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Robert Allan Caro was born October 30, 1935 in New York. He went to Princeton University, where he majored in English and became managing editor of The Daily Princetonian. Caro began his professional career as a reporter with the New Brunswick Daily Home News. He took a brief leave to work for the visa mer Middlesex County Democratic Party as a publicist. He went on to six years as an investigative reporter with the Long Island newspaper Newsday. Robert Caro then went on to write about influential people in New York. His work The Power Broker was a biography on New York urban planner Robert Moses, that highlighted the fight for a proposed bridge across Long Island Sound from Rye to Oyster Bay. He then went on to write about Lyndon Johnson's life in a 5 volume set. Caro's books portray Johnson as a complex character who he also saw as a visionary progressive. He enjoyed writing about politicians and their use of power. For his biographies, he has won two Pulitzer Prizes in Biography, the National Book Award, the Francis Parkman Prize which is awarded by the Society of American Historians to the book that "best exemplifies the union of the historian and the artist" two National Book Critics Circle Awards, the H.L. Mencken Award, the Carr P. Collins Award from the Texas Institute of Letters, and a Gold Medal in Biography from the American Academy of Art and Letters. In October 2007, Caro was named a "Holtzbrinck Distinguished Visitor" at the American Academy in Berlin. In 2010, he received the National Humanities Medal from President Obama, the highest award in the humanities given in this country and in 2012 his title Passage of Power: The Years of Lyndon Johnson made the New York Times Best Seller List. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre
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Changed how I think about New York and cities in general.

Actual conversation with a waitress when I was reading the book over lunch:

Waitress: That's a really big book! What's it about?

Me: The destruction of New York City.

Waitress: Oh, so it's science fiction?

Me: It's history. It already happened.
Karen5Lund | 45 andra recensioner | Dec 1, 2023 |
Maaaaaaybe enough to make me want to read volume two of this massive biography?
emmby | 43 andra recensioner | Oct 4, 2023 |
It's so frustrating to end the series (so far) on such an interesting point in history. Caro once again does better than anyone in neither lionizing nor demonizing LBJ, but just giving you the reality of history and letting you judge for yourself. I appreciate how thoroughly Caro goes to make sure he's gotten accounts from everyone he can so disputed stories have both sides told. We barely cover any of LBJ's presidency in this volume, merely the first 6 months or so after JFK is assassinated. But that alone is so insightful to LBJ's presidency to come.… (mer)
James_Knupp | 37 andra recensioner | Sep 20, 2023 |
This is a prime example of why non-fiction can be more captivating than fiction. It is unbelievable yet helps explain how and why things happen in the world as they do. You may not agree but you will miss out on so much if you ignore the show case of this book. It explains how the world is shaped good or bad.
khotenko | 45 andra recensioner | Aug 12, 2023 |



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