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Adèle De Leeuw (1899–1988)

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Allmänna fakta

Hamilton, Ohio, USA
Plainfield, New Jersey, USA
Ohio, USA
Plainfield, New Jersey, USA
Hartridge School for Girls
children's book author
short story writer
Leeuw, Cateau de (sister)
Pen and Brush
Kort biografi
Adèle De Leeuw, born to a Dutch-American family in Ohio, loved art and began writing as a child. She and her younger sister Cateau worked together to produce their own magazine: Adèle wrote the poetry and short stories, and Cateau provided the illustrations. As children, they travelled widely through South America, Europe, Africa, and the Far East. The sisters were fascinated by their Dutch heritage, and The Netherlands and the Dutch East Indies would later appear as backdrops in their work. Adèle moved to Plainfield, New Jersey, to pursue a career as a librarian. She also wrote and published short stories for adults and children. After her first books Berries of the Bittersweet (1924) and The Flavor of Holland (1928), she wrote and published about 75 more books for children and young adults. Several of them were collaborations with Cateau, including Mickey the Monkey (1952) and The Expandable Browns (1955). Both sisters lectured extensively at women's groups, art associations, and libraries. After Cateau's death, Adèle wrote Remembered with Love: Letters to my Sister (1982), a joint biography.



This book is a wonderful compilation of Paul Bunyan and Babe's fabulously unbelievable adventures. Many illustrations and large print make this book accessible to young readers.
rpankey | Apr 2, 2018 |
In "Apron Strings", Marylou is more than content to let her parents continue to baby her while she floats along in her first year of college -- that is, until she meets Brian, a studious young man who clearly doesn't think much of her attitude. She takes on a number of new ventures in an effort to impress him, tentatively defying her parents in order to do so, and gradually begins to realize the value of striking out on her own.

I would have liked to rate this book higher, but two things hold me back: first, I found it difficult to believe that her parents babied her that much. Yes, parents can be overprotective, but Dads don't usually do their college-aged child's homework for them. It's one thing for Marylou to go along with it, but her father has no excuse for such unethical behavior.

MAJOR SPOILERS BEHIND THE CUT TAG Second, there were one-too-many trials for Marylou to get through all at once. I liked that she was put in charge of the clothing shop (although she really should have stood her ground when customers kept scamming her by returning used merchandise). At the same time, she helped her friend and co-worker through a domestic crisis (taking care of that co-worker's boyfriend's motherless siblings), which would have been enough on its own, but then the youngest little girl had to get dangerous appendicitis just then.

All that I could have forgiven, except that at the end of the book, Marylou and Brian are relaxing at a beach with Jean and Jean's on-duty lifeguard boyfriend, George, when an older lady swims out too far and gets in trouble. George races to save her, Brian races to help, Marylou has to race out to help Brian and ends up pulling back the old lady, and George drowns due to a cramp. Oh, and the old lady who swam out too far is dead too. And for whatever reason, Marylou and Brian decide that they have to break the news to George's parents.

I'm not saying this couldn't happen, but seriously -- all of this happens in about a week's time. And it reminds me of a Tom Cruise movie, when his best friend has to die so he can grow emotionally (Cocktail, Top Gun, etc.). It was completely gratuitous in my opinion.
… (mer)
1 rösta
amysisson | Oct 5, 2017 |



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Cateau De Leeuw Joint Author., Author
Harry Beckhoff Illustrator
Katherine Sampson Illustrator
Al Fiorentino Illustrator
Nathan Goldstein Illustrator
Cateau De Leeuw Illustrator
Quentin Blake Illustrator
Robert Doremus Illustrator
Kelly Oechsli Illustrator
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