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Ren, and the guys...Myles, Blake, Nash, Liam and Theo are back. It was really nice to see Ren and Myles's relationship grow. They got closer to each other. Myles can be a gentleman. The way that he protected Ren and was in tune with her feelings about taking their relationship to the next level is heartwarming.

Ren has grown so much from the first book. She is the queen that these guys deserve. The dynamics between them all is good. I felt for Blake. What he was going through did make me get more emotionally invested in him. Luckily, he had everyone to help him through things.

Nash goes through an emotional rollercoaster of his own with Ren. He does not want to admit just how deep his feelings go for her. He is still a bit of a bully towards her. Yet, in his own way, this is his way of flirting. I look forward to reading the next book.
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Cherylk | Apr 30, 2024 |
Yes, yes, triple yes! Myles, Blake, Nash, Liam and Theo are all great. Although, this book currently really just features Blake, Myles and Nash. In regard to these three guys trying to win Ren's attention, I have to go with Myles first, and Blake and Nash are tied for second.

Ren is my girl. She is not afraid of these guys and makes it known. The more she resists, the bigger the challenge these guys see her, especially Nash. The chemistry Ren shares with each guy is different. Ren and Myles are enemies to lovers with forced proximity. Ren and Blake are enemies to lovers as well. Ren and Nash are enemies to lovers and bully romance.

I am so invested in them all so much that I will be jumping into book two right away as I need more.
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Cherylk | Mar 4, 2024 |
I tried to write a written review but the tropes. Oh the bad tropes.

Nothing good came from this book except for some stupid reason I actually kind of liked our main characters to the point that I just went along with the stupid, STUPID and totally plot holed and contrived conflicted story. I could write pages on why this story was unrealistic and just plain bad all around. But like Gilligan’s Island, you just kind of overlook the ridiculous and go with the story. We all have those things we like that we absolutely don’t think too hard about because if we do we know we are idiots for liking them and have no excuses for it. Oh and it had tons of editing errors, the kinds where the word is the wrong word but spelled correctly.

This is one of those things.
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Library_Breeder | Aug 30, 2023 |
Omg. It's been a while since I gave a five star review but holy FUCK! This was an awesome, engaging book.

I really hope have knocked her up. That would be the one thing to make this series a 6!

Part of me hopes they make this a foursome, but part of me hopes snake gets shot or killed another way protecting raine or one of the guys.

If you are reading my review, I'm telling you, read this book!

It's awesome.

Btw...wtf is up with wild?!
Morgie99 | Jul 7, 2023 |