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James Branch Cabell (1879–1958)

Författare till Jurgen : en komedi om rättvisa

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James Branch Cabell (1879-1956) is best known for his tales of the imaginary land of Poictesme, where chivalry and galantry live on
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Verk av James Branch Cabell

Jurgen : en komedi om rättvisa (1919) 995 exemplar
Silverhingsten : en komedi (1926) 398 exemplar
Chivalry : dizain des reines (1909) 109 exemplar
The Cords of Vanity (1909) 82 exemplar
These Restless Heads (1932) 74 exemplar
Let Me Lie (1947) 42 exemplar
The Devil's Own Dear Son (1949) 38 exemplar
Smirt : an urbane nightmare (1934) 32 exemplar
Smith: A Sylvan Interlude (1935) 29 exemplar
Quiet, Please (1952) 21 exemplar
The White Robe (1928) 20 exemplar
Preface to the Past (1936) 19 exemplar
Sonnets from Antan (1929) 7 exemplar
Poor Jack : A One-Act Play (2007) 7 exemplar
The American spectator year book (1934) — Redaktör — 3 exemplar
Actors All 2 exemplar
L'incubo 2 exemplar
Porcelain Cups 2 exemplar
With a Copy of Jurgen (1923) 1 exemplar
The Bookman, November-December 1919 — Bidragsgivare; Redaktör — 1 exemplar
"Music & Pigeons" 1 exemplar
Of Ellen Glasgow 1 exemplar
The Reviewer, Volume II, Numbers 1-6 (October 1921-March 1922) — Bidragsgivare; Guest Editor — 1 exemplar
Figures of Faith 1 exemplar
Domnei 1 exemplar
Love At Martinmas 1 exemplar
The Reviewer : Vol II, No. 3 (Dec. 1921) — Guest editor — 1 exemplar
Simon's Hour 1 exemplar
April's Message 1 exemplar
The Ducal Audience 1 exemplar

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A Round-Table in Poictesme: A Symposium (1924) — Bidragsgivare — 21 exemplar
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Southern writing, 1585-1920 (1970) — Bidragsgivare — 14 exemplar
A bibliography of the writings of James Branch Cabell (1924) — Förord — 13 exemplar
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Allmänna fakta

Andra namn
Cabell, Branch
Washington, Burwell (pseudonym)
Jefferson, Henry Lee (pseudonym)
Anderson, Claiborne Hauks (pseudonym)
Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia, USA
Richmond, Virginia, USA
Richmond, Virginia, USA
Richmond, Virginia, USA
New York, New York, USA
St. Augustine, Florida, USA
Williamsburg, Virginia, USA
College of William and Mary (BA|1898)
short-story writer
editor (visa alla 7)
Glasgow, Ellen (friend)
Cabell, Margaret Freeman (wife)
Munford, Beverley Bland (uncle)
Tompkins, Ellen Wilkins (cousin)
Harrison, Henry Sydnor (cousin)
Rives, Amelie (cousin) (visa alla 12)
Cabell, James Alston (cousin)
Cabell, Isa Carrington (cousin)
Harrison, Norvell (cousin)
Christian, W. E. (cousin)
Bouve, Pauline Carrington (cousin)
Bowie, Walter Russell (cousin)
Priser och utmärkelser
American Academy of Arts and Letters (Literature ∙ 1937)
Kort biografi
Cabell, Branch - (James Branch Cabell)kăˈbəl, 1879–1958, American novelist, b. Richmond, Va., grad. William and Mary, 1898. "As a mnemonic for the pronunciation of his name, he wrote: 'Tell the rabble / My name is Cabell.' (2004, F Brett Cox, editor)" After various experiences as a journalist and as a clerk for a coal mining company he began writing fiction. His early works, which are sophisticated novels deriding conventional history, include Gallantry (1907), Chivalry (1909), and The Rivet in Grandfather's Neck (1915). Many of Cabell's most popular novels are set in the imaginary medieval kingdom of Poictesme; among these are The Cream of the Jest (1917), Jurgen (1919)—Cabell's most famous work because of its attempted suppression on charges of obscenity—and The Silver Stallion (1926). Cabell's novels are usually pointedly antirealistic, and many of them can be considered moral allegories. Although he was enormously popular in the 1920s, his highly artifical prose style and subject matter lost favor with critics and public alike by the 1930s. His nonfiction writing includes Beyond Life (1919), The St. Johns (with A. J. Hanna, 1943), and Let Me Lie (1947).



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"Ah, your highness, let us not speak of my death, for it is a death which you would deplore."
"Would I deplore your death?" Orléans' head was now cocked until it lay almost on his left shoulder. "It is a fact of which I am not wholly persuaded."
Jon_Hansen | 4 andra recensioner | Nov 14, 2023 |
This book collects the prefaces to all of the books in Cabell's Storisende edition of his work. As such, I didn't think at first that it would be worth getting. But the Storisende edition itself has its prefaces printed in difficult-to-read italics -- and it's also difficult to find every last volume -- so I decided to try it. It provides a more or less coherent summary of what Cabell thought he was doing with each of his books. Or, at least, what Cabell says he was trying to do; he is nothing if not an unreliable narrator. Perhaps it's better to say that it works as a coherent plan of the Storisende edition and why he laid it out as he did. He also succumbed to the urge to re-revise, apparently, in that he added some material that had been printed elsewhere. If someone is going to read all of Cabell, it's a useful book.… (mer)
rpuchalsky | Oct 10, 2022 |
A one act play Cabell adapted from one of his short stories (Balthazar's Daughter), done for some local theatre. Apparently it was heavily rewritten with input from the actors and producer. I'm not sure which book the original story is collected in but i have read it and this is pretty similar to my recollection.

However there was an odd emphasis on the heroine being horrified by the fact the Duke was slightly dark skinned.. maybe i'm giving Cabell too much credit but i don't think that is in his solo version.

Still i wouldn't really recommend this even for the Cabell enthusiasts since its repeated elsewhere and in a purer Cabellian fashion.
… (mer)
wreade1872 | 1 annan recension | Jul 25, 2022 |
"...where she would tantalize me nightly, from her balcony, after the example of the Veronese lady in Shakespeare's spirited tragedy, which she prodigiously admired.
As concerns myself, a reasonable liking for romance had been of late somewhat tempered by the inclemency of the weather and the obvious unfriendliness of the dog; but there is no resisting a lady's commands..."

Yet another in the long line of Cabell’s historical romance short story collections. Its all filigree and artificiality but completely self-aware both from the authorial point of view and that of its characters who are generally quite practical at heart regardless of their pretensions for high romance.

Each story is presented like a scene from a play to add to the idea of life as stage sort of thing. Unlike most of Cabell’s story collections which are spread throughout time this one is much more connected with each tale leading on from the one before.
So a side-character in one will be the main character in the next, or the villain in one might be the hero in the following.
Personally i prefer the more historically spread collections but this format does allow you to see a different perspective on some of the previous stories and characters.

I think its probably the nicest of Cabell’s works. Usually the ratio of sweet to bitter in Cabell’s books is about 50/50 or worse but this is more like 80/20.
Its very nicely written but its happily-ever-afterness did start to grate on me a bit, of course my favourite Cabell so far is Figures of Earth, probably his bitterest work :P .

After i finished the final proper chapter it was still going to be 4-stars but probably the Cabell work i would have least liked to reread.
However the afterpiece really brings everything together and actually makes me want to reread the whole thing again keeping in mind the effect of the whole rather than seeing it as a series of tales.

"...and my children will be reared on moral aphorisms and rational food, with me as a handy example of everything they should avoid. Deuce take it, Amalia," he added, "a father must in common decency furnish an example to his children!"
… (mer)
wreade1872 | Jul 25, 2022 |



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