurse Marika, Loyal in All (1957) 9 exemplar
A Home for Joy (1969) 9 exemplar
Ward of Lucifer (1947) 9 exemplar
Yet Love Remains (1938) 9 exemplar
Though Worlds Apart (1967) 8 exemplar
Missing from Home (1968) 8 exemplar
Dear Trustee (1958) 8 exemplar
When Love's Beginning (1954) 8 exemplar
And Falsely Pledge My Love (1957) 8 exemplar
Loving Is Giving (1956) 8 exemplar
Do Not Go, My Love (1964) 8 exemplar
The Heart Cannot Forget (1953) 8 exemplar
Love Is My Reason (1957) 8 exemplar
Tell Me My Fortune (1951) 8 exemplar
Under Joint Management (1947) 8 exemplar
The Other Linding Girl (1966) 8 exemplar
Love Him or Leave Him (1950) 8 exemplar
Over the Blue Mountains (1952) 8 exemplar
Always Yours (1941) 7 exemplar
Across the Counter (1960) 6 exemplar
Choose Which You Will (1949) 6 exemplar
Mine for a Day (1951) 6 exemplar
The Marshall Family (1967) 6 exemplar
A Ring on Her Finger (1953) 6 exemplar
The Wedding Dress (1961) 5 exemplar
One of the Family (1939) 5 exemplar
Sweet Meadows (1963) 5 exemplar
Dear Sir (1958) 5 exemplar
Choose the One You'll Marry (1960) 5 exemplar
Meant for Each Other (1945) 4 exemplar
If This Were All (1949) 4 exemplar
Not Without You (1947) 4 exemplar
The Rosewood Box (1970) 4 exemplar
Away Went Love (1945) 4 exemplar
Girl With a Challenge (1965) 4 exemplar
Here I Belong (1951) 4 exemplar
Corner House (1960) 3 exemplar
Find Out the Way (1946) 3 exemplar
After Office Hours (1939) 3 exemplar
Joanna at the Grange (1957) 3 exemplar
Her Sister's Children (1965) 3 exemplar
Bosnimf 2 exemplar
Dangerous Loving (1963) 2 exemplar
I'll Go with You (1940) 2 exemplar
I Will Love You Still (1949) 2 exemplar
No Real Relation (1953) 2 exemplar
The Heart Must Choose (1953) 2 exemplar
Thine is My Heart (1942) 2 exemplar
At First Sight (1950) 2 exemplar
Second Marriage (1971) 2 exemplar
First Love-Last Love (1946) 2 exemplar
Turneul (1998) 1 exemplar
The Prettiest Girl (1955) 1 exemplar
Pension op stelten 1 exemplar
My Old Love Came (1943) 1 exemplar
Wish on the Moon (1949) 1 exemplar
Thanks to Elizabeth (1944) 1 exemplar
If You Care (1948) 1 exemplar
The Nostalgia Collection, Box Set (3-in-1) (1986) — Bidragsgivare — 1 exemplar


Allmänna fakta

Vedertaget namn
Burchell, Mary
Namn enligt folkbokföringen
Cook, Ida
Andra namn
Burchell, Mary (pen name)
Keene, James (pen name)
Sunderland, Durham, England, UK
London, England, UK
Northumberland, England, UK
London, England, UK
Duchess' School, Alnwick
romance novelist
civil servant
Holocaust rescuer
Krauss, Clemens (friend)
Romantic Novelists' Association (president)
Priser och utmärkelser
Righteous among the Nations
Blue Plaque
Kort biografi
Ida Cook was born on 24 August 1904 at 37 Croft Avenue, Sunderland, England. With her elder sister Mary Louise Cook (1901), she attended the Duchess' School in Alnwick. Later the sisters took civil service jobs in London, and developed a passionate interest in opera.

A constant presence at Covent Garden, the pair became close to some of the greatest singers of the era; Amelia Galli-Curci, Rosa Ponselle, Tito Gobbi and Maria Callas. They also came to know the Austrian conductor Clemens Krauss, and it was through he that Cooks learned of the persecution of European Jews. In 1934, Krauss's wife asked the sisters to help a friend to leave Germany. Having accomplished this, the sisters continued the good work, pretending to be eccentric opera fanatics willing to go anywhere to hear a favourite artist. Krauss assisted them, even arranging to perform in cities they needed to visit. The sisters made repeated trips to Germany, bringing back jewellery and valuables belonging to Jewish families. This enabled Jews to satisfy British requirements as regards financial security - Jews were not allowed to leave Germany with their money. Using many techniques of evasion, including re-labelling furs with London labels, the sisters enabled 29 persons to escape from almost certain death.

The Cooks' own finances were little precarious, and when Ida obtained a contract with Mills and Boon to published her first novel in 1936, she left the Civil Service to write full time. As Mary Burchell, she became a prolific writer of romantic fiction. Her great popularity helped the success of Mills and Boon, and guaranteed substantial income after the war. For many decades, her writing supported her two passions: refugees and young opera singers. Her flat in Dolphin Square at various times housed homeless European families.

In 1950, Ida Cook wrote her autobiography: "We followed our stars", and in 1965, the Cook sisters were honoured as Righteous Gentiles by the Yad Vashem Martyrs and Heroes Remembrance Authority in Israel, thus joining Oskar Schindler among others.

She helped to found and was for many years president of the Romantic Novelist's Association. As Mary Burchell, she wrote over a hundred romance novels, many of which were translated, and her most famous work is "The Warrender Saga", a series about the opera world, full of real details. She also wrote as James Keene with William Everett Cook.

Ida Cook passed away on December 22, 1986 and her sister Louise in 1991.
Ida Cook also writes as Mary Burchell and James Keene (with Will Cook).



LisaBergin | 1 annan recension | Apr 12, 2023 |
Awww, so cute and a lovely big happy ending, even though I wanted to berate the girl halfway through for clinging so relentlessly to the wrong guy.
Also, I take back what I said from the previous book about Florian being a bit of a jerk. He's positively mellow in this one, five years later.

Plot summary: Marianne comes to Paris, longing for a chance to capture the man she's been in love with for years who has also recently traveled to the city. Meanwhile, she gets a job in Florian's boutique and also meets Roger (the rejected suitor of the previous book). Fashion hijinks ensue. Marianne pursues her crush, her crush pursues a model from the fashion salon, and good old Roger provides a shoulder to cry on.
What stands out to me, besides the cutesy, delicious, conclusion of the story, is the little universe that Mary Burchell manages to create at this fashion salon. It's quite endearing and lively.
… (mer)
Alishadt | 1 annan recension | Feb 25, 2023 |
This book will most appeal to you if you have a toleration for the Mr. Rochesters and M. Paul Emanuels of the world of fiction.
In other words, a romantic interest who is a bit of a jerk. Indeed, Charlotte Bronte would have been all over this plot.
There's no getting away from it. There were multiple times in this book where I sighed a little bit and thought, "Ah. So we're doing this, are we?"
The autocratic man who's rather too old for the heroine. Who keeps her guessing the whole time as to whether he dislikes her or is just indifferent (hint: it's neither).
What can I say? Mary Burchell handled it with skill and thrill.

Plot summary: Anthea is on her own in Paris, jilted by her fiancé, and with dwindling finances. A chance meeting gets her an opportunity to model at a luxurious fashion show, where she meets Florian, a prestigious dress designer. The rest is moments of catty girl drama, enigmatic conversations with her employer, dinner dates with a "just a friend" who wants to be more, and very Jane-Eyre-like amounts of concealed longing for the inscrutable employer.

If it sounds like your thing, it probably is. Yes, I gave it 5 stars. Yes, even though I wouldn’t be on board with it in real life, I really liked it and was totally invested by the end.
… (mer)
Alishadt | 2 andra recensioner | Feb 25, 2023 |
Oh dear.
How do I rate this book? It's effective, I'll give it that. But it's also a super toxic relationship, and it pulls out some cheap narrative tricks to get the reader to root for this couple.
The first Mary Burchell book I read, Under the Stars of Paris, also had a fairly alpha love interest, but, for me, he didn't cross any unforgivable lines. And the sequel to that one actually featured a pretty nice guy. So far, so good.
Then I tried this first book in the Warrender series. And, oof, it's too much. Too much bullying, too much arrogance. So I'm giving it 3 stars in deference to the author's ability to weave a tight and very lively plot, because obviously it kept me reading, but... I don't really recommend it.
… (mer)
Alishadt | 4 andra recensioner | Feb 25, 2023 |


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