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William C. Davis (1) (1946–)

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William C. Davis is a retired history professor who taught at Virginia Tech. An acclaimed expert on the Civil War, he has served on a number of advisory boards, including the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission; the American Battlefield Trust; the National Museum of the Civil War Soldier in visa mer Petersburg, Virginia; the National Park Service; and the Lincoln Prize and Pulitzer Prize nominating juries. visa färre
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Namn enligt folkbokföringen
Davis, William Charles
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Sonoma State University, B.A. History 1968
Sonoma State University, M.A. History 1969
Doc. Hum. Let. Lincoln Memorial University, 1976
Civil War Times Illustrated (editor)
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Priser och utmärkelser
Jefferson Davis Award (3)
T. Harry Williams Memorial Award
Bell I. Wiley Prize
Fletcher Pratt Award
Phi Alpha Theta Award
Harry S. Truman Award
Kort biografi
William C. Davis is the recipient of three Jefferson Davis Awards as well as the T. Harry Williams Award, Bell I. Wiley Award, Fletcher Pratt Award, Phi Alpha Theta Award, and Harry S Truman Award. He lives in Pennsylvania, barely fifty miles form the battlefields of Gettysburg. [from The Cause Lost (1996)]



gdlemail | 1 annan recension | Oct 2, 2022 |
basement shelf to the top left of the office computer
Middle shelf
JRHFA | Nov 3, 2021 |
"Crucible of Command" isn't intended to be a complete history of the Civil War, and doesn't provide a detailed review of various battles, but instead is a comparative biography of Generals Lee and Grant. The book made me rethink what I knew, or thought I knew, about the two generals. Previously, I would have described General Grant as being somewhat of a minor military man, lucky to even be named a General much less overall commander of military forces; a heavy drinker if not a drunk; and someone whose military style was to send wave after wave of soldiers headlong into battle regardless of the numbers sacrificed. In contrast, I would have described General Lee as a brilliant leader and military strategist. I also had the belief that the Confederacy was fully committed to their cause, and that the men of the South were fully dedicated with nary a straggler or deserter among them.
William Davis' book changed a lot of my preconceptions about my earlier preconceptions, and about the conduct of the war itself. Because the book isn't really about the battles and chronology of the war, it made me realize that there was a lot I'd forgotten or just didn't know about the Civil War, and motivated me to read more. As a result, I just picked up one of Bruce Catton's books on the History of the Civil War, and am looking forward to refreshing my memory and learning more about this important part of our U.S. history.
… (mer)
rsutto22 | Jul 15, 2021 |
An interesting presentation of the last days of the confederacy. After Lee's surrender, what did happen? Davis's cabinet was not the agreeable group to work together, and this book shows how personality can influence public opinion.
busterrll | 1 annan recension | Oct 12, 2020 |



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