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Brock Clarke teaches creative writing at the University of Cincinnati.

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An Arsonist's Guide to Writers' Homes in New England (2007) 1,605 exemplar, 91 recensioner
Exley (2010) 174 exemplar, 6 recensioner
The Happiest People in the World (2014) 164 exemplar, 55 recensioner
Who Are You, Calvin Bledsoe? (2019) 92 exemplar, 23 recensioner
The Ordinary White Boy (2001) 85 exemplar, 3 recensioner
The Price of the Haircut: Stories (2018) 29 exemplar, 2 recensioner
Carrying the Torch (2005) 28 exemplar
What We Won't Do: Stories (2002) 21 exemplar

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Portland, Maine, USA
creative writing teacher
Bowdoin College



An Arsonist's Guide to Writers' Homes in New England

Rating: 5/5 stars

Brock Clarke's "An Arsonist's Guide to Writers' Homes in New England" is a masterfully crafted novel that seamlessly blends humor and tragedy. The story follows Sam Pulsifer, a complex and endearing protagonist, as he navigates a life forever changed by a fateful and devastating event.

*A Unique and Engaging Plot*

The novel's premise is both intriguing and unsettling. Sam, the protagonist, accidentally burns down Emily Dickinson's house, killing two people in the process. As he rebuilds his life after serving a ten-year prison sentence, a mysterious arsonist begins targeting the homes of famous New England writers. Sam's quest to uncover the truth behind these crimes leads him down a dangerous and unexpected path.

*Well-Developed Characters*

Sam's character is expertly crafted, eliciting both sympathy and frustration. His struggles to redeem himself and find a sense of purpose are deeply relatable. The supporting cast is equally well-written, adding depth and nuance to the narrative.

*Humor and Heartbreak*

Clarke's writing is both humorous and poignant, often simultaneously. The novel tackles themes of guilt, redemption, and the power of literature, all while maintaining a witty and engaging tone.

*A Must-Read*

"An Arsonist's Guide to Writers' Homes in New England" is a standout novel that will appeal to fans of literary fiction, mystery, and humor. Clarke's unique voice and style make this book a true gem. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a compelling and unforgettable read.


If you enjoy books with complex characters, intriguing plots, and a dash of humor, then "An Arsonist's Guide to Writers' Homes in New England" is a must-read. Fans of authors like John Irving and Michael Chabon will appreciate Clarke's writing style and the novel's blend of literary fiction and mystery.
… (mer)
Ejimselvis | 90 andra recensioner | Jun 5, 2024 |
Fabulous title and an interesting premise, writing is easy to read and follow, but ultimately unsatisfying. Sam Pulsifer (nice name choice, btw) is the unfortunate narrator, with an even more unfortunate history of killing two people accidentally in a house fire.

Thie is supposed to be funny in the way that "all of life is trying to kill me" sort of way, but I got only a few smirks out of this book, and no belly laughs. The guy is too pathetic. Laughing at him is, for me, like crushing a slug.

For those who like a pathetic anti-hero who has life continue to fall on him, this would be a fun read. It is well-written and makes internal sense. It simply isn't to my taste.

I did enjoy the series of people who really wanted to line up to burn down writer's homes. I would have liked more on why they felt so strongly about their destruction. Lots of funny stories in there....
… (mer)
Dabble58 | 90 andra recensioner | Nov 11, 2023 |
While I found the premise interesting, I found most of the characters inauthentic. There was a lot of unrealized potential in this book. Miller's voice felt particularly unreal. No 10 year old, no matter how precocious, talks like Miller does. I enjoyed the novel, but wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
dogboi | 5 andra recensioner | Sep 16, 2023 |
This is a quirky book about Calvin Bledsoe, who after both his parents die within weeks of each other ends up on a trans-Atlantic journey with an aunt he never knew existed. I don’t think this book gets the credit it deserves, and it may not be for everyone, but if you enjoy novels told from the point of view of non-neurotypical characters who may not be reliable narrators, this may be for you.
JessiAdams | 22 andra recensioner | Jan 12, 2023 |



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