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Carlo Collodi (1826–1890)

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Carlo Collodi was born Carlo Lorenzini in Florence, Italy on November 24, 1826. He joined a seminary as a young man, but Collodi found politics more interesting, as the movement for Italian national unification spread. At the age of 22, he became a journalist to work for the Italian independence visa mer struggle. In 1848 he founded the satirical journal Il Lampione, which was suppressed in 1849. His next periodical, La Scaramuccia, was more fortunate, and in 1860 he revived Il Lampione again. Collodi also wrote comedies and edited newspapers and reviews. He took the pseudonym Collodi from the name of the town, where his mother was born and where he spent time as a boy. In 1861, when Italy became a united nation, Collodi gave up journalism. After 1870 he settled down as a theatrical censor and magazine editor. He turned to children's fantasy, translating Italian versions of the fairy tales of the French writer Charles Perrault's. Collodi also began to write his own children's stories, including a series about a character named Giannettino. The first chapter of Pinocchio appeared in the Giornale dei bambini in 1881, and became an immediate success. He died in Florence on October 26, 1890. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre
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AnkaraLibrary | 142 andra recensioner | Feb 29, 2024 |
There was mention somewhere of the original Italian story of Pinocchio here on LT, probably in conjunction with discussion of the del Toro movie version, and I realized I had never read it, so I checked this lavish volume out of the library. As a physical object, it's gorgeous. Large format, exquisitely illustrated by Robert Ingpen, pages so thick you never believe you're turning just one at a time, bright red ribbon place marker... If only I could have enjoyed the story. It's not just that it doesn't jive with the Disney version; that on its own is a positive. It's just too choppy, with no internal logic to it except for the over-explicated lesson about what happens to naughty children who don't obey their parents and pay attention to their teachers, which even a WOODEN HEADED PUPPET should have taken to heart long about the half-way point. There's very little charm to it that doesn't come from Ingpen's imagination, no real suspense, artificial cliff-hanger chapter breaks. Translation issues? Possibly. I understand it was written in segments, for serial publication. That shows. I don't see it appealing to any of the young'uns, past or present, that I know well. PLEASE NOTE that this edition is NOT the one I have reviewed.… (mer)
laytonwoman3rd | 142 andra recensioner | Dec 20, 2023 |
Um pedaço de madeira falante aparece misteriosamente na oficina de mestre Cereja. O marceneiro, apavorado, presenteia o amigo Gepeto com essa peça de madeira viva. Gepeto tem planos ambiciosos: fabricar uma marionete maravilhosa, capaz de dançar e dar saltos mortais, e ganhar o mundo com sua atração.Os planos do pobre marceneiro, porém, não se concretizam. Mal nasce, Pinóquio já começa com suas estripulias: arranca a peruca amarela de seu "pai", e seu nariz começa a crescer até se tornar um "narigão interminável". Daqui por diante, Pinóquio vai se meter em confusão atrás de confusão. Vende a cartilha que ganhou de Gepeto, escapa de ir à escola e vai parar no Grande Teatro de Marionetes. Ele se defronta com as artimanhas da Raposa e do Gato, que o levam para o Campo dos Milagres e tentam enforcá-lo. Do seu lado, estão o conselheiro Grilo-Falante e a Fada de cabelos azuis, que aparece para salvá-lo da armadilha do País dos Brinquedos, onde os meninos se transformam em burros.As aventuras de Pinóquio é a obra original de Carlo Collodi, publicada pela primeira vez em 1883. Em seu percurso de transformação de boneco em menino, Pinóquio enfrenta as intempéries das noites longas e frias, depara com a autoridade da lei, padece de uma fome terrível e descobre a solidão da condição humana. Fantasia, humor e ironia se combinam neste clássico da literatura, indicado para todas as idades.… (mer)
editora_sesimg | 142 andra recensioner | Dec 18, 2023 |



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