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Alejo Carpentier (1904–1980)

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Alejo Carpentier was director of Cuba's National Press, which published many millions of volumes in an ambitious program, and for some years was Cuba's ambassador to France. A composer and musicologist, he consciously applied the principles of musical composition in much of his work. Imprisoned for visa mer political activity in 1928, he escaped with the aid of Robert Desnos, a French surrealist poet, to Paris, where he joined the literary circle of surrealists Louis Aragon, Tristan Tzara, and Paul Eluard. According to Carpentier surrealism influenced his style and helped him to see "aspects of American life he had not previously seen, in their telluric, epic, and poetic contexts." Carpentier articulated a theory of marvelous reality, "lo real maravilloso," with an almost surrealistic sense of the relationship among unrelated, or antithetical, elements, often from distinct ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The Lost Steps (1953) takes the form of a diary of a Cuban musician and intellectual who seeks escape from civilization during his trip to a remote Amazon village in search of native musical instruments. The short stories "The Road to Santiago," "Journey to the Seed," and "Similar to Night," present time as subjective rather than historical, and capable of remarkable personal variations. In his novel The Pursuit, printed in The War of Time (1958), whose title is an allusion to a line from Lope de Vega defining a man as "a soldier in the war of time, presents time similarly. "The Kingdom of This World (1949) deals with the period of Henri Christophe and the slave revolts in Haiti. Its circular structure presents the inevitable recurrence of tyranny and the need for eternal struggle against it. Reasons of State (1976), is another notable addition to the gallery of Latin American fictional portraits of dictators. It uses Carpentier's love for baroque style and parody to raise complex questions about the nature of revolution. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre

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Riket av denna världen (1949) 1,165 exemplar
Den förlorade porten (1953) 1,075 exemplar
Detta upplysta tidevarv (1962) 951 exemplar
Baroque Concerto (1976) 264 exemplar
Metoden : [roman] (1974) 258 exemplar
Hetsjakt (1956) 236 exemplar
Guerra del tiempo (1963) 210 exemplar
Harpan och skuggan (1979) 202 exemplar
Ecue-Yamba-O (1933) 62 exemplar
Music in Cuba (1946) 43 exemplar
Cuentos completos (1979) 41 exemplar
La ciudad de las columnas (1970) 37 exemplar
L'Avana, amore mio (1996) 16 exemplar
The Road to Santiago (1972) 11 exemplar
Dos novelas (1976) 10 exemplar
Visión de América (1999) 10 exemplar
Cuentos (1977) 8 exemplar
Tientos y Diferencias (1967) 7 exemplar
El derecho de asilo (1995) 7 exemplar
Ese Musico Que LLevo Dentro (1995) 7 exemplar
Narrativa completa II (1995) 6 exemplar
CRONICAS. (1984) 5 exemplar
Novelas y relatos (1974) 4 exemplar
Relatos (1901) 4 exemplar
El Arma y la Sombre (1997) 4 exemplar
Crónicas : II (1986) 4 exemplar
Los Pasos Recobrados (2007) 4 exemplar
Entrevistas (1985) 3 exemplar
Siitilma riik (2017) 2 exemplar
Diario (1951-1957) (2013) 2 exemplar
Cuentos cubanos (1974) 2 exemplar
Letra y solfa (1997) 2 exemplar
Crónicas habaneras (2018) 2 exemplar
Narrativa completa. Tomo I (2005) 2 exemplar
Villa Lobos 2 exemplar
Selección de ensayos (2003) 1 exemplar
Journey Back to the Source (2013) 1 exemplar
Harfa i cień (1982) 1 exemplar
The lost steps 1 exemplar
Szaleństwo i metoda (1980) 1 exemplar
Wojna czasu 1 exemplar
Muzyka na Kubie 1 exemplar
Histoires de lune 1 exemplar
3 Relatos 1 exemplar
Makunaíma/Los Advertidos (1987) 1 exemplar
Finale auf Kuba 1 exemplar
Libro del recuerdo 1 exemplar
Die Romane (2011) 1 exemplar
Essais littéraires (2003) 1 exemplar

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bibliotecasfj | 17 andra recensioner | Jun 20, 2023 |
As revolution sweeps back and forth across the Atlantic at the conclusion of the 18th century, two Cuban cousins witness a world trembling between rebirth and regression.

Sofia is the most perfect literary protagonist I can remember reading this semester. I suppose you could make a case for Victor or Esteban dominating the narrative, but Sofia is clearly the narrative's center: she is the one who develops a firm and unyielding moral code, and it is only through her that Esteban recovers from his post-Victor cynicism. Even aside from its artistic ambition, Explosion in a Cathedral is stuffed with technical achievements, ranging from how the three narratives (Carlos, Sofia, Esteban) envelope one another to the single point where the narrative jumps from Sofia to Esteban. In the leap, the narrative elides a pivotal event so effortlessly that the reader only realizes the omission alongside Esteban a hundred pages later.… (mer)
proustbot | 26 andra recensioner | Jun 19, 2023 |
Este volumen se compone de un cuento y una «nouvelle». El cuento es uno de los más bellos y sorprendentes de toda la historia de la literatura. Según su autor, fue escrito de un tirón, en el curso de una noche en la cual descubrió también su particular estilo de narrar. Con cuarenta años había escrito un solo libro y buscaba un lenguaje capaz de expresar el mundo exuberante y alucinado del Caribe, cuya historia y paisaje son totalmente ajenos a cualquier proporción clásica.
Natt90 | Mar 21, 2023 |



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