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A. Philip Randolph was born on April 15,1889. He was in Crescent City, Florida. A. Philip Randolph was a black activist for the civil rights movement. A. Philip Randolph came from a family that disagreed with the Jim Crow rules. Instead of the family not following the rules they simply just avoided them. A. Philip Randolph’s favorite books to read was the Bible or Shakespeare.

This book is a very informative read and I like that their are different sections to the book.
However this book is over powering with knowledge. The book provides a lot of information about A. Philip Randolph and other important historical people in history. This book is a good for readers that have a little knowledge about black history.

The accuracy of this book is great. The book just has a lot of information to understand and read.
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A.Bode | 1 annan recension | Jan 29, 2019 |
Asa P. Randolph was lucky enough to grow up in a home with a father who received a good education. I like the setup of this book; it's broken into sections, beginning with some background information about his parents. This family never gave in to Jim Crow ways. Instead of riding in the back of the bus, they walked. Asa was a tenacious man who went to multiple colleges and studied economics and history. He moved to Harlem and met Lucille Campbell Green, whom he soon married. She supported Randolph with her hairdressing money because he wasn't making enough despite his presidency of IPC (Independent Political Council,) which taught impoverished people about unions and socialism. Asa and his bestie from college, Chandler Owen, attempted and failed to organize black elevator operators. He created a magazine called "The Messenger" which tried to galvanize poor, mistreated workers. Much later after multiple horrifying overtly racist encounters, A. Philip Randolph received an offer that changed his life. Ashley Totten was a porter for the Pullman Company, and she asked if he would win over members for the newest union, The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters. The American Federation of Labor (AFL) accepted the Brotherhood after years of struggle, but the union still lacked a significant amount of workers. It worsened when the depression hit in '29 because workers were too terrified to risk losing work. His luck turned when FDR's support of unions boosted their acceptance. However, the Pullman Co. created its own union in opposition to the Brotherhood, and forced new workers to join. Luckily, the government stepped in and allowed workers to vote which union they prefer. In a landslide victory, the Brotherhood was chosen. Randolph considered this the "first victory for black workers over a giant corporation." The Brotherhood cut hours from 400 to 240 in a month and increased worker pay. Although this was a huge accomplishment, he didn't stop there. In '41 A.P.R. organized a march in D.C. demanding companies who make military supplies start hiring black people. FDR granted the demands on the conditions Randolph called off the march, which was expected to pull 100,000. W.E.B. Du Bois, Asa's lifelong hero called this win "astonishing." In '48 A.P.R. pressured POTUS Truman to end Jim Crow laws in the military. He was hailed as "the father of the civil rights movement" after becoming the V.P. of the newly merged unions, CIO and AFL. He stayed active in civil rights and even introduced Dr. MLK Jr. right before he gave his famous "I have a dream" speech. He won many prestigious medals such as the Spingarn from the NAACP and Medal of Freedom from POTUS LBJ. An eponymous institute in D.C. was set up to ensure Asa Philip Randolph's life work would continue.… (mer)
SavanaCampbell | 1 annan recension | Mar 18, 2018 |
Bill Clinton: President of the 90's

Bill Clinton was born William Jefferson Blythe IV on August 19,1946. After graduating Georgetown in 1968 he went to attend Oxford, Bill left Oxford for Yale Law School where he met Hillary. In 1978 Bill ran for Arkansas governor and won, he mainly wanted to reform education. In November 1991 Bill Clinton began his campaign for president.During the campaign two scandals were brought to the voters' attention, Clinton explained both scandals and they faded away. The scandals did have the voters question Clinton. Bill Clinton won the election defeating Bush and Perot and was sworn in January 20,1993. Bill Clinton would win election to a second term in 1996 defeating Senator Dole and Perot.

I thought the book was a very thorough look into the life of Bill Clinton. The book showed what kind of life Clinton had when he was younger. I liked that it showed how hard he worked for what he wanted.

Extension Ideas:
1.The book could teach students to never give up on what they want to do.
2.The book could teach students how to overcome adversity.
3.The book could teach students about the political process.
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TylerPelley | Nov 24, 2017 |
A birography of Einstein and his scientific theories
Folkshul | 2 andra recensioner | Jan 15, 2011 |



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