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H. D. Carlton

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Delightful mix of romance, mystery, and humor. The plot twists keep you hooked. This was an easy read, making it perfect for both seasoned readers and newcomers to the genre. I recommend it to anyone looking for an engaging and entertaining story that leaves you wanting more from this talented author.
Beckles | 7 andra recensioner | Apr 10, 2024 |
Warning for mentioning mental illness making someone a villain, necrophilia, and antisemitism which I will be mentioning in my review. If that turns you off from this book than I have saved you from that disgusting surprise.

The synopsis was everything I could want. A horror carnival kind of energy, coming every Halloween. So perfect and titillating. I was hooked on that idea.

So how did it let me down?

I don't like the women all being childlike and getting fucked with such focus on how childlike they are. I like my woman as adults and there's a lot of content that needed to be written more maturely.

Especially since the main girl, Sibby, who //thinks// she might be twenty but doesn't know. Um. She could be a child! She definitely talks like one. Sibby is either underaged or she's mentally handicapped and incapable of consent. Yikes on trikes.
Not that she's like an alt-right Harley Quinn who has sex with corpses. She talks like a child always saying oopsy and whoopsy and ouchy. Always saying cock and meat and giggling. She's clearly mentally unstable and unwell. A normal killer is not this childish or horny.

She also over explains and repeats herself like we can't keep track from one chapter to another.

I also didn't enjoy the Nightmare on Elm Street song being sung in a book makes me roll my eyes. Or maybe it's a Five Nights at Freddy's reference. It's stupid and repeated too often.

Then there's loads of referenced child abuse and CSA as a reason certain people there are so "quirky" which is the last thing I need for a freak show. A bunch of victims and disfigured people are oddball freaks. How lovely.

How many times they say "he's a mute" and disregard people who can't talk or see is brutal. Nonverbal and mute are separate things but author doesn't understand that or anything else.

One of them was used as a child for fellatio and is mocked for hating things put in his mouth. Except Sibby's parts because she's inconsiderate and a rapist.

Sibby is revealed to have seventeen siblings. How the f-

Romanians with hooked noses are insulated and I'm not sure why. Like the particular one attacked is her Dad who she's got features of. This isn't the first time though so it feels like a reoccurring trash fire of antisemitism.

Good people smell like flowers and bad people smell like rot in this book. Except Zade.
Zade doesn't smell like rot so he's not a bad person but he does smell like brimstone which smells of sulfur. Sulfur smells like rotten eggs and rot. How the hell?! Please authors check your scents out. Learn the smells you are describing because this isn't an isolated incident.

Sibby gets sex to the point her "tummy bloats from the fullness". S T O P. Infantilizing her is gross and having her say words like tummy during sex is not hard. During this she's covered in necrophilia corpse remains and getting fucked. Ew.

Strumming is used during her crotch rubbed.

A bunch of rich, white, Republicans decide to enter the fair because I don't know. Creepypasta Jeff the Killer reasons. So Sibby needs to go kill all of these pedophiles who just so happened to wander into her lair.

Sibby says death is the best thing that could happen to an abuse victim who dealt with extreme SA. Thanks, Carlton.

Senator man spotted, I hope Sibby doesn't necro this one.

0.5 stars, Satan himself wants his name removed from this book.
… (mer)
Yolken | 5 andra recensioner | Apr 1, 2024 |
Diving into 'Where's Molly' without any expectations turned out to be a delightful surprise. This short story fills a void I didn't even know existed until I immersed myself in its pages. For those curious about Molly's fate, this book offers a resolution to what happened to her. It’s not as dark as Haunting/Hunting Adeline.

An enjoyable read. Also, let's not forget the ending. The extended epilogue was just magnificent.
Beckles | Feb 20, 2024 |
This was amazing!
One of my favorites.

The story, the smut, the voices of the narrators ...
(Troy Duran can teach me Italian any time 😉)

Just wow!
Toeteke | 7 andra recensioner | Feb 16, 2024 |


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