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Excellent memoir covering about 3 years of the author's adolescence, growing up in London in a dysfunctional Jewish family in the 1950's. Although his father and maternal grandfather both agree with Howard's conviction that religion is "baloney", it is important to them, and most of all to his grandmother, that he have a traditional bar mitzvah---in fact that all the Jewish rituals of life's milestones be observed, and when one of his uncles falls in love with a Gentile girl, the end of the world is imminent. Howard's father is a frustrated unhappy man, ulcer-ridden, and subject to occasional bursts of violent temper. His mother is also frustrated with her status as a housewife; she wants to go out to work, and sympathizes with Howard's longing to become an artist. But Jewish boys don't become artists, they are meant to become doctors, lawyers, or in his case, to take over the handbag factory his father hates so. His grandfather is the sanest member of the family, a man who listens, who cares, and who lives with his own demons, not the least of which is his wife. Grandma rules her household, the rest of the family, and probably even the rabbi, with an iron fist. A fist on which every nail is perfectly manicured at all times, and protected by white gloves. She gets what she wants, and if she doesn't...it's murder. Much of this story is familiar material exploited by countless Jewish comedians. But here, it isn't played for laughs, although there is a wry chuckle to be had from time to time. Grandma is a self-centered drama queen, concerned only with appearances---Shirley Maisel on nasty pills. Her daughter feels stuck in a loveless marriage; her sons operate their business in ruthless competition with their brother-in-law; her husband seeks solace from a good woman around the corner; her grandchildren dread Friday night suppers at her table. But you gotta love Howard (the author changed his own name within the context of the memoir, but tells the reader plainly in a foreword that " 'Howard Conway'...is, of course, me"), who does his best to navigate the very choppy familial waters, while worrying about his own maturity and learning a few family secrets he'd rather not know. Not as depressing as it sounds, as "Howard" tells it all without a single whine, and we conclude that he became a man worth knowing in spite of it all.… (mer)
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laytonwoman3rd | 1 annan recension | Aug 5, 2019 |
Vividly written memoir, featuring mainly the writer's overwhelming and embarrassing grandmother of the orange hair, black cloche hat and screeching voice - though every member of the family seems slightly eccentric in one way or another - and discovering family secrets that must have weighed heavy on the 15-year-old boy.
overthemoon | 1 annan recension | Dec 13, 2014 |
Ésta es la historia de tres mujeres irresistibles, rivales en el mundo de la moda.

Mackenzie Gold: Sensual, extravagante, asombrosa. Ansia con desesperación lo que nunca podrá tener. Es la reina de la moda pop, la diseñadora de las ropas más llamativas del mercado. Para conseguir el éxito ahoga todo sentimiento de amistad y lealtad.

Mia Stanton: Encantadora, refinada, atormentada por el problema más frustrante que pueda tener una mujer apasionada. Sus diseños le proporcionarán fama y riqueza y la eterna envidia de la persona que más debería quererla.

Coral Stanton: Una mujer sin inhibiciones, sin escrúpulos, en la que no se puede confiar. Es editora jefe de la famosa revista de moda, Divine, entre la década de los sesenta y los setenta, y es, también, la maniática madre de Mia. Nunca sabrá hasta qué punto ha arruinado la capacidad de amar de su hija, ni nunca aceptará el fabuloso éxito de ésta.
… (mer)
kika66 | Jan 1, 2011 |



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