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Susan Cooper was born in Buckinghamshire, England in May of 1935. She attended Slough Grammar School, and then went on to Somerville College and Oxford. She was the first woman to ever edit the University Magazine, the Cherwell. She graduated from Oxford with an MA in English and went to work for visa mer London's The Sunday Times as a reporter on the Atticus Column for Ian Flemming. She evenutally made it to features writer, during which time she wrote her first book, "Mandrake," a science fiction story for adults. Soon after the publication of "Mandrake," Cooper wrote the children's story "Over Sea, Under Stone" for a publishing house competition. It would later become the first of a five book series she would become famous for. She left England in 1963 to marry an American professor. Once there, she wrote two more books for adults, "Behind the Golden Gate" a study of America, and "Portrait of an Author" the biography of J. B. Priestley. In 1970, Cooper published "Dawn of Fear" an almost entirely autobiographical book about growing up as a child during the war. Even though Cooper wrote "Over Sea, Under Stone" as a entry for a publishing house competittion, she did not know at the time that it would be the first of her most famous copilation, "The Dark is Rising Series." In 1973 she wrote the second in the five book series, entitled "The Dark is Rising," published more than ten years after the first. In1974, Cooper published Greenwitch, book three, and book four, "The Grey King" a year later. "The Grey King" won the Newberry Medal in 1976. "Silver on the Tree" was the fifth and last book published, completing the series in 1977. After completing the "Dark is Rising" series, Cooper turned to writing for the theater, learning the style from Urjo Kareda at Tarragon Theatres in Toronto. She wrote for Jack Langstaff's "Revels." Her first major play was called "Foxfire," which was written in coolaboration with Hume Cronyn. The play eventually went to Broadway in 1983 and starred Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy, who won a Tony for her performance. Cooper then began working on "Seaward," but was interrupted by Jane Fonda, who wanted her to write the screenplay for Harriet Arnow's "The Dollmaker." She wrote the adaptation with Cronyn and won a Humanitas Award for it, while Jane Fonda won the Best Actress Emmy for her role. Cooper also got an Emmy nomination for her adaptation of "Foxfire" for television. "To Dance with the White Dog," a made for tv movie, was the last collaboration of Cooper, Cronyn and Tandy, Tandy having died in '94. IN the '80's and '90's, Cooper wrote the text for many children's picture books such as, "Jethro and the Jumbie" and "Danny and the Kings." 1993 marked her return to the Children's Book List with "The Boggart" and int's follow up "The Boggart and the Monster" in 1997. In 1996, Cooper published a collection of essays on children's literature entitled, "Dreams and Wishes." Over the course of her career, Cooper has written for newspapers, books for children and adults, screen[plays for television and cinema, and a Broadwat play. Today, she lectures on children's literture and continues to write. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre


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The first book in the series, it has some rough patches where you can tell that maybe the author hasn't yet found her voice. From what I understand, the books continue to get better (if darker) through the rest of the series. Overall, though fun read and makes me look forward to the next book
rumbledethumps | 136 andra recensioner | Nov 29, 2023 |
Did my semi-traditional winter read, for the umpteenth time.
thisisstephenbetts | 222 andra recensioner | Nov 25, 2023 |
This is book 4 of the sequence and we are back with Will and with out and out fantasy after the previous blend of adventure story with fantasy and the Drew children's return.

Will is sent to Wales to recuperate after a serious illness which not only weakens him physically, but makes him forget that he is an Old One, last of that mysterious group who serve the Light and oppose the rising of the Dark. At first he is unaware that he has to perform a quest to regain another object of power to help the Light prevail, and must do so without the help of his mentor, Merriman Lyon, although a boy with whom he strikes up a precarious friendship is instrumental in helping him succeed.

Bran, who it transpires is the Raven Boy from the poem Will memorised at the end of book 3, is an albino and a loner, his only close friend his father's sheepdog, Caffal. Will meets them when he starts to explore the hills, having had a small stirring of memory about what he is meant to be doing there, and the dog restores his lost sense of self. But they are opposed not only by the supernatural forces of the Grey King, a major force among the Dark, but by human stupidity and vengefulness.

In some ways this is far more of an adult book than the rest of the series because of the thread concerning the relationship between Bran's mother, his father, and the local villain. Will has to grapple with issues far in advance of his eleven and a half years, though not of his greater Old One self, yet he has sympathy for Bran's difficulties. There is tragedy for Bran, though probably not as affecting as it could have been as it was telegraphed long before the event. But in some ways it is the human story concerning Bran which is the most affecting part of the book. The fantasy elements are in some ways a bit grafted on and artificial - the sequence when the boys have to answer the riddles posed by the three "kings" and who their real identities are is a case in point. It is also rather odd that a major plot device concerns a wildfire - the eponymous book that introduced Will shows us that he can start and put out fires, but here he never even thinks to try extinguishing this one, and yet he is supposed to be a powerful wizard. I liked the book, but I didn't love it, so a 3 rating from me.
… (mer)
kitsune_reader | 84 andra recensioner | Nov 23, 2023 |
A re-read of book 2 of the series, the eponymous volume which gives the series as a whole its title. In contrast to the first, we are plunged into out and out fantasy from pretty much the start of the book. The setting is a few days before Christmas, and it is nearly Will Stanton's eleventh birthday. Will would like nothing better than a white Christmas, but it is a case of 'be careful, you might get what you wish for' because a whiteout occurs which paralyses most of England, and is actually a weapon in the arsenal of that powerful adversary, the Dark. For Will is the last-born of the Old Ones, and it is his destiny to carry out a quest to find six signs which, when joined, will form a powerful weapon in the defensive war of the Light against the Dark.

Will is also a normal boy, unprepared for the revelation about his true nature, and this duality in his character results in blunders and in his heartbreaking realisation that a wedge has been driven between himself and the members of his large family (he is the youngest of nine children). As well as this psychological thread throughout, we also have the subplot concerning the Walker, a man condemned to carry one of the signs as a punishment for earlier sins - but also the victim of his own fallible human nature. For as Will's mentor, Merriman - an ancient and powerful Old One who appeared in book 1 as the children's honorary great uncle - discovers, human beings cannot be burdened with the full knowledge of the conflict between Light and Dark without 'breaking', as they cannot view it with the detachment required.

One of the strengths of the books is its imagery and its evocation of place and of the weather. The snow and storm are almost a character in their own right. The magic also is well evoked and described, interwoven with elements of British mythology. Some of the minor characters are well realised such as the Walker and one of the local people who turns out to be working for the Dark.

Where the story has weaknesses, they are due to the sometimes passive behaviour of Will. In some cases he discovers the signs, or is given them, very easily. The climax is also a bit anticlimatic in the sense that the Dark is in the end driven back for the time by an ancient power, not directly by the actions of Will and Merriman and the other Old Ones. I still loved the story, but because of this can only give it a 4.5, or in Goodreads terms a 4-star rating.
… (mer)
kitsune_reader | 51 andra recensioner | Nov 23, 2023 |


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