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Robertson Davies (1913–1995)

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William Robertson Davies was born in Thamesville, Ontario in 1913. He taught English at the University of Toronto and was an actor, journalist, and newspaper editor before winning acclaim as a novelist with Tempest-Tost, the first of his Salterton trilogy. His most famous trilogy, The Deptford visa mer Trilogy--Fifth Business, The Manticore, and World of Wonders--develops the earlier Salterton novels. The locale is a fictitious Ontario city that prizes its English tradition, including the Anglican Church and the genealogy of the old families. Robertson's novels have been translated into approximately 20 languages. His masterful story-telling encompasses such issues as evil, love, fear, tradition, and magic as he brings his characters to life with wisdom and humor. Robertson Davies died in 1995. (Bowker Author Biography) Robertson Davies (1913-1995) had three successive careers during the time he became an internationally acclaimed author: first as an actor with the Old Vic Company in England; then as publisher of "The Peterborough Ontario Examiner"; & finally as professor & first master of Massey College at the University of Toronto. With twelve novels & several volumes of essays & plays to his credit, Davies was the first Canadian to be inducted to the American Academy & Institute of Arts & Letters. His last novel, "The Cunning Man" (Viking 1995), was a national bestseller. (Publisher Provided) visa färre


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Femte rollen (1970) 3,176 exemplar
Deptford-trilogin (1970) 2,503 exemplar
I köttet buret : [en roman] (1985) 1,890 exemplar
De upproriska änglarna : roman (1981) 1,638 exemplar
Medicinmannen : en roman (1994) 1,548 exemplar
Mantikoran (1972) 1,543 exemplar
Orfeus lyra : [en roman] (1988) 1,374 exemplar
En undrens värld (1975) 1,319 exemplar
Murther and Walking Spirits (1991) 1,174 exemplar
The Salterton Trilogy (1951) 1,072 exemplar
The Cornish Trilogy (1981) 1,027 exemplar
Leaven of Malice (1954) 580 exemplar
High Spirits (1982) 573 exemplar
Tempest-Tost (1951) 524 exemplar
A Mixture of Frailties (1958) 494 exemplar
The Papers of Samuel Marchbanks (1985) 376 exemplar
One Half of Robertson Davies (1977) 204 exemplar
A Gathering of Ghost Stories (1995) 135 exemplar
Reading and Writing (1993) 51 exemplar
Samuel Marchbanks' Almanack (1967) 46 exemplar
The Diary of Samuel Marchbanks (1947) 36 exemplar
A Masque of Mr. Punch (1963) 9 exemplar
A Masque of Aesop (1952) 7 exemplar
Animal U. (1995) 5 exemplar
Stephen Leacock (1970) 5 exemplar
At My Heart's Core (1950) 3 exemplar
Hunting Stuart & Other Plays (1972) 3 exemplar
Selected plays (2008) 1 exemplar
Dickens Digested 1 exemplar

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The Rebel Angels: 4.5
What's Bred in the Bone: 2
The Lyre of Orpheus: 3
bibliopolitan | 18 andra recensioner | Oct 7, 2023 |
This trilogy, and all of Robertson Davies' books, are among the funniest pieces of literature I've read.
lschiff | 28 andra recensioner | Sep 24, 2023 |
Liesl is the Deptford Trilogy's most intriguing character - so brilliant she belongs in a list of my all time favourites - but Magnus is not far behind, and this is effectively their combined story. I was disappointed at first by the original narrator's return in its opening pages, but this is only a framing device (like the therapy sessions of the previous book) and soon Magnus Eisengrim is describing how he ran away with the circus - or how the circus ran away with him.

The mystery that initially compelled me was wondering how he ever comes to harbour a grudge against Boy Staunton, since he begins with no knowledge about what triggered his birth and cares little for the family he's left behind. This is never explored until the end and winds up as window dressing, a bit disappointing in that respect; I like a "trilogy" to be tied more firmly together. This is still a strong story on its own two feet, in its exploration of Oswald Spengler's "magian world view": the medieval concept of the world as populated by angels and demons rather than the seemingly dull science-laden world we understand today, when only our most advanced scientists perceive the wonders still to be explored. The response to this loss of wonder in our time has been the move from superstition to conspiracy theories, but Davies in the 1970s was looking at a different challenge in his fiction: the necessary replenishment of wonder through clockwork, illusion and sleight of hand, as sustenance for the starving adult desire to be confounded. Perhaps the answer to social media is more stage magicians.… (mer)
Cecrow | 22 andra recensioner | Jul 13, 2023 |
Well written. Too bad that the blurb on the back of my paperback contained a major spoiler - that the snowball Boy Staunton throws in the beginning of the book contained a rock - as the impact of the book's ending was much lessened for me.
leslie.98 | 83 andra recensioner | Jun 27, 2023 |



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