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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets [Blu-ray] (2002) — Director — 1,896 exemplar
House of Secrets (2013) 614 exemplar
Mrs. Doubtfire [1993 film] (1993) — Regissör — 550 exemplar
Home Alone [1990 film] (1990) — Director — 548 exemplar
Harry Potter: The Complete 8-Film Collection (2011) — Regissör — 508 exemplar
Rent [2005 film] (1900) — Director — 394 exemplar
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York [1992 film] (1992) — Director — 276 exemplar
Adventures in Babysitting [1987 film] (1987) — Regissör — 233 exemplar
Pixels [2015 film] (2015) — Director — 164 exemplar
Bicentennial Man [1999 film] (2000) — Regissör — 136 exemplar
Stepmom [1998 film] (1998) — Director — 128 exemplar
Nine Months [1995 film] (1995) — Regissör — 118 exemplar
Young Sherlock Holmes [1985 film] (1985) — Screenwriter — 95 exemplar
Home Alone [and] Home Alone 2 (Double Feature Video) (1999) — Regissör — 81 exemplar
Home Alone: The Complete Collection (2009) — Director — 65 exemplar
Harry Potter: Years 1-6 — Regissör — 34 exemplar
4 Film Favorites: Harry Potter Years 1-4 (2006) — Regissör — 33 exemplar
Harry Potter: Years 1-5 — Regissör — 29 exemplar
Percy Jackson Double Feature (2012) — Regissör — 27 exemplar
Home Alone 3-Film Collection (2011) — Regissör — 24 exemplar
Harry Potter Hogwarts Collection (2014) — Regissör — 18 exemplar
I Love You, Beth Cooper [2009 film] (2009) — Regissör — 18 exemplar
Only the Lonely [1991 film] (1991) — Regissör — 16 exemplar
Harry Potter Years 1-3 (2004) 14 exemplar
Home Alone 5-Film Collection (2017) — Regissör — 10 exemplar
Heartbreak Hotel [1988 film] (1989) — Regissör — 4 exemplar
Rent 1 exemplar
4 Great Films: Home Alone 1&2 / Sandlot 1&2 — Regissör; Regissör — 1 exemplar
Cheaper By the Dozen / Home Alone — Regissör — 1 exemplar

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The Goonies [1985 film] (1985) — Screenwriter — 828 exemplar
I Kill Giants (2009) — Förord, vissa utgåvor778 exemplar
Gremlins [Blu-ray] (1984) — Screenwriter — 497 exemplar
Christmas with the Kranks [2004 film] (2004) — Screenwriter — 205 exemplar
The Goonies, Dödskallegänget (1985) — Story — 155 exemplar
Scoob! [2020 film] — Producer, vissa utgåvor75 exemplar
I Kill Giants [2017 film] (2017) — Producer — 26 exemplar


1980-talet (25) action (56) barn (39) barn (25) barnlitteratur (39) Blu-ray (112) bokserie (29) Daniel Radcliffe (29) deckargåta (42) drama (73) DVD (819) DVDs (24) döden (23) Emma Watson (26) familj (143) fantasy (441) film (247) film (111) filmer (119) Harry Potter (120) jul (97) komedi (241) läst (24) låg- och mellanstadiet (24) magi (100) musikal (28) PG (35) science fiction (36) serieroman (101) serieromaner (52) ska läsas (163) skräck (35) skönlitteratur (148) tecknade serier (58) trollkarlar (26) unga vuxna (34) unga vuxna (59) VHS (52) video (29) äventyr (189)

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Great starter historical fiction. An excellent way to learn our western history!
Friendhedgehog | 4 andra recensioner | Nov 13, 2023 |
Harry Potter prepares to return to Hogwarts University when mysterious things begin to occur, onset by the appearance of the house-elf Dobby. Upon reaching the school with old friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, Harry and the other students are shocked when danger sets foot within the halls of Hogwarts and dark secrets are uncovered about the past.

Where the first film shined in its wonder and brilliance, the second installment in the series flashes with its deeper forays into the darker world of Harry Potter. The stakes are ratcheted up fairly quickly, and we once again are thrown into the grand cast of characters that populate this franchise, including new additions such as Dobby the house-elf and Ron's younger sister Ginny in her first year. The acting, effects, story, and music build off of the predecessor wonderfully and only leave me all the more excited for the future films of the franchise.

Content Concerns: The Chamber of Secrets is certainly a tad darker than the previous film, with allusions to and scenes of death being a bit more prevalent and "real." There are some glimpses of blood in battle, and there are also quite a few grisly creatures (those with arachnophobia, be warned!). There are also three uses of the term "bloody h-ll" by Ron.

(March 9, 2023)
… (mer)
DarthTindalus | 11 andra recensioner | Mar 9, 2023 |
Acting: 4.5; Theme: 4.5; Content: 4.5; Language: 5.0; Overall: 4.5

Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) lives with his verbally abusive orphan family, before being invited to attend the Hogwart's school for wizards. He is accepted into this fraternity and learns about his familial history and his magical powers as a wizard. Harry befriends Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) and Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) as the adventures begin. Highly recommend.

***March 6, 2023***
jntjesussaves | 21 andra recensioner | Mar 9, 2023 |
11-year-old Harry Potter is thrust into a world of magic when he discovers he is a wizard and is invited into Hogwarts, an illustrious school for young wizards and witches. Along with newfound friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, Harry must endure his first year at the school and learn terrible secrets about both his past and the wizarding world at large -- all while trying to uncover just who the mysterious Voldemort is.

Finally watching this film and getting to experience the magic for the first time was truly amazing, the wonder of it all comparable to the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings film franchises, and I loved every moment of it. From the acting of all parties involved, both young and old, was more than believable, and the mixture of action, storytelling, comedy, and much more made for an exciting, wondrous adventure, leaving me wanting more. It is definitely a magnificent piece of cinema, and one that I will definitely come back to time and time again. Two sidenotes: first, I watched this after reading the book, and I must say it followed it quite faithfully. And second, John Williams nailed it once again. That's all that needs to be said, quite honestly.

Content Concerns: There's a bit of violence and peril involving humans and fantastical creatures, with a few scenes of death but nothing too emotional nor graphic. Concerning the ongoing debate of the "witchcraft" involved in the franchise, it's truly nothing far beyond the likes of what is seen in other fantasy franchises like Lord of the Rings and Narnia. There are also three uses of vulgarity, one of "h-ll," "a-se," and "d-mn."

(March 3, 2023)
… (mer)
1 rösta
DarthTindalus | 21 andra recensioner | Mar 5, 2023 |



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Steve Kloves Screenwriter, Writer
John Hughes Screenwriter
Mike Newell Director
David Yates Director
Michael Goldenberg Screenwriter, Writer
Jack Conway Director
Stephen Chbosky Screenwriter
Nicholas Kazan Screenwriter
Jessie Nelson Screenwriter
Gigi Lavangie Screenwriter / Original Story
Steven Rogers Screenwriter
Ronald Bass Screenwriter
Mark Johnson Producer
Steven Spielberg Executive producer
Henry Winkler Producer
Stephen Goldblatt Cinematographer
Rod Daniel Director
Raja Godnell Director
P. J. Hogan Director
Les Mayfield Director
Clive Donner Director
Cameron Crowe Director
Mark Waters Director
Betty Thomas Director
David Frankel Director
Mike Binder Director
Ulu Grosbard Director
Shawn Levy Director
John Williams Composer
Ian Hart Actor
David Heyman Producer
Peter Honess Film editor
Roger Pratt Director of photography
Joe Pesci Actor
John King Unknown
John Midgley Unknown
Les Bubb Actor
Jonathan Larson Original book
Sean Bean Actor
Greg Call Illustrator
Leslie Dixon Screenwriter
Anne Fine Original novel
Randi Mayem Singer Screenwriter
Ray Toler Actor
Eduardo Serra Director of photography
Michael Seresin Director of photography
John Seale Director of photography
Steven Weisberg Film editor
Slawomir Idziak Director of photography
Ian Brown Actor
Patrick Doyle Composer
Mark Day Film editor
Bruno Delbonnel Director of photography
Jake Abel Actor
Dana Ivey Actor
Joe Pecsi Actor
Tim Curry Actor
Josh Gad Actor
Brian Cox Actor
Sam Neill Actor
Isaac Asimov Original story
James Horner Composer
Hans Zimmer Composer
Alan Cox Actor
Alan Ruck Actor


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