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Red (2013) 150 exemplar
Van de ezel die bleef staan (2009) 3 exemplar
Mathilde (2002) 2 exemplar
Mijn oma (2021) 1 exemplar


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Excellently illustrated with a very good depiction of bullying. Tommy was terribly bullied. Whenever this would occur, his cheeks became bright red. When he said "Leave Me Alone," it only meant that the bullying increased. Tommy got more quiet and Paul, the worst bullier, got louder.

And, it only took one brave girl, who on the play ground said "This Isn't Funny Any More!!!" "I want this stop now!"
But, the brave girl grew quiet as well, especially when Tommy was pushed. And then, the pushing wasn't funny. Others noticed and were concerned for Tommy.

When the teacher asked if anyone saw the incident when Tommy was harmed, the shy, but brave girl raised her hand. Then, others raised their hands as well. Everyone who saw what happened, raised their hand. Now, The bullyier was upset, and needed to be more agressive.

Growling, first in the air, he let's Tommy know he means to hurt him again. But now, now only the brave girl, but others rush to Tommy's aid as well. Standing up to Paul and fighting for Tommy, the small, brave group wins! Their fight for justice and what is right won over the bullying.

Now, Tommy's face isn't read, but Paul's face is green, and he is no longer laughing. And the brave girl who acknowledged that she stammers, indicates she wants to play ball with Tommy. And, Tommy's face isn't red anymore!
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Whisper1 | 36 andra recensioner | Dec 25, 2023 |
One day a classmates' taunting turns into bullying on the playground. Others are afraid to speak up until one student raises her hand and empowers other to tell the truth about what happened.
2embarrett | 36 andra recensioner | Oct 20, 2023 |
This is a great book with a powerful message behind it. Bullying is a serious issue that needs to be addressed and stopped immediately when seen or heard. We should never become too comfortable and stop discussing bullying because we might not think it is occurring. We live in a tough world and I think this topic needs to always be addressed with children. This book was so inspirational and I would definitely like to have it in my classroom. Such a simple but impressive book.
ppolanco | 36 andra recensioner | Feb 23, 2022 |
A story about an incident with a boy on play ground that turns to bullying. Later all his classmates say they didn't see what happened, staying quiet till a girl speaks up about what happened. I would have this in my classroom due to the message being to speak up.
Blaise_G | 36 andra recensioner | Feb 10, 2022 |



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