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Evan Currie

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Inkluderar namnet: Evan C. Currie


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This is Evan Currie’s, the author, first published book. It's about an Australian clean energy electric power plant that uses thermal air movements through a tower to generate electricity for its community. A bioterrorist takes over the tower project secretly and is pursued by the principal character, Anselm Gunnar, an Interpol agent who thought that the terrorist was dead. He gets news that the bioterrorist was seen in the eco tower community. Waiting on proof that the terrorist is there; his superior ultimately authorizes the deployment of a counter-insurgency group. The rest of the book is action-packed with the terrorist and his followers’ takedown against the odds of them doing so.… (mer)
ronploude | 1 annan recension | Jan 14, 2024 |
I have read this book series multiple times. I've noticed when driving long road trips, when I'm in a slump, or feeling down this Book Siri brings a smile to my face. It It is well written and feels like a comfortable set of jeans. It happens to be one of My favorite all time book series

Edit: I will say whenever I'm in a funk or want to read something that feels like "home" this is the series. I loved this book so much I find myself reading it (this book and series) over and over.
jdesjardins | 26 andra recensioner | Oct 9, 2023 |
I read this book finally and it was exactly what the doctor ordered. There are a few returning characters that I enjoyed and also give me further insight into the crew of the auto (the ship), overall it was a fantastic nail-biting read. Overall the book explained exactly what was missing during the book series with this crew. Also with what was written down, I was absolutely blown away to read the backstory that happens right in front of me. If you like any book in this series this is a MUST READ. It might not be needed for the main series, but it expands it 100%.
Below is the audiobook. Don't get it. The above is for when I finally got in the paperback.
This is for the audiobook. I've listened to 7 other books in the series that have 1 continuous reader. Unfortunately, we have a new voice actor in this book who can't pronounce any of the main names right, and also can't bring life to any of the characters. It's like changing your main character in your favorite series, changing out Mando with a stormtrooper. It's harsh, story-breaking, and ruins continuity. Also, he tries to change the personality of the main characters you've read/listened to for many books before. This totally ruins the book (from the audio standpoint).
… (mer)
jdesjardins | 5 andra recensioner | Oct 9, 2023 |
Evan Currie is back! This book, The Seeds That Were Sown, was an adrenaline rush that made it hard to sleep when I finally closed the book for the evening. With Earth destroyed by the Empire and Weston killed, I wondered if the universe Currie created over the years would be abandoned for some other canvas. Now I know; it remains very much the background to be used but with a future Angel One furtherance. This book could be read alone, but I recommend you go back and read the Odessius and Angel One series. They're well worth the read.… (mer)
ronploude | Jul 1, 2023 |


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