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Leslie Connor

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Waiting for Normal (2008) 1,168 exemplar
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Miss Bridie Chose a Shovel (2004) 190 exemplar
A Home for Goddesses and Dogs (2020) 92 exemplar
The Things You Kiss Goodbye (2014) 82 exemplar
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Wow! I expected this book to be cute....instead I'm blown away! This is a fantastic story for those of all ages. There's alot to learn inside these, acceptance, courage, bravery, amazing tale about an honest and humble boy who only sees the best in everyone.

I rate this book alongside Bridge to of my fave of all time youth books. I will now pass this to my children to read, and highly recommend this for children and adults alike. I will definitely look into more Leslie Conner books!… (mer)
Jfranklin592262 | 19 andra recensioner | Jul 18, 2023 |
3.5-4 stars. It started off a little rough. I had a hard time identifying with the protagonist at first, because I couldn't identify with her interest in short skirts, makeup, and (gag) cheerleading. I kept with it though, and I'm glad I did.

It was well-written, and about an important subject (domestic violence.) The characters were interesting and believable. It was a page-turner, and I read it in less than two days because I wanted to know what happened.

My complaints: I think the younger (high school) girl with the 20-something love interest is a trope that is a little overdone, and possibly dangerous. I don't claim that all relationships between older men and younger women are problematic, but I also don't like how they are constantly romanticized in popular culture, and I was a little bit disappointed that Bettina's relationship with "Cowboy" turned romantic. It would have worked better for me if they'd remained friends. Also, I think a book about domestic violence may have been more poignant had the violence been verbal, not physical so much. It's a sad fact that often doesn't get as much air time, but words cause scars, too. I think it would have been beneficial to teen readers to know the signs of a verbally abusive relationship. Finally, the "tragedy" that I was promised on the flyleaf was kind of predictable. No surprises here.

That being said, it was good. I don't normally enjoy YA books written for female audiences, but this one, I did like.
… (mer)
veewren | 5 andra recensioner | Jul 12, 2023 |
A touching and joyful book that deals with the struggles of bi-polar disorder. Addie is the main character that holds on to the hope that her mother will get to the point in her life, and behavior, so that she can have a normal life. Addie's mother has an all or nothing attitude towards life, and this has made it difficult for Addie to be were and with who she wants.
frank.williams | 75 andra recensioner | Feb 23, 2023 |



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