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Claire Conner is an alumna of the University of Dallas and holds a graduate degree from the University of Wisconsin. She lives in Tampa, Florida, and speaks widely on the John Birch Society and the impact of the radical Right.

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I really love learning about extremist movements and have had a particularly sinister impression of the John Birch Society, but I was expecting this book to be a little dry. It was actually more of a memoir than a typical non-fiction book and very easy to read. Learning the ins and outs of the John Birch Society and right-wing extremism in America from the McCarthy Era up until today from a woman whose parents were deeply involved in the movement was pretty illuminating.
DF1158 | 5 andra recensioner | Oct 20, 2019 |
Excellent first person account of growing up in a family where both parents were heavily involved in the John Birch Society. This memoir is very relevant to politics today, as many of these same Right wing ideologies and conspiracy theories are once again bubbling to the surface through the Tea Party. The Koch brothers' father was also active in the origin and development of the John Birch Society.
bness2 | 5 andra recensioner | May 23, 2017 |
If you think the John Birch Society were a passing lunatic fad of the 50s and 60s, think again. They have just mutated and wear the cloak of modern conservatives and fundamentalists. Claire Conner was there at the beginning when she was a child and her parents were prominent members of the Birchers. This is an excellent example of how ideologues love to create commotion through outlandish conspiracy theories, and regardless of the evidence that refutes them, they dig in their heels to hold to their absurd positions. A good read for those wishing more insight into the modern mindset of the Tea Party types and their forerunners.… (mer)
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VGAHarris | 5 andra recensioner | Jan 19, 2015 |
Amongst the spate of miserable childhood memoirs comes this one, where the abuse was much more mental than physical. Claire Conner grew up in the home of dedicated John Birch Society members. Her parents forced her and her siblings to participate in all the group's activities. She met Robert Welch and so many of these rabid irrational anti-communist leaders, including Fred Koch, father of the infamous Koch brothers.

Her parents refused to pay for Claire's college, although they insisted on her attending a small Dallas religious school, barely accredited. They forced her to turn down a full scholarship to a local college due to their fear of her being "contaminated".

Although Claire breaks with her parents when her father threatens to strike her in the face, she continues on with right wing activism by becoming a leader in the anti-abortion movement.

Claire does have an awakening, but amazingly enough, helps to care for her parents lovingly until the end of their lives.

This book gives major insight into the John Birch Society and is a valuable historic document. Claire's personal story shows the irreversible influence of blood ties. A worthy read.
… (mer)
froxgirl | 5 andra recensioner | Apr 16, 2014 |




½ 4.3

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