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This book teaches students how being selfish gets you nowhere. The crocodile was so mean to the other animals nobody wanted to help him, but the mouse ended up being nice enough to help the crocodile get the bad tooth out of his mouth. The crocodile began to change his attitude and let all the animals bathe and drink in the river.
erieyl | 8 andra recensioner | Dec 9, 2022 |
The selfish crocodile didn't want anyone else to drink or bath from the river so one day he shouted to the creatures of the forest to stay away from the river because it was his. Nobody came near the river; they were scared of the crocodile. One morning the forest was awakened by a loud groaning sound. The crocodile was crying in pain and the creatures watched him in pain. Some thought he might die and then they could finally use the river again and some felt sorry for the crocodile. Then a mouse ran to help the crocodile while all the creatures watched in fear for the mouse. The mouse had pulled the crocodile's tooth out which was causing the crocodile tooth pain. The crocodile gave the mouse a nut to thank him and the two became the best of friends. One day the crocodile finally sent all the animals an invitation to come drink and bathe from the river and the river soon belonged to everyone once again.

This story was really cute. I really liked how the little mouse was the only one brave enough to help the crocodile and how the mouse's kindness changed the crocodile into a better crocodile. This story reminds me a little bit of the Lion and the Mouse fable, but with a slightly different message. Overall, this was a great story to teach children kindness and sharing.
… (mer)
m.curtis | 8 andra recensioner | Apr 25, 2020 |
The selfish crocodile shows what can happen if you are selfish and shows what can happen if you are not selfish. The selfish part of the crocodile shows that people don't want to be friends with him. The unselfish part of the crocodile shows that people do want to be friends with him.
MelanieKelly | 8 andra recensioner | Jul 21, 2019 |
In this book, there is a lot of different things going on. There are rhyming and then there is no rhyming. There is repetition in the poems that are in this book. Another thing that is in this book is end rhymes in the poems. Finally, there is a voice of poetry that is in the poems that are in this book. The voice of poetry that is in the poems is conversation. In this count, you would find that it is dealing with counting, which can help students to be able to count and see what can rhyme with those words. On each page in the book, at the end of each poem there is the place where the poem was created at. One thing that really stood out to me was the spelling for some of the words are the same as it would be in English, that's because of the origin of where the poem was written. The drawings really show the different types of cultures that are in the book. Each poem and drawings are descriptive and shows readers what each poem really mean and stands for. For each poem, the drawings show exactly what the poem is trying to say.… (mer)
jjuneau | 6 andra recensioner | Oct 31, 2017 |


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