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Mary R. Daheim is a reporter and mystery writer. She was born in Seattle, Washington. Daheim was a newspaper reporter and a public relations consultant before beginning to write. In 1983, she published her first historical romance. Daheim wrote six more books before becoming a mystery writer. In visa mer 1991, Daheim began the Bed & Breakfast series of books. She began a second series, the Alpine series, in 1992. (Bowker Author Biography) visa färre

Inkluderar namnen: Mary Daheim, Mary R. Daheim, Mary Richard Dahiem

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This was the first I tried by this author and it as not really to my liking. The plot was fine, but I frequently felt like the characters were off a bit. The way they were all sort of jolly around missing body parts. I like at least a little psychology in my stories, and everyone in here felt like a bit of a sociopath, more concerned with the Ferrari they were driving and their clothes than the dismembered folks from their community
cspiwak | 1 annan recension | Mar 6, 2024 |
In a word, goofy. Everything about Silver Scream was goofy. The premise goes like this: the owner of a bed and breakfast needs to solve a murder on her property before the authorities blame her for the death and shut her business down. I thought that was a plausible and clever way to have a civilian try to solve a mystery. A bunch of movie are staying at Hillside Manor for a movie premier. When the producer is found dead, drowned in the kitchen sink, the race is on to solve the death. Accident? Suicide? Murder? The cleverness ends here and the story becomes just plain goofy. Judith, as the bed and breakfast owner, became completely unbelievable when she promised to have an elaborate costume for an actress repaired in one day. Then there was this goofy moment: the rookie police officer, responding to aforementioned death in Judith's kitchen, makes bunny ears behind her superior officer's head while investigating the scene. This is at a potential crime scene! Goofy! And another (still at the same crime scene): Judith's husband's ex-wife shows up. She's not only allowed to enter the potential crime scene, but she hangs around for awhile. I could go on and on, listing all the silliness of Silver Scream. Even though I didn't solve the mystery right away, I wasn't sure I cared.… (mer)
SeriousGrace | 4 andra recensioner | Dec 15, 2023 |
In the mood for some small town shenanigans and murder? This book is for you. You won't find pulse pounding thrills or crackling prose. This is a straight-ahead, pleasantly written, cozy mystery set in a little town that once existed, but was never like this.

There's a lot of setting up happening in the first half of this book. We're learning about Emma Lord, her son, her town, her former lovers, the eccentric staff of her newspaper, the equally eccentric population of the rest of the town, and a murder. At first I feared that it would all turn out to be too cloying and contrived to be tolerable. But the plot finally settled down into some reasonably intelligent sleuthing and the hints and allegations started mounting up.

This is a good example of this sort of fiction. I couldn't settle for only 3 stars, so it gets 4.
… (mer)
zot79 | 6 andra recensioner | Aug 20, 2023 |
Well, granted this was an impulse grab browsing in the library, and I really resolve never to try a new series starting on #18, but still found this one scattered and unsatisfying, with way too many characters, and no particular progress by anyone in solving the actual homicide.
JudyGibson | 4 andra recensioner | Jan 26, 2023 |



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