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An incredibly powerful, encouraging book regarding the many accomplishments of the woman known as Harriet Tubman. Set in a poetic style, the rhymical words help the text flow. The combination of Lesa and James Rasome is a winner! The book begins with Harriet as an old woman "tired and worn her legs stiff her back achy, " and it ends with the same text only the major difference are the additinal words "AND FREE!"

Page by beautiful page, the reader learns of her life and her many accomplishments. She was an incredible woman, and someone to look up to and admire.

Starting with the words "Before she was and old woman she was a suffragist a voice for women who had none. Before she was a suffragist, she was General Tubman as she ferried people to freedom. Before she was General Tubman, she was a Union Spy carrying secrets across battlle field.

Her additional accomplishments affirm her bravery, her courage and her commitment to helping many to freedom. She also was a nurse who helped those who were in need of healing and encouragement. She helped her family members and others flee their master and arrive safely to Canada. Before this, she was Moses and was a conductor on the Underground Railroad. She was a woman of dreams, of belief in God and had strong faith, and as the author notes, she had the courage of a lion!

The author adds that before she was Moses, she carried the name of Minty of Maryland who was beaten, punished for her courage that broke her back, but not her spirit!! Before the name of Minty of Maryland, as a young girl, she was called Araminta who looked to the nightly stars as she prepared to get ready for the day when she could escape.

As she was known for all the above, she then gained the name Harriet, and carrying this name with dreams and courage, she was FREE

This is a book I will keep on my shelves with those that are my favorites. This is the tale of a wonderful, strong- spirited woman who helped many on their journey to freedom from slavery!

Beautifully written and excellentantly illustrated, this book is like none other in outlining all the many accomplishments of one very strong, beautiful woman!

… (mer)
Whisper1 | 38 andra recensioner | Feb 24, 2024 |
A thoughtfully and sharply written look at the Williams sisters rise to fame, stopping pretty much after Serena's win against Venus at the Grand Slam Cup (there is a two page afterword that bulletpoints later life events and some of their other work). This book does a great job at illustrating the difficulties and prejudice the sisters faced, as well as how they supported each other throughout their whole careers. The artwork is also super lovely: it's a beautiful mixed media style of fabrics and patterned paper that fits well with the story. I think even younger readers who aren't sports fans will still enjoy reading this!… (mer)
deborahee | 6 andra recensioner | Feb 23, 2024 |
First sentence: Before John Robert Lewis was old enough to read the word "love" in his Bible, he could feel it all around him.

Premise/plot: Fighting with Love is a nonfiction picture book biography of civil rights activist [and politician], John Lewis.

My thoughts: There are a handful of picture book biographies of John Lewis. In fact, I think there are biographies of John Lewis for just about every age reader--children, middle grade, young adult, adult. I have read a few of these in the past. I wasn't expecting to learn something new. [Be reminded of previous facts, yes, yes, always yes. My memory doesn't hold onto all the details from every book.] What struck me with this picture book is the spread about how the activists [college students mainly] PRACTICED nonviolent protests.

Quote: They took turns playing the part of the angry whites they would face, and acted out standing silently while being shouted and cursed at. They practiced how to curl in tight on the ground to protect themselves from kicks and punches that would beat down on them. They remembered to look into the eyes of their attackers, reminding them that a child of God was looking back. After hearing the words and feeling the fists, some never finished their training at Highlander, leaving as fast as they'd come, asking what kind of love means you've got to be beaten up outside and in. But John knew. "It is love that accepts and embraces the hateful and the hurtful." And so, John stayed and practiced some more.

The illustrations are quite engaging--bright, bold, colorful,
… (mer)
blbooks | 1 annan recension | Feb 6, 2024 |
1. This book can be used at any age. I would highly recommend it with mid to late elementary.
2. This book is a biography of Louis Armstrong himself. It explains how he became the person he is. It explains his struggles in his life and how it made him who he is.
3.This book shows culture and can be used in a classroom to express that different people have different cultures. I would recommend this book to mid to upper elementary students.
Jennamh8 | 3 andra recensioner | Jan 29, 2024 |



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