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"Richard Byrne" består av minst 3 distinkta författare, uppdelade efter vad de skrivit.

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Inkluderar namnet: Byrne, Richard


Richard Byrne (3)

This book just ate my dog! (2014) — Författare — 660 exemplar
We're in the Wrong Book! (2015) — Författare — 188 exemplar
This book is out of control! (2016) 120 exemplar
This book just stole my cat! (2018) 38 exemplar
Millicent and Meer (2011) 23 exemplar
I want to go first! (2017) 18 exemplar
This Book Belongs to Aye-Aye (2011) 9 exemplar
The Great Moon Confusion (2014) 4 exemplar
Spotty Lottie and Me (2015) 2 exemplar

Allmänna fakta

Richard W. Byrne is the author of The Thinking Ape: The Evolutionary Origins of Intelligence. He is only a contributor to Tree of Origin, which is more correctly attributed to the main editor Frans B. M. de Waal.

Richard Byrne, author of Prisons and Punishments of London, studied at London Sch. of Economics and Bedford College.

Richard Byrne (3) is an author-illustrator of children's picture books.