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Portland, Oregon, USA



A decent, historical fiction comic about Jeff Jensen's father, who worked as a detective for the Green River Killer case. I can tell that the nearly 20 years of searching took a lot from his dad, represented by his smoking that he quit shortly after the case was solved. The story really focused on the victim's families and the officers who worked and toiled with the deplorable actions of such an unseeming and uncaring man. A quote really stuck with me, "sometimes I feel foolish for hoping she's alive. But then I feel guilty -- as if being 'realistic' is giving up." For a story where a serial killer had caused so much pain for so many, his perspective is foggy and honestly inessential to the core story. The ending shows the detective remarrying his wife in Hawaii after realizing the Green River Killer had married his first wife in the Seattle area, like he originally did. It's good to find closure.

Overall, a very interesting insight to the serial killer story.
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AvANvN | 20 andra recensioner | Jun 23, 2024 |
Gr 6 Up—In 2101, when most of humanity has been forced underground to avoid lethal sun exposure, Elvie
accompanies scientist Flora on a daring journey to find Elvie's parents while working to develop a life-saving
vaccine. Riveting action sequences, rich character development, and wholly believable worldbuilding combine for an
unforgettable adventure.
BackstoryBooks | 4 andra recensioner | Apr 1, 2024 |
You'd think a story with people worried about being killed by sunlight would involve vampires . . . but nope.

You'd think a post-apocalypse story with people running around waving butterfly nets must be about how the stark conditions have driven them insane . . . but nope.

You'd think loading the story with educational material about the life cycles and migratory routes of monarch butterflies would tend to bog things down . . . but . . . well, yeah, yeah, it does. But that's mostly the first third of the book, and things improve considerably in the back end.

In a kiddy variation on Cormac McCarthy's The Road, Flora and Elvire, a woman and a ten-year-old girl, wander a post-apocalyptic landscape in the year 2101. Humanity has been driven to the brink of extinction due to a change in the quality of sunlight that causes a fatal change in heart rhythms (?!), so most people live deep underground during the day to block the lethal rays. But Flora has developed a medicine from monarch butterflies that gives temporary protection so she and Elvire can walk in daylight, and she is working on a permanent cure.

There are dangerous natural disasters to survive, but of course the most hazardous part of their lives is deciding which surviving humans to fear and and which to trust. About a third of the way through they break out of their insular science fair mode, where there are too many expositional pages of text, and start interacting with other people so the story can finally start building up some momentum. By the end, I was quite engaged with their ups and downs and really pulling for them to catch a break.

(Another project! I'm trying to read all the picture books and graphic novels on the kids section of NPR's Books We Love 2022.)
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villemezbrown | 4 andra recensioner | Feb 23, 2023 |



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Jim Campbell Illustrator
Evan Shaner Illustrator, Cover artist
Ron Randall Illustrator
Ryan Sook Cover artist
Jill Thompson Cover artist


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